Getting More Instagram Leads for Your Small Business

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Getting More Instagram Leads for Your Small Business

Probably the majority of social marketers don’t really consider Instagram to be a platform which is particularly conducive to generating leads. However if used correctly, Instagram can be very effective at generating new leads for your company. In order to obtain leads via social media, all you have to do is be on the alert for those individuals who express any kind of interest in your brand, and whom you can obtain enough information that your company’s marketers can follow up on.

Approximately 80% of all Instagram accounts follow at least one business, and that alone is something that marketers can use to their advantage. In a survey conducted recently, 80% of all Facebook users declared that they routinely make use of Instagram when they’re deciding whether to buy something or not. What all this should tell you is that if you’re not already trying to collect leads on Instagram, you’re missing out on a rich source of potential clients. Here are some ways you can use Instagram to build up your list of leads and candidates.

Add profile action buttons

Getting More Instagram Leads for Your Small BusinessAssuming you have a business account on the platform, it’s very easy to add action buttons to your Instagram profile. You can also include links to your business address, email, and phone number, to make it easier for users to contact your company. Instagram itself provides some options for generating leads by including buttons for Get Tickets, Book, and Reserve. All these are buttons which direct users to specific forms created by Instagram providers, for instance OpenTable and EventBrite.

Whichever one of these your business makes use of, is the one you should use in your profile. In order to add your own action buttons on your profile, you’ll need to start by selecting Edit Profile, and then tap the button for Contact Options. Then you’ll have to select the Add an Action button, and choose the button and provider which you would like to include in your action button. Then you’ll just need to add the URL which your business uses, along with the provider you have selected.

Optimize your bio link

There is not a whole lot of room for using links on Instagram, so you have to make best use of any link space which is available in your bio. Any link you add should point potential customers toward an objective you’re trying to achieve. This might be a survey, the sales of products, or possibly a subscription to your newsletter. Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, keep in mind that you can change your link as often as you want, so if your objectives change, your link can change right along with them.

Getting More Instagram Leads for Your Small BusinessWhen you’re trying to optimize your bio links in Instagram, you should make sure and keep the link short and ensure that your brand name is included in the URL. You should also promote that link in any of your posts on Instagram, using Link in Bio. Adding a call to action above the bio link is always a good idea to increase user engagement, and to ensure that your link is trackable, you should include the UTM parameters in your URL.

Use ‘Swipe Up’ on Instagram stories

You can also embed links in your Instagram Stories, and if your account has in the neighborhood of 10,000 followers, this feature can be a tremendous advantage for you. You should remember that one-third of all of the Instagram Stories which are viewed most frequently are from businesses, and that 85% of all business-led Instagram Stories are viewed to completion.

Stories can be even more effective than your bio link, since all it takes is a swipe for any user to satisfy an instant whim. If you provide a good landing page, your user will feel justified in having swiped up to check out your Instagram Story. In order to add a link into your Instagram Stories, all you have to do is swipe to the right, or tap on the plus icon situated next to your profile picture.

Then you’ll have to capture and upload whatever content you’re intending to use, and click on the chain icon to establish your link. If you intend to leave the link in place for a good period of time, you should consider adding this particular Story to your highlights. That will provide it with increased visibility, and will give users the potential to revisit the story for a second viewing.

Remember shoppable content

Getting More Instagram Leads for Your Small BusinessWhenever you tag products in Instagram, the results can be much more than simply increasing sales. Even if that tap does not eventually produce an actual sale, it can be used as a lead on a potentially interested customer. Instagram Shopping garners loads of interest from account users, with more than 130 million accounts tapping on various kinds of product tags each and every month.

An experienced marketer can make great use of this kind of information, for instance to find out which kinds of products your audience might be interested in, or to customize ads for specific customers. In order to create shoppable Instagram posts, you have to first ensure that your account is eligible for it.

The first requirement is that you have a Facebook catalog, and if you don’t have one, you can create one using Catalog Manager. Once you have your catalog connected, you’ll have to sign up for Instagram Shopping, and after that, you’ll be able to begin adding product tags to all of your Stories and posts.

Work with an Instagram influencer

One really good strategy for generating new leads is to partner with an Instagram influencer. If you find the right influencer to partner with, you can reach a whole slew of new followers and leads. Make sure that any influencer you choose to work with has a high degree of credibility with their followers, and has earned their trust. That will guarantee that they have significant power over their following, which can be used to your advantage when they endorse your brand or your products.

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