Why Social Mentions Are So Important

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Why Social Mentions Are So Important

Anyone who is involved with producing an overall social media strategy should have two things which should be focused on: how you engage with your customers, and what kind of response you get from them. Cultivating audience engagement is just as important as any promotional content or messaging which you post on social media platforms.

It’s vital that you get your audience talking about your brand, reacting to content you’ve posted, and interacting with others in a community group. Collectively, all of the buzz created online relative to your brand is referred to as social mentions, and it’s absolutely essential for you to have a strategy on how to manage these social mentions.

What exactly are social mentions?

Why Social Mentions Are So ImportantBasically, any reference to your business in social media is considered a form of social mentions. This goes far beyond just those mentions which actually tag your brand, because there are literally tons of ongoing conversations which might be happening at any time regarding your brand. These can be ongoing without your knowledge at all, since you don’t receive notifications for them.

This is one reason why you need to have a good plan in place to manage all social mentions, because you want all of them to be tracked rather than just the ones you’re aware of. By responding to online social mentions, you will be able to quickly build loyalty and trust among all those users who are engaging with your brand.

Importance of social mentions

When online users have any kind of discussion about your brand, they are actually creating buzz and spreading the word among other users that your brand exists. Assuming feedback is positive, it could eventually lead to an increase of new customers as well as an increase of sales. On the other hand, negative feedback could cause some serious discomfort to your brand, and if you’re not aware of this type of social mentions, it could quickly cause your brand to acquire a bad reputation. This should make it clear that it’s definitely to your advantage to be aware of all social mentions occurring online about your brand, and how important it is that you respond to some of them.

Responses to social mentions

Why Social Mentions Are So ImportantWhenever you discover a social mention which refers to your business online, you should attempt to respond to it. This gives you an opportunity to relate to some of the individuals who are aware of your brand, and may perhaps have serious interest in it. There are tons of reasons why users might be discussing your brand in their online conversations, and many of these individuals probably aren’t even customers of yours.

That makes it very important for you to know exactly how to respond to some of the social mentions, both positive and negative. One way you can engage with your customers is by sharing photos you have of your brand or your products, or by commenting on their photos of your brand and products. This kind of engagement makes sure followers feel appreciated and it acknowledges their involvement with your brand.

When you take the time to engage with your followers like this, it has the effect of building up loyalty to your brand. It doesn’t even have to be anything lengthy or especially remarkable, because even a simple personalized comment will be enough to demonstrate your appreciation. Another way that you can quickly encourage engagement with your followers is to be sure and provide your feedback whenever they mention your brand.

If followers take the time to offer criticisms or suggestions for improvement on your products, it is incumbent upon you to return the courtesy and to respond in kind. If you were to ignore all these comments, that would have the opposite effect, and would probably generate a perception of your brand as a cold, unfeeling corporation which isn’t interested in its followers.

Whenever one of your customers shares a bad experience with you, you should keep in mind that it’s entirely possible they just want to vent. In such cases, you should use this experience to turn the whole situation around and increase their company loyalty. When you encounter a situation where a customer is unhappy about some aspect of your product or service, the first thing you should do is move it to a private conversation, and then do your best to resolve the issue.

Why Social Mentions Are So ImportantThe fact that you took the time to make a genuine effort to address their concerns will have a powerful impact on the perception of your brand, and may completely turn around the bad experience into a good one. There will be times when customers reach out to you for assistance or some kind of support when they have a problem or issue. Some huge corporations actually have teams in place to manage these kinds of requests, but regardless of how big or small your company is, you should reach out to these requestors, and do your best to resolve their issue.

If your brand should be mentioned in the press or in some other kind of article, it’s very possible that this article might be linked to an social media, and you should definitely make every effort to be aware of these and to respond to them. These are all positive experiences which are being shared, so you should make a point of expressing your gratitude to the user, and to share the article with others.

How to respond to social mentions

There are a few things to keep in mind when responding to social mentions, in order to make them as effective as possible. First of all, you need to respond quickly, because customers are always expecting immediate or real-time reactions from you. It’s also essential that your response be as positive as possible, and to not take on any negative overtones which will have the effect of alienating other followers.

Whenever it’s appropriate, you should move the conversation to a private setting so that everything isn’t being aired out in public. If situations arise where you begin to recognize that you simply can’t win in a given case, you should know when to give up and gracefully exit the conversation. You simply won’t be able to resolve every single problem or issue your customers might have, and in these cases, your best bet is to try to disengage with as little damage as possible.

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