Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management Services?

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These days, nearly every organization realizes the power social media has for drawing in new customers. At the same time, they also have discovered that handling social media accounts can easily become an around the clock affair. Since not everyone wants to be obsessively checking Facebook for new messages, inquiries and comments throughout their day, these companies may naturally wonder if social media management services are a good fit for their needs.

At this stage, outsourcing social media goes from seeming like a needless expense to an escape hatch. You and your top decision-makers get freed from the responsibilities of tending to each interaction. You also spare yourself from the trial-and-error that often accompanies getting social media strategies right. After all, a Facebook or Twitter profile for your brand is far different than a profile for some average Joe or Jill.

But are these conveniences enough to justify the costs of outsourcing? The answer, is “it depends.” Any business that prioritizes its social media interactions as a source of leads should dedicate full-time attention to it, outsourced or not.

Social Media Management Services

Why Would Social Media Be Important for Businesses?

Just in case you were not yet convinced that social media accounts can be a vital resource for your business or organization, consider the following benefits:

  • Increased exposure for your brand
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Reliable source of inbound traffic as you become a conversation starter
  • New channels for customer interactions, such as performing customer service through Facebook messaging
  • Measurable audience statistics that tell you who cares the most about your brand
  • Forge brand authority and affinity
  • Perfect venue for content publishing

Of course, harnessing all these benefits means turning social media management into a professional responsibility. If customers come to expect that your organization will post insightful articles every Tuesday and respond promptly to their requests, having “a bad day at the office” no longer qualifies as an excuse.

I Get That Social Media Is Important, But Do I Really Need Social Media Management Services?

“Casual” and “professional” are two completely different realms. You may be thinking “my eleven year-old niece is on Facebook; it’s not that hard!” Well, your niece can also probably whip up a decent batch of scrambled eggs, too. That doesn’t mean she should become a short-order cook for a busy restaurant.

By the same token, the expectations of a brand on social media versus a person are completely different. If your brand ignores messages, people could think you don’t care about their business. Using unprofessional language or being a bit too casual online can knock your brand down a peg or two in their mind. Publishing content once a blue moon may make them wonder why you bothered starting an account in the first place.

Every action is scrutinized, and expectations only get higher the more successful your brand is. So, essentially, you are faced with two choices:

  1. Don’t bother with social media at all
  2. Uphold a high standard on social media worthy of your brand

Conforming to the second one can turn into a huge responsibility, one that will detract from the activities you likely consider more worth your time. Furthermore, few people want to be checking Twitter well into the evening when they consider their work hours over.

Media Management Services Let You Get Strategic

Going beyond mere convenience and having someone help you prop up your brand, social media management also offers experience and expertise. Professionals are familiar with the type of content that draws clicks and makes brands look insightful. They know when to post to get the most traffic. They know the language needed to handle an upset customer delicately.

Most importantly, a professional social media management company knows how to improve all these skills over time. By examining data from your pages, they can help inform strategic decisions about engagement, promotions and advertising.

For instance, a remote bed and breakfast could see an unexpected amount of traffic from a video of someone hiking in the mountains nearby. Since it seemed to be the type of content users liked, that page could consider posting blog articles about great hikes near the area, hiking tips and how to pack for trips in a way that prepares you for both the trail and the Jacuzzi tub in the room when you get back.

In this way, social media interactions provide the positive reinforcement brands need to finely-tune and target messages to their audience.

Even If You Don’t Outsource, Have Someone Manning the Wheel

Outsourcing social media management may not always be the answer your organization needs, but you will have to find some substitute. Whether that means hiring a new full-time marketing employee just for social media or dedicating another employee’s time to checking accounts several times a day, you cannot afford to let your profiles sit by the wayside.

If you think you are ready to take the plunge into professional social media management, then consider $99 Social. For far less than the cost of a new employee or even part of an employee’s daily labor costs, you can have professional, consistent social media management and strategic planning.

Learn what this service offers and how you can get started today by visiting our social media management service signup page.

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