The Ultimate Guide To B2C Lead Generation Using Facebook

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Any business looking to reach its target audience and effectively convert them to paying customers must understand how to tap into the power of Facebook for lead generation. This is exactly what this paper is all about; using Facebook for effective B2C lead generation.

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CHAPTER 3.1: 6 B2C Lead Generation Strategies That Bring Excellent Results

CHAPTER 3.2: 4 Powerful Tools To Measure Facebook Lead Generation Performance

CHAPTER 3.1: 6 B2C Lead Generation Strategies That Bring Excellent Results

Businesses that want to generate leads have to take a cue from global businesses like Coca-Cola. These global businesses are favoring online mediums as a way of engaging in effective inbound marketing and generating viable leads. Many network marketers and real estate managers are also turning to lead generation develop relationships that grows into leads.

What are some of the effective lead generation strategies businesses are using to reach out to their customers today? Here are six of the most effective I’ve found:

Content Strategy

Every serious brand knows the role of content in building an effective business presence online. Content has been named among the top internet marketing trends over and over again. I believe that content is single handedly the most powerful B2C lead generation strategy online. The fact is that if you’re a business that offers consistent valuable information to an audience, they would most likely turn to you when they have an issue in your niche. When it comes to having a killer content strategy, the two factors that must be in place is consistency and value.

Email List Building

Email list building is another powerful B2C lead generation strategy you can use to take your business to the nest level. What makes email list building so powerful? Your visitors may come to your website and find tons of great information but with the large number of website an average internet user visits per day, they’re most likely going to forget all about your awesome website. However, if there was some form of connection, a means to keep reminding them, your business can become top of the mind when they’re looking for solutions in your niche. Email list building is gives you the opportunity to build that valuable link between you and your target audience.

Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most common B2C lead generation strategies. This strategy is popular among experts for very good reasons. Landing pages are a great way to showcase what your business is offering in the best light. A landing page is basically a webpage you can direct your visitors to while running a lead generation ad. Lead generation landing pages are often built to capture the data of your target audience. This allows you to connect with them over and over again. Some great features to get more conversion from your landing pages include free giveaways, vouchers, free consultation and a free trial. Don’t forget that your landing page design also plays a role in improving your conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the bull’s eye of lead generation online. Social media amplifies your lead generation activities and increases peer to peer shares. Social media marketing is also a very cost effective way to generate valuable leads for your business. The great thing about social media marketing is that it takes you straight to the heart of consumers. Social media marketing offers some great benefits like brand awareness, credibility, higher customer engagement and many more. The key to generating lead effectively using social media marketing is starting with a social media marketing plan. Social media marketing is massive and rushing into it can prove very detrimental. I always recommend contacting a professional, if you’re unsure of your social media marketing skills.

Referral Strategy

Another great lead generation strategy for B2C lead generation is the referral strategy. Referral marketing has shown over and over again to be one of the best forms of marketing and lead generation. The referral marketing strategy is also known as word-of-mouth strategy. This strategy is so powerful because it is independent of the brand rather; customers share the benefits of your product with other customers. One of the best ways to have an effective referral strategy that generates massive leads is by providing value and rewarding customers for referring other people. This strategy works like magic.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is another favorite of mine. Cold calling isn’t just lead generation for the shy business man. Cold calling has been helping businesses generate leads possibly since the existence of mankind. Cold calling has to do with reaching out to your prospects directly through their contact info. You can cold call online or offline. Online cold calling can be sending personal messages on social media or email. Two things are vital for making cold calling work: narrowing your prospects and creating a call script that packs a punch.

CHAPTER 3.2: 4 Powerful Tools To Measure Facebook Lead Generation Performance

Lead generation is nothing without measurement. You need to measure to actually know if you’re generating leads effectively or not. In this section, I’m going to be sharing with you some great measurement tools for your lead generation on Facebook.


Kissmetrics is an online analytics and conversion tool for optimizing marketing. Kissmetrics analyzes users' interaction with your website over time. Kissmetrics is a measurement tool that will help you get great insights on how your business is interacting with users online. Kissmetrics also connects sessions of your audience activity across various devices and time. This tool gives great insights with special regards to the patterns within your audience segments.

You can also gain valuable insight into your revenue data with Kissmetrics revenue report. It'll show you all the channels that are bringing you money, lined up next to each other for comparison. Kissmetrics will help you know what works well with your audience via its A/B testing. One of the best benefits of Kissmetrics is that it will help you segment your traffic to identify the best audience and then grow that ideal audience into valuable leads.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is another powerful tool for measuring your lead generation activities on Facebook. As an admin on a Facebook page, you have access to all the data of activities on your Facebook page. Facebook insights can help you see the engagement metrics for each post. This will help you understand which posts are best for your lead generation activities. What more? Facebook insight separates the activity on your page into organic and paid activities. This will make it easier for your to separate direct from indirect leads.

Facebook insight further provides metrics on video views, actions taken on your page and the reach of your posts. Facebook Insights will help you determine the best time to post and what type of content is most popular. These insights will help you know which lead generation activities to dedicate more time and resources to and which you should stop entirely. Another great thing about Facebook Insights tool is that it is constantly updated to reflect developments on your page. This means real time insights and measurement of all your lead generation activities.


This is another great platform that provides features to help you know exactly how your brand and your business are doing on social media. Simply Measured is a widely used analytics tool by small businesses and large corporations alike. SimplyMeasured takes analytics to the next level by giving great insight on what your competitors are also doing online. With SimplyMeasured, you identify influencers within your audience. These are people who help attract or generate high traffic.

By identifying these influencers, you can focus your lead generation strategy at converting them into paying customers. When this happens you can be sure loads of referral traffic from these influencers. SimplyMeasured analytics derives its data from the total information gathered and delivering them as Excel reports or in PowerPoint. SimplyMesured helps you measure B2C lead generation by giving you detailed analytics and reports on your social media performance, online campaigns and even keyword mentions by your target audience.


Cyfe is also another tool used by both small to large businesses from all industries to measure online activities. Cyfe is a cloud-based solution that brings together various monitoring dashboards together in one centralized platform. This tool is especially great for lead generation measurement as it supports a wide range of monitoring processes through the use of integrated third-party widgets, custom widgets, and a push API. Your Cyfe dashboard can be shared with clients, or management team based on access permissions specified by you.

Cyfe also allows you to monitor competitor search and web traffic figures across platforms. This will help you to be aware of the type of content to put out and how often, among others. The great thing about this monitoring and analytics tool is that it delivers actionable business insights in real time. Cyfe helps you measure and coordinate your lead generation activities across platforms. This makes for a more synchronized lead generation online.


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