$99 Social Reseller Central

After the Sale

Congratulations on making it through the onboarding process! There are just a couple more items we want to be sure to cover. As always, feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager if you have questions or need anything from our team.

Receiving and Communicating Feedback and Requests

Whether your client wants us to make adjustments to the types of posts we’re creating or they have a sale they’d like us to promote for them on social media, communication is important for keeping your clients happy. As you are the client-facing part of our relationship, it’s important for you to communicate with your Account Manager whenever a client provides content, information, or suggestions. Email is the best way to communicate with your Account Manager, as there is less chance for something being missed, and we’ll each have a record of the communication.

We will do our very best to do the same, communicating with you anytime we need something from you or your client. The better our communication with each other, the happier your clients will be, and the longer you’ll retain them as clients!

Handling Cancellations

Inevitably, some clients will cancel services over time. When this happens, we want to be sure several things are taken care of:

  1. Automatic payments from you and from the client to you must be stopped. We’ll take care of your payments, and you’ll need to take care of them on your end so your client does not continue to be charged.
  2. We’ll need to determine the date we should post their last social media update. For example, if the renewal date on the account is the 15th of the month, and they cancel on the 8th, we are happy to continue posting through the 15th. However some clients don’t want us to post beyond their cancellation date. So please determine the stop date from your client and pass that on to your Account Manager.
  3. We love any opportunity to improve. Feedback from a canceling client is important to us, and can be important for you as well. Please ask clients why they are canceling and if there are areas where the service can be improved. Passing this feedback on to your Account Manager will only help us get better.