The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads

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The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads I $99 SOCIAL

When used properly, Facebook Ads can produce some very good results, in terms of generating leads, clicks, and conversions. If you haven’t been seeing the results you would like to have, it may be that you haven’t been using the best techniques, and those which have the best chance of producing solid results. Some of the ideas below may provide you with some information you can use to improve your techniques and to achieve the kind of results you’ve always hope for.

Offer a free trial period

Sometimes all you really need to close the deal on a sale is to have a potential customer try out your product. One of the best ways you can use to make this happen is to have your users sample one of your products for free, before committing to making a purchase next time. This will relieve any kind of fear or apprehension a buyer might have about making a purchase, and it completely eliminates all risk associated with buying, because they will have had the opportunity to personally try it out themselves.

The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads I $99 SOCIALThis also conveys the notion to potential customers that you are genuinely interested in solving whatever problem they have by using your product, and that you want them to try it for themselves to prove it. Having a free trial period is a great way to convince buyers who might be skeptical to take a chance. Once you’ve got the product in their hands, and they’ve discovered that it really does solve the problem, they become ideal candidates for making a purchase next time.

To convert them into paying customers, all you have to do is implement a solid Facebook re-targeting strategy, where you offer a discount to free trial users who are willing to purchase the product before the trial period ends. This might also be a good time to upsell to people who enjoy the product, by offering special prices for extra features and other expensive products. This technique is a proven winner for enhancing your return on investment, and obviously your cash flow as well. It could very well turn out that trial users become your biggest audience, so re-marketing to them should be part of your overall strategy.

Offer a significant discount

If you can’t quite bring yourself to offer a free trial period to potential customers, another similar technique is to offer substantial savings on a product that you are sure they’re already interested in. One of the most certain ways of kindling interest in a product is to offer a major discount on it because it makes the product much more attractive, and it also makes the customer feel good about themselves, since they have discovered a deal which is very much in their favor.

When setting up a discount like this on a given product, you need to emphasize the value that it’s bringing to a customer for the reduced price, as probably something that no other competitor can match. If you’re still a little leery about offering huge savings on one of your products, you can be a little clever about it, and gradually mark the price up for a couple of months, before announcing your significant price reduction. In doing this, your price will come back to its original level, and you will have conveyed the notion to potential customers that they’re getting tremendous value at a lower price.

If you want to be even more subtle, you don’t have to make any changes whatsoever to your price, and you can just run an advertisement which proclaims to customers that by purchasing now, they will get a $100 value for just $75. The main point to be understood from all this is that potential customers are not nearly as interested in the actual price, as they are in the perceived value. By comparing your product to how much it’s actually worth, you can create the notion of added value in the minds of potential customers.

Emphasize product benefits and achievable results

The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads I $99 SOCIALBefore customers purchase a product, they have in mind some expectation of the results they want, and if you can assure them that those results will indeed be achieved, they’re much more likely to make a purchase from you. In some cases, it’s better to avoid talking about the price of your product completely and simply focus on the benefits and the results that clients can expect when using your product.

This technique is the most effective way you already have a strong value proposition, so it’s definitely worth your while to invest some time into creating one. The most effective kinds of value propositions are the ones which include percentages or numbers, and which provide customers with legitimately measurable expectations. For instance, a solid value proposition for a seller of white strips for your teeth might be that the customer will have whiter teeth within one month.

Using Facebook Ads, you have the ability to split test two different value propositions to find out which one achieves the best results with your audience. If you want to try this, create a new campaign in Facebook Ads and turn on the split test option. Then all you have to do is choose Creative as the variable to be tested, and generate different ad sets and ads which can be used to test out the individual value propositions.

Offer freebies at each sale funnel stage

The Best Techniques for Facebook Ads I $99 SOCIALPeople who are in the early stage of the purchasing cycle will generally need a lot more information about your product before they’re ready to make a purchase. This is a good time to use Facebook Ads to promote content which will be irresistible to potential customers. The type of content which is hardest to resist is free information which helps users to accomplish a specific task, especially one they’ve been having difficulty with.

For each stage of the sales funnel, you should consider a number of different offers which can be made to potential customers. Each of these offers should be customized to sync up with the kind of audience you’re dealing with, and each one should have the goal of advancing a user to the next phase of the purchasing cycle. Some examples of free offers of information that you can use are infographics, exposure to your blog, or possibly a helpful toolkit will solve the problem for the user.

For an audience that’s already familiar with your company and its branding, you can up the stakes a little, because these people already spend time on your site, read your blog, and have visited several of your web pages. For these individuals, you can offer free trials, quotes, or consultations. Since you’re also in the late stages of the purchasing cycle, you may even want to get right to the point and suggest that the user make a purchase at this time.

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