Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads; Which Is The Best Fit For Your Business?

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Most business establishments have social media accounts across the web, but what matters most is positioning, and brand visibility. Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads offer numerous advantages for small and medium-sized businesses on social media; both provide various benefits based on your niche and customer preference. So which medium suits your business? Read on to find out your suitability on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Midsized and successful companies enjoy a massive following on LinkedIn. It’s great at presenting itself as the social network for business people and is designed to appeal to professionals. However, LinkedIn does not provide a platform for multiple conversations, unlike Facebook where fans engage on a broader platform with minimal restrictions. This doesn't imply that you cannot post Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads for your business on social media pages.

Why LinkedIn Suits Professional Business Branding

To Create a Customized Branded Profile

The first thing that your followers see in the search section of LinkedIn is your logo and a summary of your company. This is free advertising space for any keen entrepreneur and a great place to list your products or services. It works as a profile page as well as a sales page! LinkedIn offers customized sections to display a brief company history, and a few company leadership mentions to boost your business page. It also shows management and staff credentials as part of your business profile, giving your business more credibility than any other social media platform.

To Get Endorsements

LinkedIn allows followers to endorse their fellow associates for skills or business products and services listed on their pages. A single endorsement enables numerous people in your social circle to see your services and gives them a chance to click on your profile for a detailed view. That’s free advertisement right there! It presents a massive opportunity for your brand to receive recommendations from different people across the network.

Professional Audience

LinkedIn brings together both business and corporate professionals. You can advertise for job openings, professional services, or appear on the platform as a brand, say, an IT firm offering technical support for companies as well as individuals. If your company provides quality products, you’re more likely to attract a huge audience based on your brand and the kind of products or service on offer. The trick here is to strategically position your brand to potential professionals in your niche to attract their attention.

Brand authority

 Encourage your employees to use your brand on their LinkedIn profiles as an advertising strategy. They may respond to questions and give an expert opinion about your company to potential clients and people on their LinkedIn network.


Facebook is king when it comes to business branding and visibility. The number of companies signed up on Facebook almost doubles that of idle socialites and teenagers. It has opened up more significant business opportunities by encouraging business pages and groups to create and share content on a personalized level as part of a business ad campaign that’s more with Facebook. Any time is tea time with brand advertisement and exposure. You can create free optimized groups/pages and only pay a certain amount to boost your preferred business content.

What Suits Your Brand?

By now, you have seen the importance of fronting your brand using Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads social media pages. Focus on a platform that resonates with your business and where you feel at ease with your brand’s exposure.

Tips for Business Exposure on Social Media


Leveraging your Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads depends on your target audience. Facebook presents a more robust atmosphere for aggressive marketing where you can use sponsored pages to boost your audience reach. A Facebook ad is less expensive than a premium LinkedIn account. You can re-target your advertisements on Facebook by creating custom followers from fans who clicked your previous ads. Facebook also allows you to upload your email contact list on your platform. LinkedIn thrashes Facebook in the B2B arena. Here, you can explicitly push ads to corporate clients or senior management employees, or sell professional services. LinkedIn comes in as a better option.

The News Feed

LinkedIn does not carry user algorithm, unlike Facebook where page users can see a daily engagement analysis. Advertising on LinkedIn with organic posts is far more accessible than on Facebook where users must show interest in your posts for your page to remain relevant on the platform.

Customer Reach

For business-to-business (B2B), LinkedIn provides a better choice, specifically for individuals with busy schedules and limited time to develop content on your page. However, if you want more coverage, and if your brand resonates with people who spend their time browsing through Facebook than any other social media platform; then business-to-customer (B2C) businesses advertising on Facebook provides more benefits with engagement.

If you were to pick either Facebook or LinkedIn am sure by now you have a lead on what suits your business brand. Navigate through both social platforms to see how Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles work. If you believe in social media marketing, then you understand that the future of business lies in online marketing and social media networking.

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