Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019

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Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019

Pinterest has its own methodology for determining what’s trending, and since more than 215 million people globally use the platform for discovering new ideas, these trends are of strong interest to business people who may wish to align their product offerings with these trends. The Pinterest ideas which continue to get increased numbers of searches for more than six months are recognized as solid trends on the platform, and it’s what people are thinking about. Here are the top 100 Pinterest trends for 2019.

Bus Travel: Today’s thrift-minded travelers are turning to bus travel.

Hot springs: A great many people are seeking relaxation and restoration at hot springs.

Castle visits: Trips to view and visit castles are on the increase.

Island visits: Some of the lesser known islands are receiving lots of attention from travelers.

Bike tours: Health-minded tourists are looking for bike tours to combine sightseeing and exercise.

Surprise destinations: Groups are searching for surprise destinations to increase the fun level.

Small towns: A new favorite destination are small, restful towns not known as tourist destinations.

No waste travel: Travelers are looking for ways to travel with zero waste during packing, eating and lodging.

Fall getaways: There’s an ongoing shift in vacation times, now trending toward autumn.

Rio de Janeior: People are fascinated with the site of the Summer Olympics, and everyone wants to visit.

Elderberries: The healthy and anti-inflammatory benefits of elderberries have been discovered.

Bakuchiol: The more natural and gentler alternative to retinol is receiving strong interest from skincare buffs.

Superfood powders: Smoothies are being juiced up by maca, matcha, and other powders with superfood qualities.

Sleep optimization: People are seeking ways to maximize their sleep hours.

Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019Healthy eating: Diners are being more conscientious about their restaurant food choices.

Goat milk soap: This gentle, moisturizing soap is very easy to make and is becoming very popular.

Flex band workouts: Indoor workouts with flexible bands can strengthen the entire body.

Sober living: People are moving away from alcohol in favor of sober living.

Beeswax wraps: These re-usable wraps are being used instead of traditional plastic wraps.

Ginger oil: This soothing oil is being used for massages and baths, and sometimes even as a condiment.

Side businesses: People are looking to capitalize on their passion, by turning them into home businesses.

Acrylic pour painting: Drip and pour painting is the artistic endeavor of choice.

Body painting: Body painting is an alternative to tattoos which many people are trying out.

Ceramic pottery: Handmade plates, bowls, and cups are capturing everyone’s attention.

Savings plans: Savings plans are being viewed as ways to pay off debt and save up for something desirable.

Chalk art: Chalk art is finding favor with artists wishing to color concrete and create signage.

Sketchbooks: Artists everywhere are turning to sketchbooks, for use as a  journal and canvas.

Avocado trees: Gardeners are trying to grow their own avocado trees to make guacamole.

Boat building: There’s a great deal of interest in building boats at home.

Urban decay photography: The newest subject for avid photographers is capturing urban decay on film.

Godparent proposals: People are proposing ideas to their children’s godparents for gifts.

Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019Backyard weddings: A cheaper alternative to the traditional wedding is catching people’s attention.

Donut decor: Party displays are now including all kinds of colorful (and edible) donuts.

Mini-moment celebrations:  Even the smallest of moments can be celebrated.

Gold wedding gowns: Brides are looking for gold instead of the traditional white.

Number-shaped cakes: Suddenly cakes shaped like numbers are on the rise.

Smoke bombs: Smoke bombs of various colors add excitement to almost any occasion.

Neon wedding signs: People are celebrating life’s milestones with messages featured in lights.

Flower garland: Flower garlands are being used for just about everything decorative these days.

Moon gatherings: Friends are gathering for stargazing and moonlight sessions.

Mushroom recipes: Mushrooms are being used now in everything from candy bars to coffee drinks.

Ginger water: A slice of ginger is good for the digestive system and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Oatmilk: Oatmilk is the newest alternative to traditional dairy products.

Baking bread: More people are interested in baking their own bread.

Eating pegan: The pegan diet is gaining popularity with people looking for healthy food choices.

Grazing tables: Everyone is fascinated with grazing tables for feasting.

Foil dinners: Dinners packaged in foil are perfect for busy chefs.

Oxtail recipes: Oxtail recipes are the new favorite, especially the slow-cooking variety.

Homemade jams: Everyone wants to make their own jams today.

Chayote recipes: A versatile gourd which is considered a superfood is becoming very appealing.

Mustard yellow: The newest popular color, mustard yellow is being used for small accents and entire walls.

Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019Contemporary fireplaces: Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces are finding favor with homeowners.

Textile art: People are using textiles as home decorations and clothing choices.

Geometric paint: Colorful geometric shapes are appealing to interior decorators.

Tin interiors: Tin is the in material for a vintage look around the home.

Cactus arrangements: Cactus arrangements are on the rise, for just about any occasion.

Vertical gardens: Vertical gardens are finding favor with people seeking floor-to-ceiling plant life in the home.

Painted floor tiles: Bold colors and mosaic patterns are very appealing to some home decorators.

Bold print wallpaper: Bold print wallpaper breathes fresh life into a room.

Natural swimming pools: These pools provide the perks, without all the maintenance.

Vintage watches: Throwback watches are coming around again, and everyone loves them.

Washed denim: Light wash denim is making a big comeback.

Mismatched prints: Mixing prints is the new artistic move of choice.

Sling bags: These versatile, convenient bags can carry everything.

Corduroy: Used in everything from pants to business blazers, corduroy is the fabric of the year.

French crop haircuts: This style is appealing because of its neat, tidy appearance.

Plaid pants: Plaid pants are the new hip thing for school.

Neck scarves: Both men and women are turning to neck scarves for style and warmth.

Cropped trousers: Formerly mocked as ‘floods’, cropped trousers are now finding great appeal from men.

Quarter socks: Quarter socks are this year’s most popular sock style.

Bamboo bags: These bags are striking and structured, and are becoming very popular.

Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019Statement sneakers: Whatever you have to say, say it with your sneakers.

African print fashions: African wax prints are finding favor all around the globe now.

Rouche: The rage among fashion gurus, rouche gowns, coats, and pants are overtaking the fashion world.

Robe silhouettes: With one of these, you won’t have to choose between style and comfort.

Snake print: Snake prints have become more popular than leopard prints.

Oval sunglasses: Oval sunglasses keep you unrecognized, but very fashionable.

Tortoise earrings: The perfect complement to evening wear, tortoise earrings are very appealing.

Biker shorts: Used for both workouts and fashionable wear, everyone wants biker shorts.

Sustainable fashion: People are looking for recycled materials in their new fashion statements.

Cropped bangs: The cut which is just above the brow is the hottest one for the coming year.

Liquid exfoliator: People who want brighter, smoother skin are turning to liquid exfoliators.

Going gray: People are now interested in letting their natural gray hair shine through.

Standard lip color: A bold red lip gloss is the perfect complement to ‘barely there’ makeup.

Witch hazel: As a skincare solution, witch hazel is gaining momentum.

Lilac hair: This pastel hair coloring is surging into popularity.

Glossy makeup: Gloss is allowing everyone’s best features to shine through.

Powder dip nails: Powder dipping your nails will preserve them much longer than traditional gels.

Natural lash lifts: Natural solutions are being used to give your lashes a lift.

Almond nails: The rounded shape of almonds gives this new manicure trend its name.

Birth stats sign: Signs to hang in your nursery can be printed up with all the vital birth stats.

Share subscriptions: Toy-sharing subscriptions mean fresh toys for all kids, with less waste.

Pinterest’s Top 100 Pin Trends For 2019Birthday scavenger hunt: Scavenger hunts energize everyone at the party.

Geometric decor: Kids’ rooms are suddenly sprouting a number of cool geometric patterns.

Audio storytellers: Parents are choosing audiobooks for story-telling time.

Rustic nursery ideas: Parents are choosing to add rustic touches to the soft decor of the nursery room.

Enchanted forest parties: The newest and most popular idea for party gatherings.

Smart bassinets: Bassinets which play soothing music are becoming very popular.

House frame floor beds: These are toddler beds which your kids will love.

Wireless breast pumps: A hands-free breast pump is apparently what everyone has wanted for years now.

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