Enhance Your Video Marketing with Twitter Media Studio

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Enhance Your Video Marketing with Twitter Media Studio

Everyone would like to get more views on their Twitter videos, but not everyone knows how to go about doing that. Your video tweets can be optimized considerably by using Media Studio, so that you’ll reach and engage with more users every time. Media Studio will provide you with opportunities to add on catchy titles and captions, call-to-action buttons, and neat thumbnail images, before you even share your videos with friends and other users.

If you regularly advertise on Twitter, you’ll have the chance to use this very capable software to really spice up your professional video tweets. After you’ve joined the Amplify Publisher Program, you’ll be eligible to receive an invitation to use Media Studio, so you can start enjoying all its benefits. Here’s how you go about using Media Studio, to start livening up all your video tweets.

Upload a video to Twitter Media Studio

Enhance Your Video Marketing with Twitter Media StudioWhen accessing Twitter Media Studio, you start it up by visiting the main Media Studio library which contains all of the uploaded media content you previously put there, and where you also have the option to upload any new videos. Twitter Media Studio comes with its own specifications for uploading videos, as opposed to regular desktop uploads and mobile uploads. In Media Studio, you have the capability of uploading an MP4 video file which is up to 1 GB in size. Videos which are formatted in landscape mode should have a resolution of 1080×720.

You can also upload multiple videos at the same time simply by clicking the Upload option at the upper right, and then choosing those videos from your hard drive which you want to upload. After your selection is made, the process will start automatically. If you have a message that says your upload failed to process, check to be sure that your file is less than 1 GB in size. You may also get a message that says your video is too long, in which case you need to shorten it to approximately two minutes and 20 seconds. You can use almost any of the popular video editing programs in order to adjust the size or length of your video file.

Choose a catchy title and thumbnail

After you’ve uploaded your video, you can click on it to begin editing how it will appear in your tweet. You should try to use the most appealing image possible, so as to immediately capture the attention of your followers as they scroll through their feeds. In order to help your thumbnail stand out, you should use contrasting colors and place sharp images over a blurry background.

Enhance Your Video Marketing with Twitter Media StudioYou should also include a small amount of text which relates the value of the video to users, without overpowering the image with that text. In order to select a thumbnail, you just have to click on the Change Thumbnail menu option. Then a frame must be selected from that video as the thumbnail to be used, or you can upload an image you’ve already saved on your machine. If you do upload the image, make sure that the aspect ratio is the same as your video’s aspect ratio. As an example, a square video will require a square image, and a video which is in landscape mode with a 16:9 aspect ratio, will require an image that is also 16:9.

Apply a caption with an SRT file

Since most people have the sound turned off when using social media, you should add a caption to your video so as to maintain user interest. It will also make your videos accessible to those individuals who might have a hearing disability. In order to caption a video, you will have to create an SRT file which includes the text that appears while your video is playing. You would then have to add the SRT file to your twitter video. Navigate to the Media Detail menu and select Subtitles, along with the SRT file itself. After that, you can select the Upload option so that the SRT file can be imported.

Add in a call-to-action button

Media Studio also allows you to add a call-to-action button which people can select as they’re watching your video. This will be very useful little mechanism for directing traffic to your site. As people are watching your video, they’ll be able to click on this button, and it will take them to a page of your choosing on your website.

In order to install that call-to-action button, all you have to do is click the video in your Media Studio library, and then choose the settings tab. In the Call to Action field, add in the URL of the page you want to send your viewers to. Media Studio will then create a button which displays the URL, and whenever the user clicks on that button, the page will be displayed in their browser.

Use location targeting

Enhance Your Video Marketing with Twitter Media StudioMedia Studio also includes some features which will help you better target your primary audience, and to use geo-targeting for all your videos. The options related to geo-targeting will allow you to exclude or include viewers from countries which you designate. In order to set any geo-targeting option, click on your video and then choose the Settings option, followed by the Content Restrictions option. You can then use the Include option to designate countries where you want your video to be seen by viewers, and you can use the Exclude option to specify those countries where you don’t want your video to be displayed.

Share or schedule your tweet

Any updates you make to your video will be saved automatically by Media Studio. Once you’ve included all the elements you desire, you be able to tweet that video from within your personal media library. To do this, you’ll just have to click the blue Tweet button at the lower right portion of any video you want to treat tweet, include the text you want to tweet, and then actually click the Tweet button.

If you’d rather schedule it than share it immediately, you can also schedule the Tweet from within Media Studio. No external scheduling tools would be needed to do this, since you can schedule it right from within Media Studio. Click on the Tweet button at the lower left portion of your video, type in the text you want to tweet to users, and then click on the Schedule option. Once you’ve selected a date and time for your tweet publication, click on Tweet, so that your content can be published at the time you’ve chosen.

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