Snapchat Trends You Need to Know for 2020

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Snapchat Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Since Snapchat has a tremendous audience among the younger set, it will be very interesting to know what kinds of trends are in store for the upcoming year. Snapchat recently identified what it considers to be some of the most likely popular trends for 2020 among the majority of its youthful users. It is known that approximately 73% of all people in the age group between 18 and 24 use Snapchat to some degree.

That being the case, Snapchat has analyzed the platform discussion topics which have appeared most frequently during the present year, especially in the later months of 2019, with a view toward predicting hot topics for next year. You might be surprised to learn that some particularly buzzworthy topics have been in the area of jazz, Uno, Monopoly, and some other fairly unanticipated subjects.

However, given the fact that Snapchat has such a youthful audience, it is still likely to be a very solid representation of their interests currently, and of what will be trending at least in the early part of 2020. Here are some of the most prominent trends which we’re likely to see in Snapchat next year.


Snapchat Trends You Need to Know for 2020As briefly referenced above, gaming is one of the topics which have created a high degree of buzz among Snapchat users, and surprisingly a lot of that chatter is about games from the past rather than present-day video games. A surprising amount of discussion has centered around board games such as Monopoly, card games like Uno, and about puzzles which have captured the attention and interest of many Snapchat users.


It’s always difficult to predict what will be popular in music for any future period, but it seems safe to say that the rap collective Brockhampton will remain popular throughout 2020 following the release of their fifth studio album, which is entitled Ginger. A great deal of buzz has also surrounded the appeal of jazz music, which is finding some surprising advocates and fans among the younger generation. At one time, jazz was primarily limited to mid-range adults and older adults, but currently is finding favor with the younger set as well, and a great deal of chatter has developed in Snapchat about jazz music.


Snapchat Trends You Need to Know for 2020

It seems that the snack food of choice among the younger set is destined to become various flavors of jerky in the coming year. A great many Snapchat uers have been talking about the appeal of jerky and have discovered a number of favorite flavors which appeal to them. This trend is likely to continue on into the coming year, as more young people discover the appeals of the tasty snack food, and see it as an appropriate fill-in between meals.


Many of the young users on Snapchat are apparently getting in touch with their creative natures, and are seeking ways to express themselves in some kind of creative way. There are a number of such creative expressions being undertaken by youthful users, including pottery-making, scrapbooking, sewing, and even woodworking.

It appears that a huge number of youngsters on the platform are becoming involved with these kinds of handmade hobbies already, and that even more of them will be getting involved in the coming year. It seems that 2020 is also going to be what’s known as the year of the vibe. Many Snapchat users are discovering Vibez and Whole Vibe, which is likely to trigger an entire year that focuses on the feelings of youthful users on Snapchat.

New AR and VR features

Snapchat remains focused on some of the same features which earned it attention and a big following when it originally came online. When the platform first appeared several years ago, it introduced ephemeral format, or content which quickly disappeared after being displayed. Another thing they specialized in was using AR filters, thus revolutionizing the way people create their content and share with others online.

They’re still doing that today, with the Snapchat Lenses that were introduced in April of this year. They’ve also developed 3D filters which allow platform users to generate content which is much more immersive, and it is expected that these will continue to be used at a high rate in 2020. It’s also very likely that a great deal of new content and more filters will be made available next year, and that they will be used to a much larger extent by both youthful users and businesses which have a presence on the platform.

More news and political programming

Snapchat Trends You Need to Know for 2020You can expect additional news and political programming on Snapchat in the coming year, especially with presidential races heating up. The platform expects to host a great deal more political content and news, and has invested in far more political programming. With this kind of investment, there’s no doubt that we’ll see a lot more of this kind of content on Snapchat next year.

As an example, Snapchat has developed a new show called Good Luck America, which was quickly moved from a weekly schedule to a daily schedule, when platform executives identified that users had become attached to it on a daily basis. Because the new show has been taken to so solidly by Snapchat users, the audience has grown by 45% in less than two years, and it now has millions of viewers tuning in daily, so as to stay abreast of all the latest developments in politics and general news.

Presidential debates

As a kind of offshoot to the previous item above which discussed having more news and political content on the platform, there will also be a dedicated channel next year for viewing the debates among American presidential candidates. Most of the candidates are well aware of Snapchat’s youthful audience, and are making a concerted effort to engage with that audience, and are also using AR technology to generate campaign funds.

Politicians are also aware that 80% of Snapchat users are of voting age, and that means they all want to cultivate a relationship with those users. Expect Snapchat to do whatever it can to accommodate these politicians in reaching out to the core of its audience.

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