Tools you Should Utilize to Increase Organic Pinterest Traffic

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Tools you Should Utilize to Increase Organic Pinterest Traffic I $99 SOCIAL

Anyone who’s interested in trying to boost their Pinterest traffic and shares, and turn it into the highest source for referrals of any social media platform, should continue reading about the tools described below which can help you achieve exactly that. Increasing organic social media platform traffic can be a difficult prospect these days because organic traffic happens naturally rather than from paid ads.

This kind of traffic is getting much more difficult to come by these days, especially on platforms such as Facebook. Running counter to that growing trend is the organic traffic driven by Pinterest, which instead of being reduced like Facebook, is actually growing. Since there really is still lots of traffic, shares, and search benefits to be obtained by using Pinterest, it’s well worth making use of the tools described below, while you still have the time to take advantage of organic traffic which Pinterest can drive your way.

Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes

Tools you Should Utilize to Increase Organic Pinterest Traffic I $99 SOCIALTailwind is one of the best tools for Pinterest, and many marketers consider it the very best tool. It provides you with the capability of managing the scheduling for dozens of pins every week, and if you don’t have time for manually doing that, this tool can be priceless. With Tailwind, you can instantly create a posting schedule, because it will advise you of optimal times for posting based on audience traffic, and engagement levels.

You can also easily schedule multiple pins simultaneously, and you can pin directly from Pinterest using an extension from the Chrome browser. Tailwind also incorporates a full suite of analytics, so you know what’s working for your business on Pinterest. To accompany Tailwind, the Tailwind Tribes feature has recently been added, and this consists of similar groups of peers all helping each other expand their reach and grow their Pinterest traffic. Tailwind Tribe members are always on the lookout for the best new content for their audience, and they share that with other members of the Tribe.

Tailwind Smartloop

Another very exciting new feature from Tailwind is Tailwind Smartloop, which allows for automatic republishing, as well as looping of pins within Tailwind. This new feature allows you to loop some selection of pins which you have hand-selected from your own secret boards, group boards, and other boards.

Looping permits you to schedule specific pins across various sets of boards of your choosing. Once you’ve posted up into any the boards you choose, it gets recycled and will be re-posted. You won’t have to waste countless hours doing manual pins or scheduling manually to the platform. You can take it easy, and know that all of your best content will be regularly shared with your followers, and that, of course, will eventually lead to higher levels of Pinterest traffic.

Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins is a plug-in which is WordPress-compatible and is used for the optimizing of images which you share to Pinterest. This can be an essential part of your overall strategy to grow your Pinterest traffic, partly because it’s super easy to add Tasty Pins to your blog or to your WordPress site. Some of the things you can do with Tasty Pins include setting pin descriptions for all your images so that they will perform optimally on any Pinterest search.

Tools you Should Utilize to Increase Organic Pinterest Traffic I $99 SOCIALYou’ll also be able to include hashtags and keywords and any other info which will help on a Pinterest search. You can optimize alt text for SEO, which is normally used to describe your image. It also gives you the capability of hiding Pinterest-specific images on your page or your blog. This becomes very useful when you want to add multiple image designs to your post, or if you just choose to provide people with greater choices for shareable images.

If you like, you can disable the pinning of specific images, especially those which are not optimized for Pinterest. As an example, you may have some beautiful landscape images, but since they’re photographed in landscape mode, they won’t be ideal for pinning. Finally, Tasty Pins will add a hover button to all your images, so as to make it easier for your followers to share visual content.


One of the weak points about Pinterest images is that many of them are simply not of very high quality, and this can turn off readers and viewers in a heartbeat. This can also make the whole pin be unreadable or of low general interest to the readership. This is unfortunate because in many cases the content associated with those images might really be great. This causes a lot of fantastic podcasts, blog posts, and websites to be ignored, simply because the visual imagery associated with them is of poor quality, and therefore of little interest to viewers.

By using Easil, you can change up many of your Pinterest images by using hundreds of different designs which will add visual appeal. Easil also allows you to create infographics very easily and very quickly by using a whole collection of templates which are absolutely stunning. There are literally dozens of other features available in Easil, and after experimenting with even a few of these, you’ll be able to spruce up your images so that they actually dazzle when posted.

Pinterest search

Tools you Should Utilize to Increase Organic Pinterest Traffic I $99 SOCIALAmong the vast arsenal of tools and features provided by Pinterest, it’s sometimes overlooked that Pinterest search can be of great value in helping to drive traffic to your site. The truth is, Pinterest is not exactly a social media platform but is instead a very powerful search engine. In fact, the Pinterest search is so good that, before you use any of the other external tools described above, you may want to become proficient using Pinterest search.

There are three great ways for your content to be discovered on Pinterest: by using the Pinterest Smartfeed, by using hashtag search, and by using the “follow” tab. It’s very important that you optimize your content for Pinterest search across these three tools, just like you would for any Google search.

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