Using Twitter to Expand Your Business

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Using Twitter to Expand Your Business

Twitter has tremendous power as a social media platform, and that includes opportunities both for individuals and for businesses. Because of the popularity of the platform, businesses can derive enormous benefits from using Twitter to reach their target audience, and to provide them with information about the company and its products or services.

Why Twitter is so useful

There are number of ways that Twitter can be used by businesses to convey information to followers and potential new customers. It’s possible to share videos and other kinds of images, you can tag various accounts, you can do live streaming, and a number of other very helpful activities. The one thing that Twitter can be used to greatest advantage on is in finding and engaging users in conversations on the network.

That makes Twitter probably the best social media platform to use when you’re thinking of engaging in social listening, building relationships with your user audience, and in finding new leads and new customers. For any new business just beginning to make use of Twitter, there are a number of practices you can engage in which will be ideal for providing a high return.

Using Twitter to Expand Your Business

First of all, you should be tweeting every day, at least three times every day. They don’t need to be particularly original tweets, since it’s possible to retweet other content you find on the platform, or you can create a hybrid which is a partial retweet and partially original content. There are endless topics which you can tweet about, including industry statistics, various kinds of self-help tips, quotes from industry leaders, and a whole catalog of other possibilities.

When you do receive comments on any of your tweets, make sure to respond to all of them, because it will make your business seem more involved, and it will also attach a human face to a cold business entity, thereby humanizing your company. Many companies in fact, overlook the obvious potential for responding to all tweets, thereby missing out on some great possibilities for building relationships.

Speaking of building relationships, one great way to do this is to research a number of topics which are related to your particular brand, and then join in on any relevant conversations which happen to be ongoing in Twitter. Search for your own brand on Twitter to see if anyone is talking about your company, but may not have tagged you yet in any conversation. Whenever you discover any really important tweets, these should be pinned to the top of your profile, so that you produce the maximum degree of exposure for any important messages.

Get maximum usage from your videos

For those companies which are already making significant use of Twitter, and are more experienced in what the platform has to offer, one way that you can increase your return from the platform is to use video to best effect. Video has become prevalent on all the social media platforms, and that includes Twitter as well. Oddly enough, video usage on Twitter is less widespread than on some of the other social media platforms, primarily because most businesses have yet to envision Twitter as a platform conducive to conducting business.

This is unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your business, because it’s very easy to create video content, especially with the wide range of apps now available that can help you blend together basic video images along with text, to create really good-looking video. Keep in mind that your videos don’t necessarily have to look like they’re professionally done, and they don’t have to be in competition against the best videos being made. Your cellphone can provide some very adequate and well-made videos, so you don’t even need to go to great expense to produce your business videos. You also have the option to go live directly from your own Twitter account, as another way of reaching your target audience.

Become involved in chats

One of the very quickest ways that you can become involved with your target audience, by interacting and engaging in any way that is convenient, is to become involved with Twitter chats. There are ongoing Twitter chats on just about every subject under the sun, but if you still can’t find one relative to your own business, you can simply start a chat of your own.

Using Twitter to Expand Your Business

Before making use of Twitter chats, it would be a good idea for you to have a thorough understanding of your target audience, so that you know what kinds of conversations they are involved with on the platform. Once you have some idea about the kinds of topics that they like to engage in, you can join in yourself and gradually become involved in the ongoing conversation.

Certainly at first, it’s a good idea to not push your company or your products, but it’s much more worthwhile to simply blend in and become a member of the group. You’ll earn a lot more trust and acceptance by simply becoming involved in the conversation like others, without trying to make a quick sale, or to generate leads for your business. If you have the chance to provide value to the group, this can be a great way of gaining acceptance and earning the respect and trust of other members.

Become involved with marketing opportunities

Another great way of maximizing Twitter for your business usage is to take advantage of any kind of real-time opportunities for marketing which pop up, especially those involving hashtags which are trending. There are numerous examples of these kinds of opportunities, including television shows, local events involving your brand, or even hashtag trends in Twitter which have some relationship with your company or your brand.

Whenever you spot any of these opportunities occurring on the platform, you should become involved to the greatest extent possible, and tap into those conversations. If you can provide your own kind of value to the ongoing content, it will increase the reputation of your brand, and at the very least, it will add to your visibility on the platform. By making use of these various strategies and techniques on Twitter, you should be able to get the very most out of your business account on the platform.

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