Snapchat’s New Guide for Major Events and Holidays

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Snapchat's New Guide for Major Events and Holidays

Snapchat recently published a brand-new guide for significant events, and it includes all the holidays, key dates, and events of note throughout any given year. It also includes some specific insights regarding the time frame when online chatter begins to increase for all these significant events, as well as statistics on the number of related Snaps which are viewed, the number of Lenses which are used, and a number of useful statistics on related areas.

For marketers looking to plan campaigns to be used in Snapchat, this guide could provide a major assist and it might even prove to be invaluable, since it offers very useful data regarding increased online activity around all of these key events. This guide also includes some very helpful information about the important events with respect to geography, which is another area that can be extremely useful to marketers. This discussion will offer an overview on how the new Moments in Focus guide offered by Snapchat really works, and just what you can expect to find in it.

The intent of Moments in Focus

Snapchat's New Guide for Major Events and HolidaysSnapchat is a platform which offers a vehicle to millions of users globally, so that they can capture their experiences, connect with friends, and carry out various kinds of interactions with the whole world surrounding them. It’s one very important way that people can choose to express themselves, and to elevate the social moments they share with friends and contacts in their inner circle, because all these events generally have special significance to Snapchat users.

Companies that desire to reach out and engage with Snapchat users will need to understand how these important moments are played out on the platform, and how to authentically approach them in order to achieve important objectives for your brand. The Moments in Focus guide includes an entire year’s worth of insights and tips, which will help marketing personnel accomplish their objectives with regard to reaching out to their intended audiences. It includes a full breakdown of all the major events of the year, with some statistics that demonstrate how Snapchat users engage with those key events, as well as some recommended guidelines for how you can take best advantage of each moment throughout the year.

What the guide offers

Similar to the seasonal insights guide developed by Pinterest, the Moments in Focus guide will help marketers to decide when they need to launch their campaigns, relative to the particular key event of the year which is being focused on. All the major events in a given year are listed in the guide, and a visual display shows bubbles which increase in size as activity around a certain key event increase. In this way, when conversation on Mother’s Day for instance reaches a peak, the bubbles depicted will be at their largest, and they will gradually diminish in size after the holiday, as buzz decreases about the event.

Snapchat's New Guide for Major Events and HolidaysBy having this information available to them, marketers would then theoretically be able to time the launch of their campaigns to coincide with the increasing level of interest provided by Snapchat users throughout their conversations and their posts. Having this kind of in-sync association would be much more beneficial to any marketer, since the timing matches the increased level of interest for those Snapchat users who are actually discussing the event. A number of specific statistics are included in the breakdown of each key event throughout the year, including all platform discussion, as well as tips that will help marketers make connections with users who may be interested.

Other data included

In addition to statistics related to usage, Snapchat also includes prompts and associated mentions, so that brands can be considering various approaches that would involve reaching out to interested users in their target audience. It should be fairly easy to see how this information can provide a tremendous boost to marketers, and to businesses in general, since it would allow all these groups to develop a digital marketing strategy which is tightly associated with each of the significant events throughout the year.

Since the Snapchat audience tends to be fairly young as platform demographics go, any company which is specifically trying to reach out to younger groups should find the statistics to be particularly compelling and useful in mapping out their future plans. To make the guide even more useful, Snapchat has developed regional versions for Canada, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Information included in these regional guides has statistics which are relative to those countries in particular, and which are a reflection of Snapchat activity in those specific regions of the world.

Snapchat’s motivation in developing these guides

Snapchat's New Guide for Major Events and HolidaysOne of the main reasons that Snapchat has developed these regional versions of its Moments in Focus guide, is because the current company direction is to expand and broaden its operations into newer regions of the world, for the purpose of maximizing potential revenues. This means that it makes good sense for Snapchat to provide a specific focus for each of the guides which it has developed, and that regional marketers in each of those countries can take advantage of more relevant and more targeted insights in developing their campaigns.

Since each of these regional guides will include listings based on the unique usage characteristics of the area, each guide will be extremely useful for regional marketers in mapping out their campaigns on the most important and most key events of the year. If you are undecided about the value of this new guide, you should definitely at least browse through it, in order to find out if there’s anything of value which can help you plan your own campaigns in the future. The actual Moments in Focus guide can be downloaded from the Snapchat business website, and it’s worth your while to take the time to do this download, and at least check it out to see if there’s anything of value to you personally and to your business.

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