Winning Social Media Strategies for IT Companies

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Winning Social Media Strategies for IT Companies

There is no doubt about the tremendous influence that social media has all around the globe. It may have started out as a student communication base, but in a very short span of years, it has grown to become extremely flexible, offering options to just about everyone for communicating and for the conduct of business. Here are some of the ways that social media can be used to advantage by IT companies, and how some of these techniques can be implemented to achieve worthwhile benefits.

Reputation building

It’s pretty easy to see how a good reputation can be spread very quickly by social media, so if the right information is passed along to the right people, a good reputation can be built up quickly. Facebook is one of the platforms which has an excellent recommendation service, and these recommendations can be tracked down simply by conducting a search of all posts. It can also be extremely beneficial to have an accessible social media page to help build your company’s reputation. This is important so that you achieve searchability, but it also allows clients to write reviews about your company services or products. Many people will consult reviews first when they’re looking for a particular product or service.

Driving traffic

Winning Social Media Strategies for IT CompaniesOne of the most useful things that social media can do to help an IT business is to drive traffic to your company website. Since an IT firm will generally have only a digital presence online, there is no physical storefront, and that leaves the website as the primary point of contact. While getting people to visit your IT website can be a challenge, there are certainly times when a simple status update or a relevant hashtag can get traffic flowing in your direction very quickly. By coordinating your marketing campaigns and your posts, you can use social media to direct tons of visitors to your website.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are a standard strategy for most businesses, but they are even more important for IT companies. By using social media, you can now target a specific audience much more easily and reach them with your message. There are myriad ways of conducting your marketing campaigns via social media, and sometimes there is no cost associated with some of these marketing strategies. For any IT company whose main objective is to grow the company, it is absolutely essential to develop a marketing campaign centered around social media.


Winning Social Media Strategies for IT CompaniesIn business terms, nurturing refers to all the connections you make with current and former clients. It can open up all kinds of new opportunities to businesses, simply by keeping up with all those clients and maintaining relationships. In the past, nurturing was far less successful, because it usually depended on sending out emails which often were ignored. Nowadays, nurturing is much more effective because it’s much easier to stay in contact with present and past clients, so it’s easier to supply them with regular updates, and keep business relations functional.

B2B networking

It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of networking to any business. Literally millions of groups and communities have been established on social media for no other purpose than to network and build reputations among business peers. Getting your IT company established in some of these groups and communities can open up tons of possibilities for networking, and it can give your business a tremendous boost. It’s very much worth your while to become active and stay active in some of these groups, so you can reap the benefits of networking.

Monitoring the competition

Winning Social Media Strategies for IT CompaniesKeeping an eye on the competition is a must for virtually all businesses, and IT companies are no exception. In fact, it’s generally more difficult for IT firms to monitor what rivals are up to at any given time, so making use of social media can be essential. In this regard, it helps that virtually all companies make use of social media, and have an active presence on several platforms. Because your rivals will probably be active on social media, you can monitor what they’re up to simply by maintaining your own presence there, even if it’s just a passive kind of presence.

You will be able to determine what kinds of marketing campaigns they’re using, as well as what they’re charging for their products and services. It can be priceless to have this kind of access and this kind of information, because it will give you a leg up on the competition, and if necessary it can alert you to the fact that you may need to make some changes. In effect, it can keep you one step ahead of your rivals simply by knowing what they’re up to, so you can react to it effectively.

Building video campaigns

Building online campaigns can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal as an IT company, especially in the area of producing a video series such as a how-to type of series. Putting this kind of campaign on YouTube can be one of the most powerful campaigns you ever establish online. Everyone is aware of the power of video and its unbelievable online growth, and that makes it one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. By producing a really good video and posting it on YouTube, you’ll be able to share your content on other social media and boost your business tremendously.

One thing to avoid when creating a video campaign like this is to not make it a running advertisement. This might have the opposite effect that you’re hoping to achieve, and it could turn off a great number of users who see it as just another sales pitch. That means you have to be very subtle about mentioning your company name in your video series, and try to keep the content as valuable as possible to viewers. The whole key to your video production should be to provide informative and visually appealing content to your audience, with just a subtle reference to your company name. Many IT companies have already adopted this strategy and found it to yield tremendous results.

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