How to Update Your Facebook Ad Copy and Improve Conversions

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How to Update Your Facebook Ad Copy and Improve Conversions

Anyone who makes an investment in Facebook Ads, will want to get the best return on that investment by achieving the maximum number of conversions. In order to do that, one thing that will be necessary is to write really good Ad copy, which is compelling to readers and makes them interested in making a purchase. To achieve that high conversion rate with your Facebook Ad copy, you will need to make that content as appealing as possible, and here are some ways you can accomplish that.

Weed out buyers from non-buyers

The easiest and quickest way to separate the buyers from the non-buyers with your copy is to ask a question of your readers, which only potential buyers will respond ‘yes’ to. Those who would probably say ‘no’ to your question, are not really in your target audience, and are unlikely to make a purchase from you. Your question should be placed right at the beginning of your ad, so as to draw in the ideal customer, while sending the non-buyers scurrying away.

How to Update Your Facebook Ad Copy and Improve ConversionsIf you can hook a customer with your very first line, chances are very good that they will read your ad in its entirety. As an example, you could try something like “Do you feel like your piano playing is not progressing?” Anyone who doesn’t play piano will immediately ignore the ad, but you should get the attention of all those individuals who do play the piano, and who are interested in improving their technique.

In one quick little sentence, you will have captured the attention of the audience you’re really interested in, and everyone else has gone on to read something else. Of course, you’ll have to make the rest of your content just as compelling in order to achieve a conversion, but the important task has already been done – you have the attention of the audience you’re looking for.

Establish similar interests

For the most part, people don’t like ads and they don’t appreciate it when ads pop up in their feeds which are attempting to make a sales pitch. This means you have to do everything possible to make that ad relevant to them somehow, especially if you’re pitching to an audience that has no idea who you are. One way you can do this is to try to establish some mutual interests between you, starting with the most obvious one, which is location.

If you have a local business and you’re trying to appeal to potential customers in the immediate area, you should make lots of references to the local region, so that readers will identify with your copy. This technique will instantly break down some of the barriers between you and potential customers, and hopefully get them on board with you, so they’re are at least willing to read the rest of your ad copy.

For instance, if you have a restaurant in Niagara Falls, NY, you could make a pitch like this, “Are you a Niagara Falls resident? Come on down to Charlie’s Cataract Restaurant, and enjoy a free appetizer on us!” This kind of approach will build a rapport with your target audience very quickly, and will help to establish trust between you and them.

Describe benefits not features

How to Update Your Facebook Ad Copy and Improve ConversionsIn your ad copy, you should be describing the benefits of your product or service, rather than its features. Features are wonderful of course, but they don’t exactly tell the user why it will make their life better. Even if the benefits of some feature are fairly obvious, you should not miss the chance of explicitly stating what those benefits are, so you can get your readers thinking about them.

If you’re offering a cooking class to readers, you should not simply include in your ad copy a feature that only says one-on-one instruction will be available. You should flesh out that feature into a benefit, and tell your readers that because they receive one-on-one instruction, they will never have to wonder what the next step is, and they’ll never get stuck at a certain point in the process.

You will be holding their hand every step of the way, so they are guaranteed to have a clear understanding of how to cook a turkey, or how to make Cherries Jubilee. The point of all this is to demonstrate to your readers exactly what value the features have to them, and why it’s important in their lives. In other words, you’ll be telling them just why they need to buy your product.

Include numbers in your copy

This is a great attention-getting technique, because the reader’s eyes will invariably gravitate toward numbers which you’ve written into your Facebook Ad copy. Even if a reader is basically just skimming your ad, he/she will quickly take a look at any numbers you’ve included, to see if they contain anything of interest to the reader.

How to Update Your Facebook Ad Copy and Improve ConversionsIt will be much more effective if you include a line in your copy that says, “Last year, we helped 8,365 students achieve their goal of obtaining a Nursing Certificate.”, rather than phrasing it like this, “Every year, tons of individuals get their certificates through us.” Numbers also help you to establish social proof, and they provide a certain element of credibility to any statement you’re making.

In the example described above, the fact that more than 8,000 individuals achieved their goal with your help is pretty impressive, and it resonates much better than simply saying lots of people achieved success. Whatever numbers you can think of to support your case and which are accurate, should be used to help convince your audience that they need to purchase from you.

Have a clear call-to-action

Probably the most important part of your Facebook Ad copy is the section where you provide a call-to-action to your readers. This is the precise mechanism which you will be using in an attempt to convert your readers into becoming customers. When you are crafting your call-to-action, make sure that you only include one, and make sure that single CTA is very clear and specific.

Having more than one call-to-action could water down your message, and possibly confuse your audience. When you have a single CTA in your copy, it will clearly tell your reading audience what they should do next, and it will avoid any potential confusion about their behavior. If there’s any confusion in their minds whatsoever, they will probably not perform the desired action, and you will have lost a potential customer.

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