LinkedIn Has Seven Awesome New Advertising Features

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LinkedIn Has Seven Awesome New Advertising Features

Most marketing and advertising personnel are aware that creating a personalized experience for your target audience is one of the most important components of successful advertising nowadays. LinkedIn has recently announced that it has made Dynamic Ads available from directly within Campaign Manager, which should make it much easier than ever before, to distribute personalized ads to all those professionals within your target audience.

Dynamic ads help you to forge more powerful relationships with members of your target audience by developing creative ads with information that is publicly available on member profiles. Using this increased visibility and reach, it will be possible to produce more memorable experiences with those individuals who are considered to be most valuable to your business.

LinkedIn Has Seven Awesome New Advertising FeaturesThe people at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions have made it possible now for users to take advantage of all the major formats on a self-service basis, so that online marketers of any size can make best use of available advertising tools from LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals. Dynamic Ads is the last of the significant ad units to be made available to users on a self-service basis. This is exciting news, because statistics have shown that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads have demonstrated as much as twice the click-through rate of all other traditional display ads.

In addition to making Dynamic Ads available as a self-service, there are a number of other LinkedIn features announced within the past two months, which promise to add considerable value to users of the social medium.

Achieving funnel marketing objectives

Dynamic ads are applicable to every phase of the purchasing cycle, offering different formats for the accomplishment of your individual and personal objectives. In order to promote brand awareness, follower ads can give a huge boost to your Showcase Page or your Company Page so as to foster the building of a larger community.

For driving traffic to your website and achieving lots more conversions, spotlight ads can be used to emphasize a product, an event, or service offered by your company. You can also now see how well your campaigns are doing directly in Campaign Manager, and you can leverage A/B testing so as to get the most out of your Dynamic Ads campaigns.

Getting closer with your audience

LinkedIn Has Seven Awesome New Advertising FeaturesA whole new level of personalization is now available in an attention-getting native format which is only available on LinkedIn. Each member’s profile information, including first name, company, job title, and photo can be used to capture the attention of the target audience, in a manner which traditional display ads simply cannot match. According to Tom Metcalf, who is the Senior Lead Executive at In Touch Networks, “By showing targeted users the profiles next to our brand, Dynamic Ads will allow us to send highly-targeted messages, introducing and familiarizing our business with our audience. This has resulted in higher engagement and an increase in conversion rates.”

Personalize creative at scale

It’s now much easier than ever before to personalize your ads and your ad campaigns. By building your creative and writing one time, you can have all the rest automatically personalized by LinkedIn for every person targeted in your ad campaign. Macros can be added, which for instance could be used as data mapping tools, to achieve even greater capabilities for customization. Dynamic Ads will also entail templates which have been predefined, so as to contribute to the streamlining of your creative, and will also engage prospects to a much higher level than before, regardless of the language spoken by any member of your audience.

LinkedIn Kudos

LinkedIn Has Seven Awesome New Advertising FeaturesMost employees are very happy with their jobs when they are consistently shown appreciation for the work they do. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but you may not realize that being appreciated for work that has been performed, is also a big boost to employee creativity and productivity. This should point up the importance of saying ‘thank you’ for a job well done, and since this is a sentiment often expressed on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Kudos now makes it much easier for you to express your appreciation for an employee who has performed admirably on a given project or task. LinkedIn Kudos provides a fun and easy vehicle for sharing appreciation with people in your professional network, directly from within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Voice Messaging

Most of us have typed out long messages intended for colleagues, and have wished that there was a way to simply say it out loud and avoid all that typing. LinkedIn has now provided a vehicle for doing just that, increasing the number of ways you can carry on conversations with colleagues. With Voice Messaging on LinkedIn, you’ll have the ability to record your message and send it to whomever you wish among your first degree connections. The messages recorded and sent must be of 60 seconds duration or less, but they can still be a huge time saver in your day.

LinkedIn Translations

Given the fact that it’s extremely important to carry out conversations with colleagues and partners all around the world, regardless of the language they speak, translating between languages can be crucial. LinkedIn Translations now allows you to make connections with clients from other countries, as well as coworkers situated on the far side of the globe. The underlying theme of all this is that language is no longer a barrier to building professional relationships and maintaining business communications. Any posts which are written in another language can quickly be translated into English or some other preferred language, making it easier to maintain contacts and to build relationships globally.

Your Commute on LinkedIn

Since it is known that 85% of all American professionals’ state that they would gladly accept less pay in order to have a shorter commute, the new feature introduced by LinkedIn called Your Commute, will undoubtedly have great value to many professionals. Your Commute will help you to understand your total time needed for commuting on whichever mode of transportation you might be using, before you apply for any job. This is just one more tool in the arsenal of employees who wish to gain as many insights as possible about a potential job before accepting employment.

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