Why You Need More Social Media Followers and How to Get Them

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Why You Need More Social Media Followers and How to Get Them

Sometimes it may feel like you’re just talking to yourself when you make posts to social media and get very little response. This is why it’s extremely important to have a formalized social media strategy which you can refer to, and which can help you to achieve the results you’re looking for. Not only is it frustrating to get minimal response from your social media posts, but if you aren’t encouraging engagement, it can be a costly venture as well.

If you have one or more individuals in your company who are dedicated to maintaining your online presence, but nothing is happening, that’s really an expense which brings in no return. This makes it essential for your social media strategy to develop a strong following, and to encourage significant engagement with all those followers, so your company does actually get some return from its social media investment.

Why you need followers

Why You Need More Social Media Followers and How to Get ThemIt’s not enough to create profiles on all social media platforms, and just sit back and wait for users to come to you. Before you can actually reach out to any of these followers, you have to interest them somehow, so that they will want to engage with you. This does start with your social media profile, which you should strive to make as interesting as possible, and it should contain content which appeals to a number of users who may be interested in your products or services.

If your social media profiles show steady growth, this is a good sign that the content you’ve included in your profile is worthwhile and has value to readers. One technique which many companies have left unexplored is to purchase some number of followers, who can then encourage others to follow you. Try visiting the website ibuyfans.com, where you will be able to acquire legitimate Facebook followers who have their own real accounts, and who can become followers of yours.

Given the fact that more than 68% of all U.S. adults have at least some involvement with Facebook, purchasing followers in this way should be a very good contribution to the legion of fans acquired by your company. However, even having lots of followers does not guarantee a successful social media presence. In order to really see a solid return on your investment in social media, you’ll have to also ensure that these followers are engaged with your company, and that they are motivated to interact in some way.

Importance of engagement

Once you’ve developed a strong following on social media, it will be necessary to keep as many of them as possible engaged with your company, and to provide interesting content for them to react to. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll have to find just the right combination of content which is both informative about your company, and of genuine interest to the majority of your readers.

Why You Need More Social Media Followers and How to Get ThemYou might be able to develop lots of content which is terrific and which points out the values of your company and its products, but if it isn’t interesting to readers, you’ll probably end up with very little engagement from them. The kind of engagement that you should be striving for includes click-throughs, shares, likes, and comments. These kinds of responses will demonstrate that users have not only read your posts, but that they ave been interesting enough for them to react to it.

Probably the number one goal of all social marketers is to increase engagement among their following on social media. Whenever readers react to content that you’ve posted, it means that your message has gotten through to them, and they are at least somewhat engaged with that content. When you can create this kind of engagement, it will definitely have an impact on your company’s bottom line, because more people will be involved with your company, and will think of you when it’s time to make a purchase.

Keep in mind that posting to social media is not enough to maintain engagement among your following of users. If you can provide a face to your business and a personality which those users can identify with, your company will become more real to those followers, and they’ll be able to relate to your business much more easily. That in turn, will increase their engagement, and ultimately their willingness to purchase from your company.

Why You Need More Social Media Followers and How to Get ThemThere’s another aspect of engagement which you might not think of immediately, but which can be just as valuable as all the likes, comments, and shares. Whenever a person visits your business page and notices that you have a huge base of followers, this provides a kind of social proof which is equivalent to a testimonial from a very satisfied customer, or perhaps something like a celebrity endorsement.

When people see that your business is very popular and has a number of followers, they tend to think that there must be something special about your business, and that perhaps they should be patronizing you as well. Social proof can be a very powerful and persuasive factor in winning more followers for your business.

Sharpening your social media strategy

Almost every company should begin with a two-pronged strategy related to social media. The first component of that strategy should be to increase the number of followers who read your posted content, and have the potential to react to it in some way. The second aspect of your social media strategy should be to promote as much engagement among your followers as possible, because that is what gets followers thinking about your company.

When users ignore all the content that a business posts on social media, that amounts to zero engagement, and it is very unlikely that these users would ever consider your company as the answer to some need they have. On the other hand, if you can provide extremely interesting content to a large number of social media followers, and encourage maximum engagement between these followers, chances are your bottom line will get a tremendous boost.

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