The New Mobile Ad Tool from Pinterest

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The New Mobile Ad Tool from Pinterest

Pinterest has announced a new process which will allow advertisers to create their campaigns right from the convenience of their mobile device. The process will include some highly streamlined options for targeting the right user audience, which is expected to simplify the process for all advertisers. This new process is called Mobile Ad Tools, and Pinterest describes it as the latest in a long suite of self-service tools which will make it far easier for any sized business to reach their Pinners, and then to subsequently gauge the effectiveness of all campaigns which have been launched.

It is intended to simplify the process of ad creation and to provide a number of new targeting options, so as to remove much of the guesswork from establishing Promoted Pins. In the past 12 months, Pinterest has added a whole slew of features intended to assist small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger advertisers with huge marketing teams, to manage their ads more easily, as well as to collaborate on the platform.

Some of the exciting features provided to business users over the last year include multi-user access on accounts for advertising, the duplication of campaigns, customized reporting on advertising campaigns, monitoring of data related to the target audience, and measuring the organic performance of advertising campaigns,

The difference with Mobile Ad Tools

The New Mobile Ad Tool from PinterestPrior to the launching of this new process, any business active on Pinterest has had to set up and launch their campaigns from the desktop. Mobile Ad Tools will now allow businesses to transfer their activities to mobile devices, which is expected to increase the flexibility and convenience of creating and launching ad campaigns.

Many of today’s busy marketers and business executives are obliged to be out of the office a good part of the time, and that means they’re away from any desktop machine they might be using there. Having the capability to set up and launch campaigns from mobile devices which are portable, will allow these groups of people to accomplish the same thing, wherever they happen to be. This capability alone is expected to receive widespread support and immediate usage, by many of today’s busiest markers marketers and business executives.

How to create ads with Mobile Ad Tools

The process is begun when you choose a Pin from your business profile, and then select options from a list of automated possibilities, or some customized targeting options that you’ve already set up. Once you’ve chosen your specific Pins and the accompanying options for targeting, you can then select a duration for the campaign, a daily budget for that entire range of days, and complete all other billing information. After that, all that’s required is that you publish the ad from your mobile device.

The New Mobile Ad Tool from PinterestYou will also have a number of editing options, as well as additional campaign controls available to you when you set up any ad campaigns you have in mind. Included in the Mobile Ad Tools package, you will also have performance metrics so that you can gauge the success of each campaign, and some metrics which will specifically identify points of success, as well as weak aspects with your campaign.

You’ll be provided with the number of impressions and clicks, the number of saves, and the click-through rate overall, so that you can determine which parts of your campaign need shoring up. Other features available within the new suite of tools include the capability to adjust budgets at any time, as well as changing the target audience at which the campaign will be directed. You’ll also be able to pause an ad for some time frame, or to edit the URL destination, and even change the name of the campaign.

Early success stories

Some businesses have already experienced a significant level of success with an early release version of Mobile Ad Tools. The leather goods company FOUNT has had a long association with Pinterest, which helped them to build their business, to establish new products, and to arrange many of their photo sessions. After familiarizing with and using Mobile Ad Tools, they have already seen an astounding increase of 4,430% in the area of engagement with their Pins. While the owners do make use of other platforms, they have discovered that Pinterest is the one which outstrips all others in sending traffic to their site.

The New Mobile Ad Tool from PinterestAnother website called Nomadic Matt is one which instructs people about how to conduct their travels while staying within a limited budget. This business uses Pinterest to feature many of their important travel blogs, to share newsletters with readers, and to promote books written by company personnel about travel. After using Mobile Ad Tools, this business discovered that more than 99% of all clicks coming to its website were coming from Pinterest, and were comprised of new users. These two examples of course, are spectacular instances of success using Pinterest’s new mobile ad tool, but if these are any indication of future success, it’s likely that a great many more companies will quickly fall in love with this new tool.

A win-win situation for Pinterest

The launching of Mobile Ad Tools is considered a win-win situation for Pinterest, in that it provides a great deal more capability to its users, and the company itself receives some benefit as well. By expanding on their ad options, Pinterest positions itself as a business-friendly platform, which more and more companies are sure to take advantage of, if for no other reason than the simplicity of advertising.

With more than 300 million active users on the platform, this new capability will undoubtedly increase the number of business users, and swell the ranks of businesses making use of Pinterest. Any businesses which have not made use of Pinterest up to now, or those which have had only a minor investment in the platform, may now decide to increase their activity and their investment on the platform.

At any rate, the impact of this new suite of tools will be measurable very soon, since the launching of Mobile Ad Tools was scheduled for the last week in July. A date has not been set for global release as yet, although this is sure to follow in the very near future.

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