Twitter is Removing Their Audience Insights Element

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Twitter is Removing Their Audience Insights Element

As of January 30, 2020, Twitter has removed the Audience Insights tab which was formerly a prominent feature on the Twitter Analytics page. Audience Insights was originally rolled out in 2015, and it was intended to provide much more information on followers of your profile. Some of the data it included was demographic profiles, insights on purchase behaviors, statistics on mobile device usage, and a whole wealth of other information about your followers.

This kind of information can be extremely useful in developing strategies for Twitter Ads and for creating more effective tweets. In effect, the information garnered from Audience Insights provided a powerful perspective on who you should be trying to reach with your ads. Anyone who tries to access Audience Insights from their Twitter Analytics page will now see a notification that the feature will be terminated at the end of January.

At present, Twitter has not announced any possible alternative to Audience Insights, although in November 2019 it did include a new Conversation Insights feature in its Media Studio area. It’s possible that some kind of counterpart to Audience Insights will be included in the Media Studio to supply at least some of the information which was formerly available on the Twitter Analytics page.

About Audience Insights

Twitter is Removing Their Audience Insights ElementWhen this feature was originally launched by Twitter, it was intended to provide in-depth information about people and markets so that advertisers could create messaging which truly resonated with their audiences. The insights gained about followers using this feature covered virtually every aspect of user behavior as well as their background. Demographic will information such as gender, marital status, education, income, and other data were made available through Insights, as well as information about users’ interests.

You can also find out lots of information about your followers’ lifestyles, for instance their behaviors and their occupations. Then too, you could have access to a great deal of information about their previous purchasing behaviors and their buying styles, all of which could be used to your advantage in marketing your own products.

Audience Insights also contained information about your followers’ viewing habits on television, so that you could use information like this to prepare television ads which you know your followers would be watching. In addition to all this, there was information available about your followers’ mobile footprints, which means all of the collective behaviors they engaged in on mobile devices.

There were also a number of ways to use Audience Insights, so as to leverage this wealth of information provided by the feature. As an example, any marketing executive wishing to run a campaign that would increase awareness about a specific product line could use the tool to learn about potential customers on Twitter. You could find out which products they have recently purchased, the types of trends which interest them, and the television shows which they’ve been watching recently.

Twitter is Removing Their Audience Insights ElementUsing all this information, you would then have a pretty good idea about which segments to target with your Twitter Ads, and you would also know what kind of post would be most appealing to your audience. Another way of using Audience Insights is to learn as much as possible about your followers, as well as all those users who have a high engagement rate with your tweets. When you’ve analyzed all this information, you could then customize your content for these individuals, so as to maximize your reach.

As an example, if you were to learn that the majority of your audience makes use of an iPhone, you could tailor your posts for that specific device, so as to maximize your impact. The same kind of strategy can be used in virtually any situation on Twitter – once you have sufficient information at your fingertips about your followers, you can customize any campaign so that it’s more effective in reaching them. This gives you the greatest chance of making an impact on potential followers and purchasers.

About Conversation Insights

Since its 2019 addition into Media Studio, Conversation Insights has been well received by Twitter users. It provides a good deal more specific information about your tweet mentions, about those users who are mentioning you, and it also provides a great deal of data on those accounts which are currently engaging with your profile.

This could be a potential landing place for much of the data that will be lost by the discontinuation of Audience Insights, so that’s why this particular feature may be taking on additional importance. It’s hard to believe that Twitter would simply abandon all that useful information which was formerly provided by Audience Insights, especially since many marketers depended on it.

Twitter is Removing Their Audience Insights ElementIt can be absolutely essential to have that kind of information available to you when you’re attempting to develop a marketing strategy and to be more effective at reaching your intended audience. That makes it very unlikely that all the useful data formerly available in Audience Insights will simply go away forever. Since Conversation Insights already provides similar information, although not to the level of Audience Insights, it’s entirely conceivable that much of that analytical data would be transferred over to this newer feature.

It is also possible that information formerly available from Audience Insights may end up in Twitter’s TweetDeck, although Twitter claims that Conversation Insights is a much better tool for use in this regard. With its built-in content listening tools, Conversation Insights can evaluate far more information than simple mentions and hashtags. Third-party tools can also be used of course, to provide analytical information about followers profiles and online habits, but that would force you to leave Twitter in order to identify that information.

Another interesting aspect regarding Conversation Insights is that Twitter has already announced that it plans to incorporate the ability to engage with tweets, either by sharing them or by replying directly to them from within Conversation Insights, at some point in the near future. While most of this data currently centers around tweet behaviors, it’s entirely conceivable that the Conversation Insights feature might be expanded to include many of the capabilities formerly available in Audience Insights.

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