Top 10 Most Successful Online Marketing Consultants To Follow

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The internet is filled with “social media experts” with opinions about how you should write an article, tips for making your online business successful, and more. The important thing to know is who to listen to when you’re searching for the right advice. The following list of the top online marketing consultants includes the most successful entrepreneurs that have honed their skills and developed an impressive resume when it comes to building a presence online.

What are Marketing Consultants?

Marketing consultant is a relatively broad term that encompasses a variety of things ranging from creating social media pages for small businesses to developing SEO strategies. In general, a marketing consultant can help you to improve your brand awareness online by focusing on tasks such as buying followers to develop a strong social media presence, using optimized hashtags to have your content seen, and even developing content for your websites.

The Top 10 List

1. Rand Fishkin

If you’ve dabbled in the world of search engine optimization you’ve undoubtedly heard of SEO Moz, as they are one of the most successful SEO firms on the internet to date. Developed and owned by Rand Fishkin, this revolutionary company is designed to give online marketers the tools and advice they need to skyrocket their online business into the mainstream world of online buying. Fishkin has some of the most crucial tips to follow when it comes to getting ranked on social media and is said to be working on a book that focuses on the importance of marketing for startups.

2. Avinash Kaushik

There’s no better way to learn about how you can monitor the success of your optimized content than to pay attention to analytics. Avinash Kaushik is a renowned author and is the “Analytics Evangelist” for none other than Google itself. He has written 2 books revolving around the importance of analytics and how they correlate with the success of online businesses. His insights are a nouveau way of approaching online marketing, especially for the everyday online marketing consultant that focuses primarily on SEO.

3. Brian Clark

As the owner of CopyBlogger, Brian Clark has developed a trustworthy online presence that offers tips and tricks for mastering the task of marketing online. All of his tips are perfect for a variety of content creating strategies, whether you’re delving into blogging, content marketing, or social media.

4. Belle Beth Cooper

With her start at Buffer, Belle Beth Cooper is one of the few women in the online marketing industry that offers interesting advice to writers, bloggers, and professional social media marketers. Not only is her advice knowledgeable and passionate, but also equally as entertaining.

5. Michael Hyatt

If you’re looking for content that’s straight to the point and cuts through the fluff, Michael Hyatt is an online marketing consultant to look out for. He has a collection of tips ranging from how to create an effective website to learning how to harness technology to spread your brand awareness.

6. Matt Cutts

As a unique individual who isn’t branded as an online marketing consultant, per se, Matt Cutts is the team lead at Google for getting rid of webspam, a term we’re all too familiar with. His advice is essential for website owners that are looking for a way to boost their search engine rankings on popular search engines, particularly Google.

7. Neil Patel

Online marketing consultants are undoubtedly aware of both Neil Patel and his partner Hiten Shah, as they have developed an array of online marketing tools through KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg. The advice that you can gain from Neil Patel is invaluable as he shows you how to build an audience, maintain an audience, and continue to grow it over time.

8. Danny Sullivan

With his start in 1995, Sullivan has easily become one of the most recognized names in the SEO community. He created Search Engine Land, an online publication where you can get clear and concise advice about SEO that is new, modern, and fresh. You can follow his social media accounts to keep up with tips and tricks about online marketing in a strikingly honest way.

9. Gary Vaynerchuk

Many people online have the notion that online marketing consultants have the easiest job in the world, but it’s not the truth and Gary Vaynerchuk explains it clearly in his books on You’ll be able to delve into the reality of internet marketing, both the successes, and the failures. Beginners will also get a new insight on how time-consuming and painstakingly difficult marketing is, but also have an idea of how rewarding your efforts can be.

10. Wil Reynolds

As someone who clearly shows that you can do absolutely anything you want to, Wil Reynolds is a great inspirational marketing consultant that turned from an economics teacher to the leader of a top marketing firm, Seer Interactive. With his impressive resume including clients such as Intuit, Crayola, and LinkedIn, you’ll be able to get real hands-on advice from this online protégé.

Becoming an Online Marketing Guru

Deciding to become one of the many online marketing consultants in the world can be a difficult job, but well worth it in the end. With the ample amount of resources at your fingertips, harnessing the power of the internet has never been easier. Companies such as $99 Social give you the tools that marketing experts wished they had when they started their journey into online marketing and now you can use them to your advantage. The more help you have, the more successful you’ll be and the faster you’ll watch your online business grow.

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