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Professional Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIAL

Many businesses have discovered that using Facebook Messenger is extremely advantageous for their marketing and advertising efforts, and have already made serious attempts to derive some of the available benefits from it. And yet, the vast majority of these businesses are not using Messenger to its fullest capabilities, so that the maximum benefit really can be derived from it. Here are some tips offered by the experts, which should help you to improve the performance you get from using Facebook Messenger in your marketing initiatives.

Dream up a character for your Messenger bot

Professional Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIALMessenger bots are really one of the best ways of establishing one-on-one connections with users that ultimately lead to conversions, and in fact, that is one of their greatest advantages. However, before you can take full advantage of Messenger’s capabilities, you should understand how the Messenger subscription process really works. In order to be subscribed to your Messenger bot, a user has to actually interact with your business Messenger account.

It’s not enough to simply click on a link or press the Get Started button in order to complete a subscription. Most of the time, a user will have to send a message to the Facebook page, in order to be definitely subscribed. If a user clicks on a button that takes them off Facebook or to some other landing page, it’s fairly likely that their subscription will not be completed.

When you do have a solid subscription, make sure to clearly identify the fact that your Messenger bot is in fact not human, since some state laws require this, and you don’t want to run afoul of state requirements. The best way to avoid any legal entanglements is to design a specific character for your Messenger bot. This should be a character that not only represents your brand but has an engaging personality that users will be glad to interact with.

Make your Messenger bot copy conversational

By far the most effective Messenger bot copy is that which is conversational in nature, and which mimics a real-life exchange between people. The best way to do this is to imagine that you’re having a conversation in a coffee house with a friend or a prospect. This will tend to make the Messenger bot’s exchange much more like a real conversation, and much more engaging for your users. The copy which sounds like a bot will probably prove frustrating to a user, and they may even abandon the conversation altogether.

Include links to your Messenger bot

Professional Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIALAs with all forms of advertising, the idea is to gather as many subscribers as possible to your Facebook Messenger marketing initiatives, wherever you might encounter your prospects. There are a number of places where you can include links to your Messenger bot, so as to drive traffic back to Facebook Messenger, where you can make your pitch.

For instance, when you send out a coupon or some kind of discount, you could ask your customers to subscribe to your bot in order to obtain the discount. If you’re sending out an email broadcast, you could include a link to your bot, and inform readers that you can be reached at that link to answer their questions.

For those who conduct regular podcasts, you could include a link to your bot which would allow your followers to download a transcript of today’s episode, so they can retain it for their personal use. Whenever you display a presentation video on one of your web pages, you could also include a Messenger subscriber link, which would provide the user with the option for downloading the presentation slides.

There are literally hundreds of ideas like these which will allow you to include links to your Messenger bot, and after a little bit of experience, you’ll probably end up thinking up a great many of your own.

Couple Facebook Live comments with your Messenger bot

Whenever you can leverage the power of one tool with the combined power of a second tool, you have the potential for exponentially increasing your reach, and your conversions as well. This is certainly true when combining your Messenger bot with Facebook Live, allowing you to develop an experience which totally engages your users, and will likely also lead to increased sales.

In order to take advantage of this possibility, plan out an engaging Facebook Live which announces and releases some kind of desirable free product, like a whitepaper or a PDF guide. Then you can connect your Messenger bot to Facebook Live by using the Comments feature which can be found either in Chatfield or ManyChat. Whenever someone comments on your Facebook Live presentation, they will automatically get a message from your Messenger bot. Your bot can distribute the reward, guide users through the conversion process, and then capture their email as well.

Segment your content delivery

Professional Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips I $99 SOCIALSome business owners make the mistake of using their Messenger bots to send out cookie-cutter broadcasts which apply to their entire target audience. This ignores the real capability of Messenger bots, which is to provide users with a chat experience which is fully automated and engaging. In order to make the best use of Messenger bots, there are a few things you should do.

First of all, interaction is essential for an engaging experience, so allow users to relate to your bot. Let them choose their own kind of experience by providing quick-reply buttons that give them the option of where to go next. Equip your Messenger bot with questions that will provide more information for you about each individual subscriber. Then you can use custom fields or tags to segregate your subscribers according to the interests they’ve expressed.

Finally, whenever you deliver a broadcast via your Messenger bot, make sure to provide relevant and personalized information to all those subscribers who have previously shown interest in a specific topic. If you send irrelevant messages out to your subscribers, they will quickly become annoyed with you, and may even report your bot as spam.

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