3 Simple Tips On How to Manage Your Facebook Page More Effectively

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Do you want your company to have a more active Facebook page, but can’t find the time to dedicate to researching and writing posts? Do you need help with managing your Facebook page? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. I’m sure many of you thought that you could manage your company's Facebook page, no problem. Then reality hit and you realized you had no idea what you were doing. Here are three quick tips on managing your Facebook page like a professional social media management company.

how to manage facebook page more effectively

1. Set A Time Every Hour Or Two To Check Your Social Media Accounts

This is a big tip when learning how to manage your Facebook page, I know that this seems tedious, but it’s worth it in the end. I’m sure many of you are thinking that you wanted to spend less time on your social media accounts, not more, and while you can always hire a social media management company to do this for you, if you want to do it yourself then you need to be organized and efficient. The reason you should check your account so much is to keep on top of everything in small batches, instead of dealing with everything at once. When managing a Facebook page it is very important to be as prompt and thorough as possible. When you check your Facebook page every hour or two, then you can address the comments made by customers quickly and thoroughly since there are only a few posts in that short window. If you check it once a day, then at the end of the day you’ll be bombarded with many comments on your page, and not only will it look bad that you took the entire day to get back to them, your responses won’t be as thought out and thorough as it would have been, since you are trying to answer all of the comments as fast as you can.

2. Create A Set List Of Topics A Week In Advance 

When you think of how you would manage your Facebook page you probably wouldn’t think about this. The biggest problem that many people come across when managing their Facebook page is a lack of content for your posts. Which is funny, because you thought of a thousand of them when you were in your shower or watching a late night TV show. You just didn’t write them down because you’ll “totally remember them.” Then the time comes for your daily blog post and you can’t seem to quite remember that genius idea you had a few days before. So you then scramble for anything to make your quote for the day and end up with a really lame post that has nothing to do with your company. If you sit down at the beginning of the week or even keep a pad and paper next to you to write your great ideas down when watching your late night show, you’ll have more creative ideas, you won’t need to scramble for a last minute blog post and you’ll be able to get back to work faster.

3. Assign Specific Social Media Roles To Your Team

When you start your Facebook page I’m sure you think it’s a piece of cake and you can do it by yourself, no problem.... Then you realize that it’s not as simple as copying and pasting a link on your wall, it requires constant updating and managing, and if you’re not willing to hire a social media marketing company to do this for you, then you’re going to need some backup. If you want to have the best Facebook page you can, which means constantly updating it and keeping on top of all the comments and conversations, and not hire a social media manager full time, then you need to delegate to your team. How you do this is to rotate checking and updating the Facebook page. You can do this many different ways in order to find the way that works best for your company. You can have a different team member make a post each day and manage the comments on the page, or you can have one team member find a Facebook post and then another manage the comments on it for the day. It’s completely up to you and your team.

​Final Thoughts

There is no exact science on how to manage your company’s Facebook page. The best thing you can possibly do is to keep organized and on top of your page, which all of these tips help you do (if you hadn't noticed). You just need to follow these few basic tips and work with your team to come up with a system on how you can create the best blog posts for your company, and, most importantly, keep on top of your posts and comments. Things can spiral out of control pretty quickly in the cyber world and knowing how to really manage your Facebook page will come in handy more times than you can imagine, just you wait and see.

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