Facebook Marketing Services: Why Your Business Needs One?

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The fact that effective marketing is a must is just common knowledge in the business world. But, the fact goes much deeper than that simple truth – in this day and age, social media marketing is a must for companies, especially if they are trying to reach a younger generation. An effective Facebook marketing plan could send your company’s business soaring. Facebook marketing services offers so many great tools that will be beneficial to your business advertisement, rather you are a big or a small company. Facebook offers so many great tools, such as, easy communication, target specific advertisements, statistic charts to follow your progress and campaigns for the topics you are passionate about.

Reach Millions Of Clients

Facebook marketing companies able to reach millions of potential clients that make up Facebook’s 400 million users, and counting. That statistic makes the population of Facebook equivalent to being the third-largest country in the world, if the site were a country. The odds of reaching your target audience successfully through this outlet are incredible. Facebook marketing services really allow you to specify your advertisement. Business owners are able to select exactly who they want the advertisement to be shown to. For example, you can have a sponsored post only shown to people who like your page, or you could have it shown to people you choose through specific targeting.

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Complex Marketing Strategies

Facebook marketing strategies can get pretty complex. The social media site has many different marketing services to offer their clients. Aside from being able to select specific audiences for your advertisements to be shown to, you can also do take advantage of many more features. Facebook marketing services offer brand awareness capability. This is a service that allows you to inform your clients, or potential clients, about what is most important to you as a company. This is a great tool! Clients that truly fall in love with a brand and what they stand for will be loyal to you for quite some time, and among the 400 million users who average almost an hour a day on Facebook, you are sure to reach someone who feels connected with your brand.

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Easy Access To Instagram Marketing

Probably one of the biggest perks that Facebook marketing services has to offer is their connections. Facebook bought Instagram, therefore when you get access to Facebook marketing you can also take advantage of Instagram marketing. This will allow you to further expand the knowledge of your business and show people visuals to get them even more intrigued and willing to purchase.

Have you ever thought about how Facebook marketing strategies could indirectly benefit your business? Probably not. You are thinking – I will make this my target audience, advertise to a ton of them and be done. What you did not think about is the fact that Facebook users have an average of 130 friends. Facebook has now integrated this new feature so when you like something, it shows on your friend’s news feeds that you liked it. This is an incredible benefit to businesses! If you advertise to a few people in your target audience and it is successful, meaning they like a post of like your page, that will also be shared on their news feed. Most likely, most of their friends are very similar to them and will be interested in the same thing – especially now that you already have the reputable status of being liked by their friend. By reaching that one person, you could have potentially reached quite a few of their friends as well.

Let’s be realistic though – even if the it is simple to run, it can be time consuming to learn and to manage. While it might not be the most expensive advertisement in the world, Facebook marketing services are not free. As a small business owner or any business owner for that matter, if you are spending money, you want to know that it is actually benefitting your company. Hiring a Facebook advertising agency like 99 Dollar Social, is a great way to ensure that you are stretching those dollars as far as they can go. For only $99 per month, 99 Dollar Social will take care of all of the ins and outs of Facebook marketing for you. This price even includes Twitter marketing. By hiring a Facebook marketing agency, you are ensuring that your content will also be fresh, new and intriguing to your consumers.


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