Top Tools To Help With Your 2019 Social Media Content

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Top Tools To Help With Your 2019 Social Media Content

Everyone involved with marketing and advertising understands the importance of high-quality content, as do website owners and pretty much all business people as well. However, it can take a lot of effort and a lot of talent to consistently come up with top quality content which is engaging for users to read, and has relevance to a targeted audience.

Assuming you have the talent in-house to create high-quality content, the one thing you may be lacking most may be a regular supply of creative ideas to write about which will retain user interest, and hopefully earn new followers for you. Fortunately, there are a number of software tools and websites available today to help you get started when you’re attempting to create some really good content for the web. Below are described five of the best of these tools, each of which is very good at inspiring quality social media content.


Top Tools To Help With Your 2019 Social Media ContentForekast is a tool which allows you to keep abreast of everything that’s happening online. It’s a kind of calendar which has been crowdsourced, and which includes events and happenings which are evaluated by users in terms of their general appeal. Using this approach, the best events tend to rise to the top, because they have the most user support, and these events are generally fruitful sources of content ideas.

You can also use Forekast as a means of learning about all kinds of interesting categories which you can then follow, and you will be able to keep up to date on all those which have special importance or significance for you. Forekast also issues a weekly rundown which is consulted by a great number of marketers as a means of keeping current with Internet events. The hottest events of the week are included in their Monday email to subscribers, for the purpose of informing their users and keeping them entertained with the Forekast sense of humor.


One of the best ways of finding content ideas is to simply ask a question at an online site such as Quora or Reddit. Both these sites have very active communities of users who are more than willing to offer suggestions about ideas for content. For those times when you’re pretty much stumped and can’t think of anything, but you are tasked with creating content for a specific business, posing a question on one of these sites can be a good starting point.

In effect, other people on the Internet are helping you find great ideas for content, and all you need is for one of them to click, and then you can be off and running with your own ideas to flesh out an appealing topic. Log onto one of these two websites and pose a question, then go make yourself a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes. When you come back, you are likely to have a number of recommendations from a usually very engaged audience, and some of these ideas just might be usable ones for your next content writing project.


There are a number of ways that this tool might be able to trigger your own creative juices and spawn creativity, which will result in some quality content being written. It will allow you to mock up images for any of the social media platforms of your choosing, and it will also offer suggestions about postings. Any phrase, keyword, or industry which you enter into PromoRepublic, will generate a response that includes sample drafts, which you can then edit to suit your taste. There are also frequent deals offered by PromoRepublic which can make this a very useful and affordable proposition, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you just might be able to get a very valuable content writing tool without breaking the bank.


Top Tools To Help With Your 2019 Social Media ContentAs you begin to gather sources which are good for providing you with ideas for content, you want to be very careful not to lose any of them, especially those which offer ideas that you can easily turn into engaging content, which is valued by a large number of users. This is where Feedly can do you a great service, by way of keeping track of all the valuable websites, software tools, and online forums which have helped you find creative ways of expressing content. Feedly makes it easy for you to store all this information in one central location, so that you won’t lose sight of any sources which have helped you in the past. If you like, you might even want to add a subreddit file, which would make it the ultimate RSS reader.

Organize a swipe file

One of the best ways of finding consistent inspiration from websites and the social media is by starting up your own swipe file. You can use Evernote Notebook, Google Folder, or anything similar to these tools as a collection point for organizing all the best social media content you have gathered over the past several years. This might be admired copywriting, graphic design, informative blogs, general interest articles, or any other kind of content which has appealed to you for some reason.

By just beginning a collection like this, you will have a repository of content which you greatly appreciated at one time or another, and which just might provide the source for your own new and creative content. On those days where you seem to lack inspiration for your content writing, you can just refer to your swipe file to find something which previously impressed you, to hopefully trigger your own creative juices into flowing again.

As mentioned above, it is very difficult to maintain a constant flow of high-quality content, week after week, and to meet this challenge, you’ll need all the help you can get. By using some of the tools, apps, and tips described in this discussion, you should be able to find fruitful sources of inspiration so that you can continue to generate engaging content for the entire coming year.

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