How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation in 2019

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How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation in 2019

With a tremendous built-in audience, Twitter presents a very enticing option for securing new leads which might be converted into paying customers. In order to be successful at converting Twitter followers into paying customers, you’ll need to have a lead nurturing strategy to facilitate that. Typically, Twitter users are only in the discovery phase of the purchasing cycle, and will require a fair amount of convincing before they actually convert. Here are some tips and strategies that you can make use of in order to take advantage of that vast Twitter audience, and hopefully acquire a number of worthwhile leads.

Increase your click-through

How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation in 2019The Tweets with the highest rates of click-through will generally provide your brand with the best opportunities to convert users into leads. Those types of Tweets which will generally attract the most engagement are those with pictures or videos attached. It will also help if your Tweet has one or two hashtags relating to popular topics of the day. If you can provide a link to a free resource which has value to users, that will also increase your click-through rate. It’s best to place any links near the beginning of your Tweet, so as to quickly gain the attention of your readers. If you make use of these specific tactics, you should increase your click-through rate, and after that it’s just a matter of optimizing your conversions.

Do consistent posting

It’s very important to post your Tweets regularly, since the average lifespan of any specific Tweet is no more than about 20 minutes. There’s typically a longer buying cycle associated with social media leads, so that gives you more opportunity to incrementally appeal to your users. By sharing your latest blog on Twitter, you have the opportunity to capture email addresses any time someone clicks through.

After that, you have the opportunity of following up with additional content, and later on, with offers that will hopefully convert to sales. A great way to attract attention on Twitter is to pose various questions to your readers, because many people have a natural instinct to try to answer questions which are asked of them. On virtually any topic you can think of, there should be some relevant questions you can ask users to increase their engagement, and to get them interested in your purchasing cycle.

Make use of Direct Message Cards

How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation in 2019Twitter provides Direct Message Cards as a means for you to effectively generate leads, especially when you already have a good number of followers. In order to use these Direct Message Cards, you have to be an advertiser on Twitter, which means you must already have supplied them with your credit card data. This is an intentional strategy on Twitter’s part, so they can distance themselves from lead generation campaigns, while at the same time encouraging advertisers to continue using the platform. This has proven to be especially effective with certain niches, notably the sector related to B2B.

Become involved with your promoters

It’s not only good courtesy, but it’s also good business to become involved with promoters of your content. Whenever you find that an individual has shared your content with others, you should definitely like them, re-tweet their content, and express your gratitude for their actions. Any Tweet which promotes your articles should be re-tweeted, so as to help spread those articles even more, and gain an even larger audience.

This will also help your promoters to gain more followers and generate more interactions. That in turn will expand your reach, whenever your new followers re-share your links. This kind of mutual collaboration between yourself and your promoters is one of the most powerful aspects of marketing on Twitter, and it’s what makes it such a tremendous success.

Engage personally with your leads

There are a number of ways where you can become personally engaged with your leads, and you should avail yourself of all opportunities to do so. If you’re interested in a particularly high-profile lead, one of the most effective techniques can be to just involve yourself with some social listening. All you have to do is pay attention to what your potential lead is tweeting about, and at some point just offer your own Tweet on that same subject, so as to begin a conversation.

How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation in 2019Since this has nothing to do with sales talk, there usually won’t be any kind of resistance on the part of your potential lead, and they’ll be happy to exchange pleasantries on the topic of their choice. Eventually, they will probably become interested enough in you to check out your profile, and perhaps ask questions about your business. If not, you can find a subtle way of introducing that same information after you’ve established a certain level of trust with the potential lead.

When you’re talking about engaging with a number of leads at the same time, social listening can still be very effective, but you may have to develop other strategies as well. For instance, after you’ve identified some popular topics with potential targets, simply tweet something which should appeal to them, in order to encourage their engagement.

Adjust your landing page

Once Twitter brings in some interested visitors, your landing page will have to close the deal and turn them into leads. There are lots of strategies you can use to optimize your landing page performance. One thing you can do is to make use of a chatbot which will allow you to engage with far more of the visitors to your site. This chatbot can be directed to answer some specific questions from users, or it can be used to direct certain visitors to specific pages you want them to go to.

There are really any number of ways to use Twitter for the purpose of generating leads, but the bottom line on any tactics you use, is that you should be as active as possible, so you can engage with more visitors. Beyond that, you will be more successful if you can structure your engagement such that it has clear objectives, and clear messages to deliver. By using some of the tips described above, you should be able to develop a whole lot more Twitter leads, which you can then nurture into become paying customers.

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