How to Gain Followers on Instagram – 7 Proven Techniques

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Supposing you’re yet to join Instagram you might be missing out on business opportunities. After all, the giant social platform boasts of over 800 million users and great user engagement. Instagram is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat’s supremacy.

Instagram keep adding new features to their service. While this regular stream of new features is puzzling, they provide exceptional opportunities for marketers. Additionally, with about 80-percent of Instagram followers following a company, marketers are keen to get conversant with the platform.

Today, we’ll cover the 7 proven ways to gain followers on Instagram.


1. Determine Your Audience

The process of identifying and understanding your target audience is essential.

Answer the questions below:

  • What’s your audience’s age group?
  • What’s the target gender (mostly male or female or both)?
  • What’s their way of life and what kind of products and services do they purchase?
  • What are the 5 to 8 brands that engage with a similar audience to yours?
  • Is your audience concentrated on a specific location?


2.     Identify Quality Hashtags

You may find hashtags irritating and ineffective on other platforms; however, they’re the bread and butter of Instagram. The right hashtags, as well as location tags, expose your brand to a broad and targeted audience. Instagram users never seem to suffer hashtag lethargy as they do on other social networks.

Bad hashtags are used when people want to gain a quick following. For instance, “like4like’ is one example of a bad hashtag used by people to gain followers on Instagram by getting and giving likes. This would draw the wrong kind of followers, and it’s better if you kept them at arm’s length.

3. Post High-Quality Content On A Regular Basis

Visual Quality

We can’t stress on visual quality enough. Your posts must rank at the very top for you to attract high-quality followers. Leading brands have a unique visual style or utilize the same filters in all their posts.

Before you get underway, create an archive of say 15-20 posts as this enables you to publish posts on holidays and weekends.

Research proves that particular Instagram filters result in more likes and engagement. Find out which bodes well for you.


Captions are perhaps the best ways to get the attention of the reader. What makes a meme funny? It’s not only the image but the text also. The same applies to Instagram. Have captivating caption for your photos. The caption is as essential as the visual aspect.

Check out the illustration below; it’s an ordinary image, but its accompanying text makes it hilarious.


4. Work With Others

Collaboration remains an essential element on Instagram. For every leading brand, there are scores of smaller brands seeking to catch the eye of people. Everybody always aims to excel, and it makes sense to flourish together.

Pinpoint some of the smaller companies that see to your audience and connect with them. Suggest a cross-posting or a collaboration.

Supposing you’ve got the funds for social media promotions, influencer marketing may suit you best. The Swedish jeweler Daniel Wellington increased their Instagram following to 2.1 million down from 850,000 followers within a year by using Instagram influencers.

The Instagram opinion-shapers tagged Daniel Wellington page in all their boosted posts which drove users to Daniel Wellington’s profile.

5. Host Contests

People love easy and fun contests especially when it provides them with the chance to win free goodies. Competitions that don’t need the participants to move are even better. Consider the following things when creating a contest:

  • Define your commencement and end date.
  • Make it easy to partake in the competition
  • Ask people to engage in something straightforward and preferably one that makes them feel or look good
  • Make the value proposition transparent
  • Spark virality in the competition by making followers comment as a requirement for participation

6. Keep Track Of Analytics

Instagram is important business and among the ways to grow your following is posting quality content that followers will engage with.

Instagram Insights avails data that enables you to know posts your followers engage with the most.

How do you go about this?

  • Tap on your user photo
  • Tap on the bar chart (Instagram Insights) icon
  • Scroll to the “Posts” slot and click on “see more.”

You’ll view your leading posts categorized by impressions. With time you’ll learn what your followers love the most which will spur you to create even more quality content which is an inexpensive way to gain followers on Instagram.

7. Generate Fresh Content

Don’t become obvious by copying what others do on Instagram. Predictability makes you seem boring. Post different kinds of content every time. Some content styles get ahead of others in matters trending. For example, Facebook and text message screenshots trend longer.

Often, they’re forged but get lots of engagement.



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Heather Hart

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