Customized Social Media Packages for Growing Your Business

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In the last decade, we’ve been witnessing a shift in human interactions. In the past, people exchanged information mostly in person and word of mouth was still indeed that: word of mouth. Today, word of mouth lives in cyberspace, spreads like wildfire, and can make or break a business in a matter of days. Competition is fierce and businesses that do not have an online presence have a hard time connecting with their customers and quickly fade into oblivion.

Social media presence is of special importance for businesses. Research shows that nearly 20 % of the time spent on the internet is spent on various social media. We’re not talking strictly about Facebook here; people rely on various networks for different types of information so businesses have to master Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, and scores of others social media networks to establish a solid foothold.

Customized Social Media Packages for Growing Your Business

Most business owners don’t have the time to take care of their social media themselves – it’s a full-time job and a reason why social media managers get their paychecks at the end of the month. Those paychecks are not a waste of money, however. Do you think that mega-corporations would pay millions if they didn’t get results? Social media presence earns them tenfold any given day.

If you think you’re not up to the task (or you simply don’t have the time to do it right,) make sure you get yourself the best social media package pricing out there! $99social can make all your social media troubles look like a fading dream.

Benefits of Having Professionals in Your Corner

Some business people just don’t know how to handle social media – or why they should even bother with it. There is no shame in that. However, if you want to make your business profitable you better hire someone who can leverage various social media networks to your advantage and hire them fast.

Here are a few benefits of outsourcing your social media management:

· People who live and breathe social media will work on your accounts

· Your postings will follow relevant trends in the industry

· Every bit of content that gets posted on your accounts will bring value to your readers

· You will free up your time and can devote it to other aspects of your business

$99social has the best social media management packages at competitive prices. Make sure you grab this opportunity and grow your social media presence into a revenue powerhouse it deserves to be.

$99social offers you three packages at discounted prices that will allow you to grow your fan base and following by constantly feeding them interesting and engaging posts across a number of different social media networks.

Here’s the rundown of what you get when you opt for each social media management package:

1) The Content is King Plan

1) Posting two times per day on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – Curating interesting content targeted to your audience interests – never bore your followers again and make sure your posts hit that sweet spot every time. Your designated content specialist spends hours every week hand-picking content to share on your pages. Virality is just around the corner!

2) Posting to Instagram two times per week – A lot of clients struggle with Instagram – it transformed everyone with an account into a photographer! Curated images and photos are guaranteed to attract attention and break through the clutter to grab your customers by the lapels!

3) One monthly blog post – Professionally written short post that you can feature on your blog or send to relevant online publications as a guest post (up to 500 words).

The total price for this package is only $297 per month. Just try to find a more affordable social media package pricing that offers such a comprehensive service!

2) The Growth Plan

1) The Daily Plan The daily plan entitles you to one daily post on Facebook and Twitter. Every post is unique and curated by an expert who spends hours every week obsessing about what your audience will like and respond to.

2) Facebook Like campaign – Starting out can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing! 99DollarSocial will focus on growing your Facebook fan base through organic and paid reach. You will get $ 50 budget included in the package to get you started.


· Facebook Ads – Do you want to drive traffic to your web page or your offer pages? There is no better way than with targeted Facebook Ads. Make sure fans are not just stumbling over your page. Instead, you dictate where you want them to go and what you want them to see! Included are: multiple ads, split testing, campaign monitoring and optimization, and $50 ad budget!

3) High Quality monthly blog post – You really want to impress your readers? Or submit your post to a high-quality website where it will attract a ton of eyeballs? What you need is a keyword-focused quality long-form post with engaging content, high quality images and qualified links produced by a top content specialist - and that is exactly what you’re going to get!

The growth package is great for jumpstarting your social media and the price tag of $297 per month means it’s now widely accessible to every business, be it small or large.

3) The Enterprise Plan: For Large Organizations

1) The Daily Plan – The daily plan entitles you to two daily post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Every post is unique and curated by an expert who spends hours every week obsessing about what your audience will like and respond to.

2) Twitter Network Builder – Twitter is used by 300 million active users every single day – ignoring it is not an option. Twitter network builder gives you three retweets or @ replies every day, seven days a week. All retweets and mentions are responded to and $99 Social follows up to 800 relevant users every month; these can be your fans, your competitors, or your partners – whoever is more relevant and gives you more leverage.

3) Facebook Like Boost – A lot of businesses never reach the full potential with their Facebook page. Don’t be one of them. Facebook Like campaign will help you grow your fan base and increase your reach dramatically. $70 ad budget is included and it is more than enough to demonstrate what a targeted Facebook Like campaign can do for you!

The total price for this package is $497 per month!

It is high time you stop groping in the dark when it comes to social media management. If you’re not ready to hire an in-house social media manager, 99 Dollar Social is your ticket to success. Insanely competitive social media packages, dedicated account manager, regular interesting posts – and it’s all tailor-made for you!

When you’re ready to take social media by storm and start leveraging social media networks to your advantage, contact $99Social – we’ll be more than happy to take you to the next level!

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