Top 25 Inspiring Social Media Entrepreneurs to Follow

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Online research can get pretty frustrating very fast. Looking for quality information online is like searching for a needle in the deep blue sea…with sharks! I mean how do you know which blog has actual and well researched information on it or which blogger is an authority in a specific field? I’m one of those people that could have tons of tabs open on my PC just because I need information. If you’re like me, then you know how counterproductive that can get. Suddenly, you’re wondering which tab has which blog on it and soon, you’re wasting precious time trying to find a blog on one of the tabs.

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Due to the large volume of time I spend online and the enormous research I have to carry out daily, I had to find an easier way of finding the blogs with the kind of quality information I need, and bloggers who are experts in their niche. I started compiling lists of best blogs for various niches. So instead of wasting precious time, all I have to do is go straight to these blogs and get the information I need!

In this post, I’d be bringing you my well researched list of Top 25 inspiring social media entrepreneurs to follow. So if you’re interested in making money online, building your brand online, digital marketing…basically getting value online, this list is for you. These guys know their onion when it comes to social media niche and dare I say, they seem to have the answers to all my social media niche needs! Less talk…here are the top 25 social media entrepreneurs to follow.

#1 Authority Hacker by Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the founders of Authority Hacker which is a go-to resource for rich information on how to build an authority website from scratch. They share their ongoing learning on the topic of authority site building. A lot of their content is highly actionable.

Top Picks

#2 Kristi Hines by Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a highly talented writer and certified digital marketer. A look at her website will reveal an intimidating array of digital marketing certificates. Kristi focuses on the creation of website copy, content, ebooks, emails and helps local businesses to build value online.

Top Picks

#3 Social Triggers by Derek Halpern

If you’re looking for a social entrepreneur who’ll give you direct access to the proven strategies and tactics of succeeding online, then Derek Halpern is the right fit or you. Derek uses Social Triggers to teach people how to get more customers, get more sales and influence people.

Top Picks

#4 Sixteen Ventures by Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy uses Sixteen Ventures as an avenue to share growth strategies and tactics for SaaS-based companies. Lincoln has helped several SaaS companies accelerate their growth and value. Lincoln offers invaluable help by leveraging on growth hacking, internet marketing, behavioral targeting, subscription business model and much more. Don’t let the terminologies scare you, it’s a pretty easy to understand blog.

Top Picks

#5 Site Turners by Tim Ash

Tim Ash is the CEO of SiteTuners and best-selling author of Landing Page Optimization. He’s a pro when it comes to conversion. If you are looking for value, then Tim’s the right fit. SiteTuners boasts of being one of the first online marketing agencies to focus exclusively on conversion rate optimization (CRO), and is considered an unbeatable expert in the field.

Top Picks

#6 Rich Page by Rich Page

Rich Page is rich indeed. Having over 10 years experience in the areas of web analytics, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization and haven worked with brands like Disney and Vodafone, you can say Rich knows his digital onions. Rich has authored two popular books on website improvement, optimized sales, leads and conversion. One of those books is my favorite “Website Optimization: An Hour A Day”

Top Picks

#7 Customer Creation Equation by Brian Massey

Brian is an expert of online marketing and has completed conversion analyses for many businesses in various industries. He is a conversion specialist at Conversion Sciences, which was established in 2006 to show businesses how to create website designs that drive value. Brian has ample experience in the fields of computer programming, entrepreneurship, corporate marketing, writing and speaking. He is also the author of “Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist”.

Top Picks

#8 WiderFunnel by Chris Godward

Chris Godward is the founder of WiderFunnel, a company that specializes in conversion optimization. Chris launched WiderFunnel in 2007 with the vision of creating a different kind of digital agency where results matter more than awards. He is the author of “You Should Test That!”. Chris is also a recognized speaker. If you’re particular about conversion, then WiderFunnel is the blog to follow.

Top Picks

#9 Bryan Eisenberg by Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffery Eisenberg

This blog is pioneered by brothers, Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg who are recognized authorities and pioneers in online marketing, improving online conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, marketing tools, web analytics, big data and persona marketing. They have been in the business of helping small, medium and large brands craft their digital marketing strategies. They have worked with clients like HP, NBC Universal, Intel etc.

Bryan and Jeffrey co-wrote “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” which are both Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestsellers. They have written other authority books and have also been quoted in the likes of Business 2.0, Advertising Age, CNN, Smart Money, Forrester Research, Chicago Business Tribune, Inc Magazine, Target Marketing, DM News, MarketingSherpa, & Internet Retailer. With so many quotes, it’s no wonder they are on this list.

Top Picks

#10 Paddy Moogan by Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan was the Head of Growth Markets for Distilled and is Co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes, UK. Moogan is an SEO expert and author of the The Link Building Book. He has also spoken at a number of conferences and blogged for a number of industry websites.

Top Picks

#11 Aleyda Solis by Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is a renowned SEO expert, entrepreneur and blogger. She once worked as the head of digital strategy at WooRank and also headed international SEO at SEER Interactive. Aleyda is a regular speaker at various conferences like MozCon, SearchLove and SMX London.

Top Picks

#12 KaiserTheSage by Jason Acidre is a personal blog of Jason Acidre – a Manila-based Search Strategist. Jason has a very laid back outlook on the digital marketing sphere. He says that he started playing Counterstrike professionally before ending up as a Research Writer, and then eventually an SEO Specialist. He also says he’s honestly not really into blogging, just needed carrying out some experiments related to Search Engine Marketing. Well, whatever his motive, I love the output. I find it interesting that he uses himself as a “lab rat” and lets his audience know what works and what doesn’t.

Top Picks

#13 Whitespark by Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw is the founder of Whitespark. Whitespark deals with software building, service provision, and local search optimization aficionados. They also solve local search problems for enterprises, agencies, and small businesses.

Shaw is a regular speaker at conferences such as MozCon, SearchLove and SearchFest. Darren sends out tons of local SEO tips and strategies. So if you’re looking for content that is more localized, Darren is the man.

Top Picks

#14 Local Seo Guide by Andrew Shotland

Andrew Shotland is also a local SEO expert. He has worked as the head of business and product development at Insider Pages where he specialized in developing SEO strategies that generated 3 million monthly unique visitors, almost entirely through organic search. That’s quite a feat! His blog, Local SEO Guide is one of the top resources for information about local SEO on the internet.

Top Picks

#15 SearchWilderness by Paul Shapiro

If you are looking for an expert in search marketing, Paul is your go-to guy. Paul Shapiro is a search marketer who loves to take both a technical and creative approach to SEO.

He is the Director of Strategy and Innovation in Catalyst’s (a GroupM/WPP Agency) Data Science department in Boston, co-runs the BigSEO community on Reddit, known for their industry AMAs and is a founder of Online Geniuses, a Slack Chat based community for internet marketers.

Top Picks

#16 Content Marketing Institute by Joe Pulizzi,

Joe is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on content marketing. He operates with the belief that there is a better way for brands to do marketing. If you’re all about content marketing (who isn’t?) then Joe Pulizzi is the man you want to pick his brains. He’s like the Yoda of content marketing. His blog is full of practical, how-to guidance, insights and advice from the experts.

Top Picks

#17 ContentChampion by Loz James

For over a decade, Loz James has been the champion of high quality content and proven content marketing techniques. He has several podcast that focuses on delivering rich content marketing strategies that can skyrocket any business. He also provides strategies, tactics and training that will benefit your business through his blog, ContentChampion, and other platforms.

Top Picks

#18 RazorSocial by Ian Cleary

RazorSocial is an award winning social media tech blog and Ian Cleary is the brain behind it. This blog is regarded as one of the top social media blogs on the planet. Ian is often featured in publications such as Social Media Examiner and Venture Beat. He is also a speaker and provides 'How to Training' on simplifying the technical side to marketing your business online. This blog has a lot of interesting and valuable information for any serious social entrepreneur.

Top Picks

#19 Buffer by Kevan Lee

Kevan Lee is the leading content marketing and social media guru at Buffer. If you are a savvy user of digital tools, you’d know that Buffer is great. Buffer has a highly diversified website that deals with several segments in the digital sphere. Buffer offers great content on creative strategies to grow your social media presence, boost engagement and keep up with the latest trends.

Top Picks

#20 Ask Aaron Lee by Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is a widely known social entrepreneur and social media manager. He was named among the 5 social media power influencer in 2013. Aaron, in his blog, uses a very clear and informative style to address issues revolving around social entrepreneurship. If you’re looking to grow your business on social media, Aaron Lee can help you achieve that.

Top Picks

#21 Amy PotterField by Amy Porterfield

If you’re looking at building your social media strategy, then Amy Portfield is the go to lady. Amy Portfield is a social media strategist and co-authored “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies”. Amy has been featured on authority media like Social Media Examiner, The Huffington Post, Mashable and Forbes. Amy uses rich, informative, podcasts to reach out to her audience.

Top Picks

#22 Cutroni by Justin Cutroni

Google analytics can get confusing very fast especially for newbies, no worries, Justin to the rescue! Justin Cutroni is the brains and voice behind the Google Analytics training courses. He is an international speaker, blogger and analytics expert. Justin is basically the spokesperson for Google Analytics. Justin’s rich content will teach everything you need to know about Google analytics.

Top Picks

#23 Online Behavior by Daniel Waisberg

If you’re looking for rich resources on Google analytics, then Daniel Waisberg is the guy you need. Daniel is an Analytics Advocate for Google and founder of Online Behavior is a blog that narrows down on issues revolving around analytics. Daniel has developed and executed lots of conversion and web analytics strategies for the big brands.

Top Picks

#24 Zac Johnson by Zac Johnson

Are you interested in rolling in some affiliate bucks or looking to build an affiliate empire? Then you should check out Zac Johnson. Zac Johnson is a highly successful affiliate marketer. His affiliate network earns him over 7 figures a year. Mouth watering huh? His “Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast” has been widely recommended as a must-watch.

Top Picks

#25 Matthew Woodward by Matthew Woodward

Another successful affiliate marketer to check out is Matthew Woodward. Matthew is both an SEO and affiliate marketer. He shares many strategies and tactics you can use to grow your traffic significantly. His blog currently makes over $20,000/ month. Check out his blog to get rich info on SEO and affiliate marketing.

Top Picks

So there you have it, the Top 25 social entrepreneurs to follow. The wealth of information these experts offer is literarily inexhaustible. I soak up the information I find on these blogs and apply them to my startups. I agree that there might be many other awesome social media entrepreneurs out there, so if you think there’s someone awesome who should be on this list, do let me know in the comments section.

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