Top 10 List Of Network Marketing Companies That Offer Reseller Program

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For over 80 years, Network marketing has been a major source of residual income to marketers who are ready, willing and have the knack for convincing people to buy into a business venture or purchase a product of some sort. Network marketing can be seen as the only legal get-rich-quick job which requires the basic skill of conviction.

There’s a thin line between a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offer value and a pyramid scheme company that has nothing other than quick money to offer. That brings us to network marketing companies that run reseller programs. These are companies who actually offer value both to the network marketer and to their customer.

These companies actually have products and services which any marketer who joins them can buy and resell at a fair profit margin. A pyramid scheme will offer you nothing of the sort, but rather the hoax of a return on investment when you recruit new members who do the same.

With all these in mind, I went into some research to find out the 10 best network marketing companies who offer real value in form of reseller programs. Below are my findings:

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1. Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a company that offers some of the best skin-care products that network marketers can resell for a big profit. The company produces anti-aging creams which help reverse effects of old age on the skin such as the ugly puffiness under the eyes as well as those annoying wrinkles.

Products that work on anti-ageing are usually not cheap and but the major downside is that they rarely ever do anything meaningful. But the case of Jeunesse is quite different since reviews have been good. Network marketers are given the opportunity to sell the products of this company for a commission. Now, who wouldn’t be interested in buying a body cream that makes them look just a little younger?

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2. AdvoCare

This network marketing company was founded in 1993 and has over 60,000 independent marketers who work to promote the brand across America and other countries. AdvoCare is a US based company which specialises in manufacturing and selling sports nutrition dietary supplements, and other highly effective nutritional supplements.

AdvoCare is a popular company in America and a lot of network marketers have been made millionaires working with the company. AdvoCare was ranked the number one network marketing company in the US last year.

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3. doTERRA

doTERRA is a thriving Multi-level marketing company that depends on the activity of it’s teeming networking marketers to resell its products. The rapidly burgeoning company specialises in producing essential oils and its network marketers are responsible for reselling its products farther from Utah where the company has become hugely popular.

doTERRA was named among America’s best employers by Forbes in 2016 and was named 2016 International Company of the Year by World Trade Association of Utah. But aside the accolades, doTERRA products which include an impressive collection of essential oils are selling like wildfire in America. It is predicted that doTERRA marketers will reach greater heights in 2017.

4. Younique

Younique is a network marketing company that offers a reseller program for marketers who are willing to help distribute its rich blend of cosmetics products. The cosmetics company is known for its budget-friendly products which appeal to the female folk. One of Younique’s marketers’ strategies is the organisation of house parties where women are then introduced to various products of the company; that strategy really works, by the way.

Younique is a reputable company valued at over a billion dollars; its reseller program has been one that has yielded good dividends to its network marketers since inception.

5. Young Living

Essential oils are selling massively around the world and Young Living is one company that produces one of the best brand of essential oil around. With various blends of rich natural oil which have been produced for diverse purposes such as, body massage, body perfume, cleaning and beauty, as well as cooking; this network marketing company is never in short supply of quality products for its marketers.

6. Isagenix

From the analytics I gathered from social media, Isagenix is really becoming a trend among the network marketing companies that offer a reseller program. The question is, what product does this MLM company has to sell? Isagenix has plenty of nutritional supplements that are too many to mention in this post; products such as healthy food products, anti-aging skin care products and energy supplements have received impressive product reviews on reputable websites like Amazon.

Network marketers who have a good marketing strategy have testified of how much profit they are making by reselling Isagenix products.

7. Nerium

Nerium is a network marketing company that deals with skin care products. They invest 30% of all funds realised from sales into research to ensure that their products remain among the best in the market. Nerium skin care products are known to be anti-ageing creams developed by using a substance known as Nerium oleander. The company has placed adverts on top American shows such as Wendy Williams Show and Good morning America.

Nerium has a mouth-watering compensation plan for its network marketers which includes a branded car, training materials, subsidised products to mention but a few.

8. Mary Kay Cosmetics

No matter how little knowledge you have about cosmetics, you must’ve heard about the brand, Mary Kay. It might surprise you to know that Mary Kay Cosmetics is a network marketing company and a pretty good one at that. In 2014, Mary Kay cosmetics declared sales of over $4 billion, nearly a third of that has been the impact network marketing.

Mary Kay cosmetics is a respected brand in America and the world and that makes the job of their network marketers a whole lot easier.

9. Herbalife

Herbalife is a network marketing company that specialises in meal replacement and other fitness supplements. One of their big name brand ambassadors is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a world famous footballer. Herbalife did undergo some trying time in 2011 with a few legal issues here and there; the company is however, back and better, with more of its products making its way to the grocery shelves. Herbalife offers network marketers the opportunity to resell its products for profit, although marketers will earn no compensation for recruiting new marketers.

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10. Scentsy

Scentsy is an MLM company that manufactures wickless, scented and flameless candles with a lot of varying fragrance that leaves customers drooling. People, who haven’t used this brand of candles, instantly fall in love with it once they do. Network marketers are given a good and lovable product to resell and the chances for success are really high.

A network marketer can become set up as an independent Scentsy distributor for as little as $99 and that comes with your own personalized Scentsy website.

Network marketing is making more millionaires every day. The challenge for many is how to find the right network marketing company that offers reseller programs so as to avoid falling for the numerous pyramid schemes flying around. There are 10 legitimate options for you to choose from in this article. These companies are ready to work with you irrespective of your location; so get in touch.

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