Use Pinterest To Supersize Your Holiday Sales

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Use Pinterest To Supersize Your Holiday Sales

The holiday season is always important for anyone in the sales industry, so it’s understandable that businesses want to start advertising what they have to offer sooner rather than later. This is especially true on Pinterest, where holiday-related searches begin as early as September. More and more people are using Pinterest to find holiday gift ideas, and you can take advantage of that to increase your own sales. How you go about this will depend on what your business has to offer its consumers, but here are some tips that should lead to increased sales during the holiday shopping season.

Know the Types of Pinterest Holiday Shoppers

Before you start to promote your brand to the many holiday shoppers who could find you in Pinterest, you should first decide what kind of holiday shoppers your clientele are likely to be. Generally speaking, there are four types of holiday shoppers: time savers, gifters, guests, and planners. Time savers want a happy holiday season without too much of a fuss. True to their name, they don’t want to spend a lot of time on last-minute searches for gifts and decorations, so they will start searching early for Thanksgiving recipe ideas, holiday cocktails, and anything else they can use to make their holiday celebrations that much easier.

Use Pinterest To Supersize Your Holiday SalesGifters will use Pinterest to find gift ideas for everyone on their list. They strive to find the perfect gifts for those in their lives, and they usually don’t mind spending a little extra to find them. They will also spend a little extra time to find the right gifts, sometimes up until the last minute. In short, they will do whatever it takes to find the best possible gifts for their loved ones, and they will scour Pinterest to find ideas for those gifts.

Guests like to search Pinterest for smaller gifts that they can provide when they are invited to parties. They like to search for fun gifts that everyone can enjoy such as party games, drinks, snacks, and anything else that can liven up a gathering.

Finally, planners are those perfectionists who like to go the extra mile to throw the perfect party. They might use Pinterest to search for decorations, snacks, drinks, and all the things they need to throw a great party. Since they will be the ones planning the parties, they will be willing to spend more time and money than guests, even though they are technically searching for the same types of things.

These are admittedly broad generalizations of Pinterest holiday shoppers, but one or more of them can be used to describe your brand’s clientele. Find out which group most of your clients fall into, and use your Pinterest account to market to them accordingly.

Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

Part of knowing what your customers want is figuring out what kind of holiday shoppers most of them are, but you can also use Pinterest’s Audience Insights tool to get a good idea of what your customers have searched for and saved in the past. This will also give you some insight into the age, gender, and location of your typical customer. It always pays to have this information whenever you’re selling a product, but if you didn’t know this demographic information before, use Pinterest to take some time to learn.

Start Marketing Early

Use Pinterest To Supersize Your Holiday SalesAs we said before, holiday shoppers begin searching Pinterest for holiday shopping ideas as early as September, so begin your marketing efforts early. Retailers will be falling over themselves to reach potential customers once the prime shopping season starts, but you can beat the rush with your Pinterest account. You don’t need to start advertising your wares as potential holiday gifts as early as September since some people might think it’s too early to have all things related to Thanksgiving and Christmas front and center, but you can start showcasing the kinds of items that will make great gifts or decorations once the holiday season is in full swing.

Keep Marketing Until the End

Even though it sounds like we’re focusing a lot on starting your holiday marketing efforts early, there are still plenty of shoppers who will wait until the last minute to buy gifts. Some will even keep on shopping after Christmas and well into the new year. Many of these shoppers will continue to use Pinterest for shopping ideas, so don’t forget about them. Keep advertising your most popular holiday items even though it might feel like it’s “too late;” you can make a lot of money from these last minute sales.

Get Creative and Experimental

Since just about every brand with an online presence will be using Pinterest and social media in general to promote their products, you will need to get creative with your advertisements if you want to stand out. Promoted videos and other Pinterest ads can help drive sales. In fact, it’s been said that Pinterest ads are 30 percent more effective in driving sales for various brands.

Use Pinterest To Supersize Your Holiday SalesHow you want to advertise your brand and products will ultimately depend on the kinds of products you’re selling, but you shouldn’t hesitate to implement a marketing campaign that works for you. Experiment with different kinds of ads to see what works best, and don’t be afraid to change it up if things aren’t working like they should. Remember that you should be starting your campaign as early as the fall, so you should have plenty of time to determine the best way to reach your audience by the time most of them are ready to finish up their holiday shopping.

Stay Active

As with any social media platform, you will need to stay consistently active on Pinterest if you want to really grab consumers’ attention. People have short attention spans when it comes to social media, so keep on posting new pins and advertisements, and don’t give up. As great as your brand and your products may be, even your most loyal customers will forget about you if you fall behind your competition. As long as you stay busy, you should have a great holiday season.

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