Facebook’s Creator Studio for Small Businesses

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Facebook's Creator Studio for Small Businesses

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming on your Facebook account, when you are constantly being bombarded by insights, messages, posts, events, and notifications. Facebook is now offering a solution which helps you to do all the things you intended to do on your account, while keeping your experience simple and clean.

Creator Studio offers all the tools you will need to be effective at managing, monetizing, posting, and measuring content across all your Instagram accounts and your Facebook Pages. It will also allow you to take advantage of monetization opportunities you’re eligible for, as well as some of the new features on the platform.

It accomplishes all this by using a very simple and clean interface which displays all the things you need, and excludes all the things you don’t. To access this interface, all you have to do is go to your Facebook Page, choose Publishing Tools, and then under the Tools tab, click on Creator Studio.

Home tab

Facebook's Creator Studio for Small BusinessesThe first thing you see when you access Creator studio is the Home tab, and everything you see here is pretty straightforward. You’ll have a timeline of any Page you care to manage, and you’ll be able to post to that page. You’ll also get a summary of posts, Page statistics, and any relevant monetization. The pages which you manage as an individual and those which you manage via Business Manager are always kept separate and distinct, although you’ll be able to easily toggle between the two. From the Home tab, you’ll be able to navigate to all the other areas of Creator Studio, including Pages, Inbox, Monetization, Collection, Rights Manager, Insights, and Content Library.

Content Library

On this tab, you will be able to see an overview of all the text, link, photo, and video posts which you have on your Facebook Pages. If you like, you can view all of these at once, or you can filter them by seeing only the specific Page that you want to. You’ll also be able to see Insights about these pages, and you’ll be able to take actions on specific posts such as posting, deleting, or editing them.

Insights tab

Facebook's Creator Studio for Small BusinessesDigital marketers have come to rely on the Insights tab as being one of the most useful components of Creator Studio. It is not only highly informative, but it presents information in a clean and simple manner which can be easily interpreted. You’ll see exactly how well your content is performing, you’ll be able to use metrics to determine your estimated earnings, and you’ll discover some advanced insights relative to your audience. On the Insights tab, you’ll have a general look at your Page statistics and post engagements, and you’ll be able to access post details by clicking anywhere on that post in the list, or by checking the box next to the post, and then clicking View Post Insights.

Inbox tab

All of your active engagements will show up in your Inbox tab, including comments and direct messages. You will be able to view all these messages at once, or you’ll have the option of filtering them by using such filters as Done, Follow Up, Unread, and Spam. This can be very handy to help you stay on top of all communications with your followers, fans, and customers.

For instance, when you’re viewing all Follow Up messages, these are the ones which require some kind of information or assistance for your followers. Having this kind of filtering capability will improve your customer service, and will also help you to respond Instagram comments. If you’re a brand that has a large following, it will allow you to stay abreast of all engagements with customers and followers.

Monetization tab

Any page can be monetized simply by allowing ads to display before, after, or somewhere in the immediate area around your content. The precise rules regarding monetization can be a little confusing, depending on which platform you’re on, but Creator Studio helps to simplify everything for you. This page will make it very clear whether or not you are eligible for monetization, and why or why not that is so. You can also learn valuable information about how you can achieve or maintain monetization.

Rights Manager

Facebook's Creator Studio for Small BusinessesFrom this tab, you’ll be able to protect any copyrighted Instagram or Facebook content, by detecting other content on the platform which matches yours. You’ll also be able to upload reference files which can be analyzed and used to compare with other kinds of content, so as to detect matches. Facebook has had the ability to detect stolen content for quite a while, but it was much more complicated in the past, and it has now been cleaned up considerably under Rights Manager.

Sound Collection

When on this tab, you’ll have the ability to access elements which can be useful in the creation of new content. The Sound Collection tab will provide you with access to all kinds of sound effects, as well as free legal music which you can use in the production of all your videos.

Instagram Creator Studio

You can access Instagram Creator Studio as long as you have an Instagram Business Profile or a Creator account. With this, you’ll be able to manage all your Instagram posts, and you’ll be able to derive all kinds of useful insights which can be put to use in your marketing. You’ll be able to access all photo, video, Stories, carousel, and IGTV content, and you’ll be able to see how well your posts are performing, so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

You can quickly search for content, and then use various filters so that it can be organized. You’ll be able to understand exactly who your followers are, and when their periods of greatest activity are. You’ll also be able to tell what types of action users take when they are engaged with your content, and you’ll have a good understanding of the reach and total impressions garnered by your content.

All in all, Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram can be an extremely useful tool, because it’s great at organization, and it frees you from all the clutter you would otherwise be subject to when you’re logged on to one of these platforms.

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