Learn Some Killer Tips From These Successful Social Media Campaigns

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Learn Some Killer Tips From These Successful Social Media Campaigns

By now, you’re probably aware that social media is a huge part of marketing a business in the 21st Century. Approximately 196 million Americans had at least one social media account in 2016, and that number seems to be holding steady in 2018. There are countless strategies that companies of all kinds have used to make their social media campaigns successful, and studying them is the best way to get ideas for your own campaign. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the more successful social media marketing campaigns to see what we can learn from them.


Learn Some Killer Tips From These Successful Social Media CampaignsNike is already one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and the sports giant has recently started to target the ever-growing Chinese market with its “Dare To Become” campaign. The focus of the ad campaign is the Chinese football market (or soccer, if you’re reading this in the United States). As with much of the rest of the world, football is huge in China, and it only stands to get bigger as the country is drawing more professional players with its high salaries.

Some might say that Nike’s focus on the Chinese football market is strange since the country isn’t exactly a major football superpower yet, but they could become one, and the fact that Nike is targeting them ahead of time shows that they’ve been keeping a close eye in international market trends.


DeLonghi is an Australian coffee machine maker that has capitalized on the recent pop-up store trend by providing “baristaless” cafes to its customers. These machines allow customers to use an app to order coffee, which will be brewed by a nearby coffee machine and be ready to be picked up later. It’s a great example of a company identifying their target audience and making their products as accessible as possible, something that we can all learn for our social media campaigns.


Raymond is a popular Indian apparel company that has been around for over nine decades. It aims to be the one of the leading suit manufacturers in the world, and its recent #TyoharKeDhage campaign has brought them closer to achieving that goal. The campaign was intended to create buzz during Diwali last year, showing a commitment to the culture and traditional values of its main clientele. The fact that the campaign also heavily featured a series of short videos that celebrated Indian tradition also helped appeal to the general public in its home country. If nothing else, Raymond knows its target audience, and focusing almost exclusively on them has made their social media campaign incredibly successful.


Learn Some Killer Tips From These Successful Social Media CampaignsThe music streaming giant has found a lot of success in recent years by analyzing the social media usage of its audience. Anybody who likes to listen to Spotify would know that the playlists that are put together for its listeners are often spot-on, making it very easy for anybody to find all of their favorite songs while introducing them to new music that fits their taste. On top of analyzing data to find the perfect playlist, Spotify has also been able to use analytics to create hyper-relevant localized ads. This close attention to user data is part of what sets Spotify apart from other music streaming services, and it is something that all companies should strive to emulate.


Lay’s has been a major player in the snack food industry for decades, yet their recent #LoveToLoveIt campaign has shown that they still know how to target the young people who remain their biggest demographic. Lay’s did this by creating the kinds of quirky memes and GIFs that young people love to share on social media, ensuring that they remain relevant in the digital age.


Quaker is a well-known health food brand best known for Quaker Oats, Healthy Dosa Mix, and other healthy foods. Its recent marketing campaign has focused heavily on healthy lifestyles by releasing videos about the lives of people from different professions. All of these people live hectic lives, but they’ve overcome the stress caused by their daily challenges by living healthy lifestyles. The videos were a big hit on social media, showing that an inspiring story can be great for any campaign. Sadly, there were only two videos made; there’s no telling how much more successful this campaign could’ve been if the campaign would’ve continued with more videos.

Shoppers Stop

Learn Some Killer Tips From These Successful Social Media CampaignsShoppers Stop had a very simple yet effective social media campaign in that asked users to post selfies in response to a Facebook post for a chance to win prizes. The #XmasInSS campaign received massive engagement among fans of the retail brand, receiving 539 likes and 45 shares along with 167 participants posting pictures of themselves shopping for Christmas gifts. It’s a great example of a campaign that can be largely driven by user engagement as opposed to the efforts of one marketing team. It really gets to the heart of what social media is about, and it is something that smaller brands should imitate if they want an effective campaign that won’t cost a lot of time and money.


Peel is a company that specializes in selling thin smartphone cases. This doesn’t sound like a big deal since the cell phone case industry is so competitive, but Peel has remained a major player in 2018 by selling cases that are both functional and stylish. Naturally, social media has been a big reason for their success, with their Facebook videos in particular doing a great job at showcasing their products. The company also has an excellent Instagram feed that looks clean and cohesive, which is perfect for the minimalist yet stylish products that they sell. The Instagram feed shows users exactly what they can expect, while the Facebook videos are easy to share and tell a great story about why Peel cases stand out from their competition. Just about anybody can purchase cheap cell phone cases in bulk and sell them at a profit, so the fact that Peel has such a great ROI is a sign that their social media campaign is one to watch.

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