Big Changes Are Coming To The Facebook Messenger Platform

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Big Changes Are Coming To The Facebook Messenger Platform

If you’re a Facebook administrator, there are some big changes coming in the very near future which are going to affect you, with respect to subscription messaging. If you’re not quite sure what that is, subscription messaging permits any Facebook page to have the ability of sending regular content to someone via Facebook Messenger. Although Facebook defines 17 different types of messaging, subscription messaging is the specific process of blending news updates with productivity and fitness apps, and sending them out to your followers.

Examples of subscription messaging

There are three different possibilities for subscription messaging, the first of those being news integrations. These types of messaging candidates are integrations which serve the purpose of informing people about important events or recent activities, and provide various types of information about politics, government, religion, business, finance, sports, real estate, weather, celebrities, and entertainment.

Big Changes Are Coming To The Facebook Messenger PlatformThe productivity category of subscription messaging includes integrations which serve the purpose of enabling people to enhance their personal productivity, especially with regard to such actions as paying bills, managing important events on the calendar, and receiving useful reminders. The third category of subscription messaging refers to personal trackers, which are integrations enabling individuals to obtain information about themselves in the areas of finance, wellness, health, and fitness.

Guidelines for usage

There are a number of guidelines which are pertinent, relative to the usage of the send/receive applications programming interface (API) which is used for subscription messaging.

  • The recipient of the message must already have opted in to subscription messaging
  • Subscription messaging should only be used for special use situations, meaning that businesses and developers must provide some kind of indication about which usage case a particular experience comes under when submitting a message platform integration
  • Subscription messages are prohibited from containing any content of a promotional nature
  • Should a user respond to a subscription message using some kind of eligible action, the conversation will then fall into the category of standard messaging, and will be subject to all the policies which govern standard messaging
  • Subscription messages will have functionality that is only a subset of standard message functionality, which makes it limited in its application
  • Content of subscription messages can be sent beyond the standard messaging window, which is restricted to a 24-hour time frame.

There are some subscription messages provided by Facebook itself, which include sales announcements, deals offered on a daily basis, and discounts or coupons which can be applied to products and services.

Benefits of sending subscription messages

There are a number of reasons why you might want to send subscription messages, beginning with the fact that any updates about your particular industry can be tremendously valuable to people in that same industry, not to mention the fact that providing your audience with regular updates via the most engaging channel on the Internet has a huge built-in appeal.

Facebook Messenger marketing provides the very highest level of engagement on the Internet today, with a 20% click-through rate in Messenger and a 70% open rate, which far exceeds the 2% click-through rate and 15% open rate of ordinary email. When you can be fairly sure that your audience will open the message and read it, you’re way ahead of the game. On top of all that, people who opt in to your subscription messaging service are automatically telling you that they’re interested in what you have to say, and they want to stay in touch.

Big Changes Are Coming To The Facebook Messenger PlatformThere are all kinds of interesting and relevant pieces of content you can provide to individuals who opt in to your subscription messaging, by publishing original content, and by linking to news that engages your audience on various levels, e.g. professional, personal, emotional, and intellectual. By offering regular and relevant updates to your follower base, your page can become an authoritative information source which helps all your subscribers stay informed and get more out of life.

By engaging regularly with your followers, they will be reminded of your expertise and your position within your industry, and that kind of recognition can spill over into appreciation for your products and services. Staying in contact with your following via Messenger can be a terrific way of nurturing and building relationships, and maintaining brand recognition.

How to apply for Facebook submit description messaging

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of Facebook subscription messaging, you are probably interested in finding out how you should go about applying for the service. Fortunately, the application process is very quick and simple, and the best way to prepare for it is to simply have some clear idea of what you’re going to say before the review process begins.

You can navigate to the application page by going to Settings, then choosing Messenger Platform, and clicking on the link for Request under the Advanced Messaging Features. The application form will then ask you three questions, the first of which relates to the type of messages that your page will be sending to users, which will either be productivity, personal tracker, or news. Then you’ll have to provide additional details in the second question, which asks you to describe the kind of information you’ll be providing and the  update services that your chatbot will make available to users.

The final question will then ask you to provide two examples of subscription messages that your page might possibly send out to individuals. This is a question that most people will probably have difficulty with, but it’s the most important of the three questions, so be prepared with two good examples of the kind of messages you have in mind. When you do submit your application, you can be sure that it will be reviewed by an actual person rather than by any type of scanning software or robot.

Make sure that your examples fit the type of message that you identified in the very first question on the application form. The majority of subscription messages sent out by administrators will probably be of the news update variety, so unless you have some other special purpose in mind, your own updates provided to users will probably be of this type. That means any examples that you provide in question three should be of the news update variety, so that they match up with the type of subscription messages you specified in question one.

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