What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram’s IGTV Series Tools

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What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram's IGTV Series Tools

This article will focus on new tools which can help creators produce their own IGTV series, and what marketing personnel should take away from the discussion for their own personal usage. Since Instagram is now supporting video series content through its format of long-form IGTV, the platform has also rolled out a brand-new tool which will provide creators with everything they need to get their own series up and running.

The tool can also be used to provide fans with an option to enable notifications which alert them to the fact that new episodes have been uploaded and are available for viewing. Viewers will be able to binge-watch all their favorite series, and can subscribe to important notifications, so they’ll never have to miss new episodes which have been made available.

The new IGTV Series tool

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram's IGTV Series ToolsThe new tool is specially designed to allow creators to generate ongoing long-form video productions on IGTV, completely distinct from any other videos they might have on the channel. Creators will also be able to organize their videos on a separate page, and they’ll be able to use a badge identified with the name of the series, so as to keep it separate from all other IGTV videos.

Anytime a viewer watches a new episode in the series, the next sequential episode will automatically be offered as a recommendation for continued viewing. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily start seeing all your favorite TV shows on IGTV, but Instagram is doing its best to provide an overall experience that is very much like traditional television. You can count on a whole slew of creators and brands spending lots more time creating continuous IGTV content to represent their companies and their channels.

Setting up your own IGTV Series

The new tool makes it extremely easy for any creator to establishing an ongoing IGTV series for the purpose of increasing connection and engagement with their audience of followers. To get started, all you have to do is add a video to your series by tapping on the Add to Series button. If this happens to be the first video you’re producing for your series, you’ll have to set up a name for the series and a description which is relevant.

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram's IGTV Series ToolsYou can also add IGTV content to any series by selecting the IGTV tab which is located within your profile. Then you just tap on the specific video which you would like to add, and click on the Edit button. When you do this, you’ll notice a new option which is labeled Add to Series, and by using this, you’ll either be able to select an existing series, or create an entirely new one.

As a creator, it will be to your advantage to have your followers turn on Notifications for your series, so they can be sure to see each now one you develop. To setup Notifications for your followers, click on the Series badge or its title, and then press ‘Turn on IGTV Notifications’, which you’ll see at the lower right hand corner of the screen. Creating a number of different IGTV series will allow your followers to have some kind of expectation about the kinds of Series you will be producing, and when fans believe they can trust the content you’re creating, they’re much more likely to press the Follow button and become a fan of yours.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram is also developing a sticker which can be used for its Stories feature, which is primarily intended to facilitate participation in various events. These Event Story Stickers have been identified as being in a middle state of development, and they appear to have the ability to allow users to add details about any event coming up in the future. Some of the information which can be attached to an event would be the title, date, and the location of the event.

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram's IGTV Series ToolsIt will also allow users to RSVP from right within the Story, without having to go anywhere else to make a reservation. This could be a very significant development for a number of brands. For one thing, it will allow you to share exclusive events with any followers of your business profile. It may also give a number of people more reason to follow you. Then too, you might want to create a listing of your closest friends or your most important fans, and offer even more exclusive happenings and events which are tailored to that specific group.

These don’t necessarily have to be massive events, but can be things as simple as a question-and-answer discussion, a webinar, or a new product launching. In essence, it’s just another way to use Instagram to facilitate more and greater connections, using a simple addition to Stories. Since Stories is becoming more more popular all the time anyway, this is a great fit for brands to gain increased visibility.

Additional management for content feeds

As well as the Invite Stickers for Events, Instagram is also developing a process which will allow you to categorize your list of followers into topic categories, or base it on their individual types of engagement activity. The intent behind this appears to be to allow users to exert better management and control over the content which routinely shows up in their main news feed.

Creative tips for Stories

A brand-new set of Stories tips has been published by Instagram, and these cover a wide range of recommendations on how to share interactive Stories and to be more playful with other users. Particularly highlighted are some eye-popping visual effects, and a few other additions which Instagram has included for the same purpose. These are thought to be useful both to individuals and businesses, since a great many businesses already make extensive use of Stories to promote their brand.

New corporate branding for Facebook

In a slightly different vein, which is still newsworthy, Facebook has recently updated its company logo, in an effort to clarify which products actually come from Facebook. This is meant to clear up any confusion about similar products which are thought to be made available by the platform. Facebook says the new logo was intentionally designed for maximum clarity, using customized typography and stand-out capitalization, so that there would be an obvious visual distinction between Facebook the company and Facebook the app.

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