How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Small Businesses ?

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads For Small Businesses

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Do you want to take your company’s revenue to the next level, and not just get your brand out there but actually increase your revenue? Well, then you need to learn how to create high converting Facebook ads by following our steps.  Don’t worry, it’s super easy. You will sell more products from your business if you maximize your conversions. Here’s just what you need to do

1.) Define Your Company’s Personality

People have so many varying personalities that it can be hard to try to appease everyone with your Facebook posts and even harder when trying to learn how to make money with Facebook ads. So the simple answer to this dilemma is, just don’t. There are so many groups of people with so many different opinions and personalities that you can’t make everyone like you, so why even try.  Your company has a voice that can be expressed through your ads on Facebook. Whether it’s a post about how to travel the world for a year on $1,000 after you graduate from college, with your products playing a key component, of course, or a picture of your clothing line arranged to make a rainbow flag in support of gay marriage being legalized in the U.S., people will gravitate to a company that has the same morals and interests.  Even if they think half of the outfits in the clothing line is bit ugly they’ll still click on the link in order to view the rest of the collection. Thus, giving you more customers and more money.  Yay!


2.) Use Really Eye-Catching Pictures Of Your Products

As I mentioned before, pictures are very important to bringing in more viewers.  People look first, read second. It’s like with a resume, the average resume is looked at for about 15 seconds before being thrown out or put into the ‘maybe’ category. Your online ads are kind of like your resume, you need to make the best first impression you can in order to get them to take a second look. So they really need to pop-out!!! How to do this? I’m not a photographer, but if I were I’d tell you the basics, like use the rule of fourths and try to make your product come across as clearly as possible. I’m sure you’ve seen those ads where you think it’s about a fitness club or gym, but it’s really a clothing store. Why have an ad with a person barely wearing clothes for a clothing company? While this is my logic but certain companies have proven that this tactic actually works, as long as it grabs people’s attention and makes them stop and click to see what that ad is about, you’ve got a winner. I think it has more integrity to actually be relevant to your company, though.  Just my opinion.


3.) Be Upfront With Your Prices And Products

Don’t advertise for one thing and then when your customers click on the link they get something different.  That really makes people mad!  The best example of this is don’t show an ad with a beautiful dress and a slogan that says “clothing on sale for as low as $10” and have them click on the link only to find out the dress that was in the ad is actually $80 dollars and the clothing that is on sale is just some baggy t-shirts that no one wanted. The customers won’t even bother looking any further or purchasing anything because they feel they have been deceived.  Gasp!  

4.) Make Posts That Make People Want To Comment

This is a great way to make money with Facebook ads. It will get your customers interested in your company and then you’ve got a recipe for money!  I know the saying goes ‘recipe for success’ but money is better I think, don’t you?  If the viewers are interested in your high converting Facebook ads and decide to comment, that means they will look at your website and most likely even make a purchase. Now the question is how to get them interested enough to comment on the post.  The best thing you can do is to keep it current. What’s going on in today’s culture?  What is controversial?  Right now I’d recommend making a post about the election if you really want to be controversial and get people going.  Remember, though, keep your post relevant to your company. You can make special burgers for each candidate and ask your Facebook followers to vote for their favorite and leave a comment why.  You can also make a clothing line and ask people to comment, asking which one is more presidential. You get the point.  



Now that you’ve been given a step by step on how to make money with Facebook ads, how will you make this your own?  You need to understand your company and what you hope to achieve when trying to make a high converting Facebook ad.  You can think of this yourself, or you can give the guys down at 99dollarsocial a call and they can figure it out for you.

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