New Business Profile Format Announced by Pinterest

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New Business Profile Format Announced by Pinterest

Two new features have been announced by Pinterest, just in time for the rapidly approaching holiday season. The first of these is an updated profile format which will allow users to include video content as part of their overall cover image. Secondly, Pinterest is also rolling out Shop the Look collection ads, by which the platform will expand its shoppable post format and convert them into paid ads. This will enable businesses to feature several buyable items which are associated with each Pin.

Shop the Look collections ads

This new feature rolled out by Pinterest is intended to provide a very simple way for businesses to feature several products at once in a single ad, thus allowing Pinners to discover a number of useful products, all within the context of a single Pin’s image. By clicking on that image, it will be possible to navigate to the seller’s website and go through the checkout process to make a purchase. Basically, Shop the Look collections will thereby be expanded into full-blown product catalogs, each of which has the capacity to display a whole range of items.

New Business Profile Format Announced by PinterestAdvertisers will have the capability of tagging as many as 25 items on a single Pin image, with a preview of up to four items displayed at the bottom of each Pin to provide further functionality. Shop the Look Pins are not exactly new in the Pinterest arsenal, since they were originally launched for selected partners as far back as 2017. It was only in September 2018 that the feature was rolled out to all businesses.

In February 2019, Pinterest advanced Shop the Look Pins by automating them, and using the advanced image identification methods which could link immediate buying options to all products displayed. These new options made available for Shop the Look ads will provide a great many additional ways for brands to promote direct purchases on Pinterest, thereby maximizing the shopping experience for consumers browsing the platform. Pinterest has declared that all the new Shop the Look ads and related features will be rolled out domestically within the next several months.

New business profile format

The new business profile format announced by Pinterest will enable businesses to use video content or customized images right within their header area, so as to provide additional visual appeal to shoppers. The new profile will also feature a tab which is dedicated to shopping, and which will provide one additional method for showcasing a business’s products.

New Business Profile Format Announced by PinterestThis new Shop tab is expected to make it much easier for users to go directly to specific product information and find out more about a product they may have interest in. Another feature being incorporated into the new business profile format will be an updated messaging feature which will allow for immediate customer feedback, and which will allow a company to quickly provide customer support when necessary.

This might prove to be extremely handy, given the fact that Pinterest is simultaneously rolling out a brand-new messaging option for its Group Boards. This new messaging option is intended to align with messaging trends already prevalent in the industry, while also paying a nod to the social roots of the platform.

New messaging option for Group Boards

The new messaging options for Group Boards in Pinterest are basically a re-purposed usage of Facebook’s Reactions emoji response tools. These are designed to bolster engagement and increase interaction among users who are making use of the collaborative option. Users will also be able to sort their Pins within Group Boards by comments and by reactions, as well as the time where each of those Pins was actually posted.

Pinterest has taken considerable interest in the evolution of its Group Boards, periodically providing new features and options which make the tool much more useful and engaging, as well as maximizing effort spent in planning. One year ago, Pinterest also added commenting tools within its Group Boards feature, so that more active kinds of exchanges could be facilitated.

Pinterest is now looking to take this a step further by providing a dedicated chat option within the confines of group collections. It might sound like Pinterest is making a concerted effort to rekindle the social aspect of its platform, but the truth is it has been steadily moving away from that format for several years now, in favor of product discovery and e-commerce.

The fact that approximately 77% of all Group Boards are between two people, and that 98% of them involve five or less people, should show you that Group Boards are not really about social exchanges, but more about product engagement. So the enhancements made available within Group Boards should be seen not so much as a move to promote social engagement, but to liven up the potential for product discovery and shopping.

The nature of Pinterest

New Business Profile Format Announced by PinterestPinterest itself has made a point in recent months of noting that it is not a social platform, but is instead a network for product discovery. In this context, it still makes good sense to provide more direct messaging options and improved features which modern shoppers can make use of. This makes it very handy to provide the ability for sellers to connect with potential buyers and their friends, for instance through Group Boards.

This makes a great deal of sense for all parties involved, and it should facilitate the establishment and maintenance of relationships between buyers and sellers. As the platform has evolved into one which features e-commerce, and which provides users with many of the necessary tools and options to enhance their shopping experience, it’s not surprising that a steady stream of such enhancements are being rolled out.

Along these same lines, Pinterest has announced that it will be rolling out its Catalogs feature to a number of selected partners in Europe, primarily in the countries of Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. The idea behind this rollout is to bring Shopping Ads to those countries where Catalogs will be tested, so that retailers can automatically produce ads in Pinterest from a product catalog they already have.

Stay tuned for even more features and options from Pinterest which will improve the shopping experience on the platform, since there is no doubt that e-commerce has become the unquestioned primary nature of Pinterest these days.

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