11 Tips to Successfully Launch a New Reseller Marketing Agency Choosing to start a reseller marketing agency is a very big step to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. However, getting to the point where your reseller marketing agency becomes successful will take a lot of hard work and dedication. One of the keys to building a successful reseller marketing agency is having a powerful business launch. Whether you’re launching a reseller content marketing agency, experiential marketing agency, interactive marketing agency or a full service marketing agency, your business launch will determine how well you start of. A powerful business launch will place your business on a platform where people can see you and know about your services. Launching a marketing agency might not be a small feat but with the right steps, you can launch your business from the background right into limelight. Check out these amazing tips you can use to start off your marketing agency on the right foot! 11 Tips to Launch your Marketing Agency 1 1. Identify Your Audience The first step to successfully launching your business is identifying where your audience is. Even if you have the best launching strategy, if you don’t target your business launch at the right audience, your launch is not going to have a great impact. Take time to identify who you want to sell to and target your launch at them. 2 2. Nip Your Budget Don’t spend your all your money on a big launch! You can have a very successful business launch if you use the right strategy. I usually advice new businesses with small budgets to focus on affordable avenues like social media. You can save yourself a lot of money to run your business later on by combining an affordable social media strategy with other inexpensive marketing strategies. 3 3. Test Your Idea The biggest business launch fails came from executing strategies without any form of testing. Your launching strategy might seem superb but trust me; you’re likely to discover lots of shortcomings if you test your strategy on a small number of people before going big. Test your strategy on different platforms and make adjustments where necessary. 4 4. Build An Awesome Team Teamwork has come to be among the major pillars of any successful business. Don’t wait until your business is making thousands of dollars to get yourself a team. You can start with one or two persons who’ll be dedicated to your business. Moreover, a business launch isn’t an easy task to manage alone, especially when inquiries start coming in. Make sure you have a dedicated team at hand to support you during your launch. 5 5. Respond And Refine If you’re going to have a successful launch, you’re going to be up and running all through your launch. No business launch strategy is fool proof, even after testing your strategy; you’re likely going to discover a few glitches during the launch. Don’t ignore those glitches! They could mean the difference between a successful launch and an utter failure. So make sure to be alert during your launch so you can respond to your audience concerns and refine your strategy when needed. 6 6. Establish Your Channels Before your launch, one of the most important activities you must carry out is to establish your communication channels. A successful business launch is all about communication and successful communication is all about having the right channels. While you might consider online and offline channels, I’d advise you to focus on maximizing your online communication channels. 7 7. Go Social When it comes to maximizing your online channels, social media is definitely the best way to achieve that! The whole world is on social media and if you want to get their attention, then you have to move to social media too. You must make sure that all your social media pages are up and running and filled with valuable content. You must also be persistent at updating your social media pages during your launch. You can outsource this to an professional if you’re too busy. 8 8. Don’t Relent On Marketing Here comes my favorite phrase; even marketing agencies have to market their agencies. The online and offline worlds are both massive and being present in any of them isn’t to get you the attention you need. You have to use marketing to tell people “hey, I’m here and I offer awesome marketing services”. You can use a mix of offline and online advertising to achieve this. However, you can successfully launch your business by executing an effective online-only marketing campaign. With expert help, you can start off your online marketing campaign affordably on social media. 9 9. Prove Your Expertise Businesses have gone global and this has made competition very tough. Your audience will only convert to paying customers after your launch if you prove your expertise to them. One of the easiest and most effective ways to prove your expertise to your audience is through information. Write an article, give a talk, create a podcast or carry out a research in your niche and make sure people know about it. 10 10. Get Your Pricing Right One of the ways to successfully launch your business is by executing a great pricing strategy. Don’t wait until you have your first customer to start researching on what price is achievable in your industry. Before ever launching your business, make sure you’ve carried out pricing research in your niche. Set your price at a level that isn’t so low that you seem too cheap or too high that you scare off potential customers. 11 11. Deliver Great Value Finally, you’ve got to deliver great value. If you’ve applied all the tips up to this stage, then you’re most likely having a great launch. It’s also possible that you’re getting customers even during your business launch. The way you treat these customers is very vital as it will determine what happens to your business thereafter. Make sure you give your best to your customers not just during your launch but always. This will cause the impact of your launch to last longer. One Last Thing… Launching a business isn’t one of the easiest activities in the world, in fact it’s pretty scary especially if you’ve had a lot of “oops” in the past. However, following the tips I’ve highlighted closely will give you the successful launch you need to kick start your marketing agency. Don’t forget, strategize, market without breaking the bank and deliver value, always. WE HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS SIGN UP NOW!

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