How to Reliably Get More Instagram Followers

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How to Reliably Get More Instagram Followers

If you don’t know where to start, it can be a fairly daunting process to identify just which approaches will be most successful for increasing your number of Instagram followers. There are any number of tools and shortcuts out there for this purpose, but trying to figure out which strategies will be the most effective can be a big trial and error initiative which is very time-consuming. To help you zero in on the most effective strategies for increasing your Instagram following, a number of proven techniques are provided below.

Instagram growth services

There are a number of services which promote Instagram growth, and which can attract customers in your region by attractively marketing your business. Some of these growth services, such as Kicksta, make use of very specific techniques to get the attention of potential customers, and to help you engage with them. To help you acquire more Instagram followers organically, a growth service like this can follow users in a specific area, comment on posted content from various users, and it can like posts from individuals who are part of your target audience.

Use a hashtag strategy to optimize posts

How to Reliably Get More Instagram FollowersMaking the most effective use of hashtags can be very important to increasing the number of Instagram followers for your business. By using relevant hashtags, many of your posts will have the ability of reaching a much wider audience beyond the people who normally read your posts and are at least somewhat familiar with your brand.

Ideally, you should limit the number of hashtags you use in captions to two or three, so as to avoid cluttering up your content. Most of your hashtags should be situated in the first comment rather than the caption. It would also be to your advantage to avoid using those hashtags which are already over-used, and will only appeal to readers who have limited value to your company. Your ultimate goal with hashtag usage should be to make use of hashtags that your audience is already using or searching for, so that you can get their attention.

Cross-promote your branded hashtags

You have probably already created a dedicated hashtag for your business, but that doesn’t go far enough, because it needs to be shared across the masses. Make sure to put your branded hashtag on all your posts and especially in your profile, but you should also cross-promote it by having it printed on merchandise and advertising content, as well as any signage around your establishment.

When followers and potential customers recognize that branded hashtag, it becomes much more likely that they will search through your profile, and then use the same hashtags on their own posts, whenever it’s appropriate. This in turn, will direct followers from their personal pages right back to your business profile.

Influencer marketing

How to Reliably Get More Instagram FollowersOne of the best ways of getting your brand in front of a whole new audience is to make use of influencer marketing. There are any number of ways that you can reach out to influencers who have large followings, or who have niche followings that could be part of your target audience. These types of influencers are generally willing to become involved with arrangements whereby they receive certain perks or other rewards from your business, in return for promoting your company to their legion of followers.

The beauty of this kind of arrangement is that it takes virtually no time to accomplish this, since the influencer already has a number of followers which can be brought into the fold of your target audience. Chances are, that almost all of these followers will be individuals that have never heard your message before, and can quickly become potential new customers.

Calls to action

There are a whole slew of ways that you can persuade users to interact with your business, all of which will result in you acquiring additional followers. The trick is to figure out exactly what kinds of action you want your followers to take when you post content somewhere. For instance, you could encourage all your followers to tag some of their friends in posts that you make, or you could ask your followers to share, like, or repost content that you have provided. Whatever action it is that you want your followers to take, make sure that you clearly identify this to your audience, and that you encourage them to spread the word to others as well.

Engaging with other users

How to Reliably Get More Instagram Followers

You might spend a good deal of your time on social media creating content and posting it to your account, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind that these are after all, social media platforms. That means you need to connect with all those followers in your business community, because neglecting to interact with them will probably scuttle all your efforts at acquiring additional Instagram followers. It’s also good to keep in mind that when you do interact with followers, that there should be a single voice which represents your company.

If you have multiple individuals who are active on social media, they should all have a clear understanding of what your company voice should be, and how they can convey that to users. This will make your company seem much more credible and relatable, rather than robotic and cold. Having developed a consistent company voice, you and all of your social media representatives should then engage as much as possible with potential consumers and buyers in your particular niche.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram has evolved into a terrific platform for business accounts, having incorporated the Ads feature directly from Facebook Ad Manager. In order to get your business exposed to a host of new users, you may want to establish a monthly budget for your Instagram advertisements. There are a number of ways you can approach your advertising initiative, for instance aiming at individuals who live in the immediate area, or those who should theoretically be interested in your kind of business.

You may also want to target a number of the fans owned by some of your biggest rivals, to see if you can win them over to your company. If you make good use of Instagram Ads, you’re practically guaranteed of some level of success in gaining new followers who are loyal to your company.

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