Improve Your Social Media With These Instagram Marketing Hacks

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Improve Your Social Media With These Instagram Marketing Hacks

Most businesses are now aware of how important the social media can be to their overall marketing strategies, and how effective they are at driving traffic toward the business. Another major benefit of using the social media is that the continued practice significantly increases customer engagement, which is a major objective of almost every business in operation. Then too, the social media are also very effective at increasing brand recognition for a company, which often leads to customer loyalty and increased sales.

The specific social media platforms that your company uses should be those where your target customers are known to be active, so that your posts have a good chance of reaching your intended audience. While Facebook continues to lead the way in social media marketing for many businesses, Instagram is also becoming very popular, and is being used more and more by businesses. Here are some of the best hacks you can use in Instagram in order to get the maximum benefit for your business.

Scour the ‘Instagram for Business’ blog

Improve Your Social Media With These Instagram Marketing HacksStart by downloading the Instagram app to your smartphone, and then devise a specific strategy for how you will use the platform, establishing achievable goals and tactics for how those goals will be achieved. There is a wealth of information on the ‘Instagram for Business’ blog, and this should provide you with a ton of tips, ideas, and best practices for making the most of your Instagram account as a business person. Take some time to experiment with the interface, so you can have a good understanding of how mentions, hashtags, and photo filters all can be used to your advantage. Once you’ve absorbed all that, you can plunge in and start building strong relationships with your target audience on the platform.

Share your company’s events

One of the great things about Instagram is that you can allow current customers and prospects to have a glimpse into your routine business operations, employee achievements, and important company events. This is important for making your company come to life, and showing that real people actually work at your business. People relate much better to other people, as opposed to a faceless organization which lacks humanity. That’s why it’s a good idea to include employee photos and pictures of the workplace in your Instagram posts, along with commentary on both.

Upload videos related to your brand

Improve Your Social Media With These Instagram Marketing HacksWhenever possible, you should embed Instagram videos on your blog or your website, to increase recognition for your brand while also providing great content for your website. You never really know who’s seeing your shared content on Instagram, so it’s a good idea to include videos that promote your brand on some of your other marketing channels. This is a terrific way of extending your reach, and bringing the message of your company’s core values to a much wider audience.

Analyze competitor brands

Don’t be afraid to follow your rivals on Instagram, so you can have an idea of what they’re up to. Beyond that, you should also follow anyone at all that you have interest in with regard to your own business, and that includes artists and photographers, celebrities, and competitor brands. You should be able to pick up some handy tips and tricks that you can use yourself, for instance paying close attention to how they engage with their audiences, and what kind of messages they disseminate among their followers. It’s also worth your while to begin following any companies or business partners which you may already have an affiliation with, so you can keep tabs on how they’re conducting their day-to-day operations.

Maximize hashtag usage

There’s one big difference between Instagram and other social media like Facebook and Twitter, that being the fact that Instagram screens out all clutter by declining to connect descriptions and comments to URL’s. Instead, the platform encourages hashtags, which from a business point of view is essential for connecting followers with the marketing strategy for your company. In order to acquire those followers, you can begin by making use of some very prominent hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday, #Latergram, and #FollowFriday. Since you can add as many as 30 hashtags to one photo, you should make maximum use of this capability, and attach as many hashtags as possible to your own photos, so you can connect consumers with your brand. There is tremendous potential in Instagram for using hashtags to your advantage, especially since other users are so fascinated by clicking on hashtags to check out other photos of participants.

Use high-resolution images

Improve Your Social Media With These Instagram Marketing HacksInstagram is all about photos, and users simply can’t get enough of them. This is one of the big reasons why you should post a lot of high resolution photos about your business, your products, and your employees, so that you can take advantage of the built-in Instagram appeal for photos. While it may not inspire every single viewer to start making purchases from your company, you should at least get a decent percentage of people who become interested in what your company has to offer. Some good ideas for photo content are product launchings, behind-the-scenes kinds of photos, and photos which you think will have particular interest for your target audience. Try to provide a mix of fun-type photos and those which are more business-related, so that you can entertain while you are also promoting your brand.

Optimize your profile

In order to get as much attention as possible for your business, you’ll need to optimize your Instagram profile. Make sure that your handle ties in nicely with your company’s brand, possibly using your company logo as your profile image. In the URL section of the profile, put in the web address of your business, so that any traffic generated on Instagram is directed to your website or to your blog. Make a point of keeping your profile description unique and concise, and use the most important keywords associated with your company. It’s also a good idea to include a subtle watermark on your logo, so as to boost your brand profile more, even if it’s an unconscious recognition by users.

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