How to “Regram” Content on Instagram

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How to “Regram” Content on Instagram

One of the most commonly used techniques for any Instagram marketing strategy is to use content from other people’s posts in your own Instagram feed. It happens very often that other content expresses exactly what you are also trying to accomplish yourself, so it makes good sense to incorporate that external content into your feed.

In order to do this, you have to be familiar with the process known as regramming. It’s very similar to a retweet on Twitter in that it makes use of a process which shares someone else’s post to your personal page. It’s a little bit more complicated than re-tweeting though, which is accomplished at the mere push of a button. For one thing, doing a regram differs from a retweet in that it is not possible to regram without leaving Instagram temporarily.

There is no re-post button available in Instagram, probably due to the fact that Instagram always tries to encourage original content. However there are still ways to regram which you can make use of when you really want to bring external content into your own feed. There are several methods you can use to accomplish your regram, and some of these are described below. You would also be able to make use of a reliable third-party app, which you might want to do if you plan to carry out regular regramming.

Regramming with a screenshot

How to “Regram” Content on InstagramThe screenshot option is one of the more popular ways to accomplish a regram, because it is fairly simple to execute. First you need to find a post which really appeals to you and which you want to regram, and then take a screenshot of it with your cellphone. Then you have to crop that photo so as to remove all extra material from the post, which you don’t want to appear in your own feed. Then, simply create a fresh Instagram post which includes the cropped photo you just created. Obviously this will turn out better if you have a newer cell phone with high resolution, whereas an older cellphone will probably produce a somewhat blurry regram.

Regram using Sprout Social

The advantage of using Sprout Social to regram is that Sprout Social is actually an official Instagram partner, which means you can choose to either re-post, or use the auto-publishing function from the mobile app itself. Once again, you’ll need to find a post that you want to regram and click on the series of three dots which appear at the upper right of the post itself.

How to “Regram” Content on InstagramNow click on Copy Link and open up the Sprout Social app. Then, you’ll have to click on the in-app notification which says “Found Instagram Share Link! Tap to Re-share”. This will open up a prompt, after which you can choose to Schedule or Queue, or Repost Now. This will cause the account’s username, name, and the first several lines of caption to be copied over, after which you can edit as you deem appropriate so as to match the voice of your brand.

This Instagram post will now be published automatically for you. One of the benefits of using Sprout Social when you are doing regramming is that you’ll be able to save all those posts as drafts, if you choose to. There’s no real requirement for you to re-post the photo immediately, as you would have had to in the previous method.

Another good thing is that your re-posted photo has no watermark, and that will of course be very important if you’re trying to keep your feed looking clean and seamless. You can also use Sprout Social to create custom tags in your inbox, so that all your messages will be organized. It would also be possible for you to track any tagged groups, so that you can zero in on how well your regram posts are performing, compared to other content tactics you’re using.

Regram using Repost for Instagram+

There are tons of regramming apps available on the market, and some of the apps are free but they include specific page features, for instance having a watermark removed. It’s also possible that you may have to deal with having ads appear in the corners of your apps, but you’ll have to decide what level of such nuisance you can tolerate.

How to “Regram” Content on InstagramRepost for Instagram+ is one of the free apps that’s available, and since it’s designed specifically for this process, it’s also one of the best. After finding a post that you desire to regram, you’ll have to click on the series of three dots which appear in the upper right portion of the post. This will allow you to open up the app called Repost for Instagram+.

With the post still on your screen, you be able to choose which corner to situate your re-post overlay in, or you can choose to use no overlay at all. Then you have to select whether you want to copy the caption or not, and click re-post. If you do want the caption included, you’ll notice that the app responds with Posted @withrepost. The app itself will then request that Instagram be opened up.

There are some nice advantages to using this approach for regramming, especially if you don’t have the means at the moment to invest in a formal social media management system. It will also allow you to maintain potential re-posts within the app itself for later re-posting. Whenever you copy a link to the app, you’ll see the post appearing in that app, in addition to all re-posted photos which you’ve captured previously.

At the time that you do choose to re-post your content, you just have to select the photo you want, then go ahead and publish it. Also, if you decide you only want to save the images and upload them to a publisher for social media, you can simply follow the steps for re-posting, and after you click on re-post, your image will be saved along with all the rest of your photos.

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