Attracting the Right Clients on Pinterest

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Attracting the Right Clients on Pinterest I $99 SOCIAL

Pinterest is now poised to become of greater critical importance to businesses and bloggers online, and changes to the social media platform have a great many businesses scrambling to alter their marketing strategies to adapt. The truth is, Pinterest is much less a social media platform than it is an engine for discovery, and that means it’s the perfect venue for your ideal clients to come to you and become engaged to a high level. If you can just leave them a trail which leads them to your business, you are likely to attract just the right clients, so that your engagement and your sales will enjoy a pronounced increase.

Define your ideal client

Attracting the Right Clients on Pinterest I $99 SOCIALWhen you’re trying to attract more of your ideal clients, you first need to have a good idea of who your ideal client is. It’s not good enough to say that you just want more clients in general because general users are probably not going to buy from you, whereas your ideal clients are those who are most inclined to make a purchase from you. Therefore, it’s worth your while to sit down and identify just who the perfect clients are for your business.

That means identifying their ages, their budgets, and their situations in life. For instance, are you trying to attract entrepreneurs, middle management types, chief executive officers, or ordinary consumers? A good way to start this project is to create a secret Pinterest board which contains all the qualities of your dream client. On this board, you should list who your dream client is, what they like to do, where they go for shopping, what kinds of things appeal to them, and how your services or products will relate to them.

For instance, if you’re a B2B company, and you’re trying to connect with consumer beverage organizations, you might want to name your ideal client as retailers who commonly stock such beverages. Or you might be a virtual assistant, whose dream client would be a busy professional individual, or perhaps an author or musician. To these individuals, you could demonstrate your experience and knowledge with planning and business processes.

Pinterest versus Instagram

Many professionals wonder whether it’s more advantageous to use Instagram or Pinterest for increasing clientele. Pinterest has been extremely steady and solid for directing specific kinds of traffic to websites and to blogs, and it is known that a pin is 100 times more spreadable than any typical tweet would be. Pinterest is great at bringing referrals to your website or blog, and enabling you to focus your time on finding inspiration, pinning your content, and adding material to some of the great Pinterest boards you create.

Instagram is good at helping you to build your social brand and your social community, and on Instagram, you will be able to share daily activities through Stories, while also engaging with other users via messages and comments. Virtually all activity of this type occurs right on the Instagram platform itself, with very few users actually visiting your blog. Pinterest is much better at diverting long-term traffic to your website or to your blog and is therefore probably a better choice for attracting your dream clients over an extended period of time.

Establishing your Pinterest profile

Attracting the Right Clients on Pinterest I $99 SOCIALAfter having created a secret Pinterest board that identifies your dream client, you should then go ahead and create a Pinterest presence which will reach out to this dream client for the purpose of showcasing your skills and talents. You are online for the purpose of sharing your business and creating greater recognition for it, but there’s really no point in broadcasting blindly to the masses because most of the time your message won’t reach ears that it was intended for.

By sharing content with your ideal client, you’ll have a much better idea of what type of content needs to be created and shared with users whom you’ve targeted. A good place to start is by creating a single board which you can think of as your Main Brand board. This would be a good place to include your products or services and your blog content. Invest a little time and effort in choosing an appropriate name for your Main Brand board, because that’s how other users will know you are, and it’s how they will locate you in their searches.

Creating a smart strategy with hashtags

Being discovered on Pinterest often involves the appropriate usage of hashtags, and even though Pinterest allows you to use 20, the number of hashtags used isn’t nearly as important as choosing on-topic hashtags. Don’t create 20 hashtags just because you’re allowed to – create as many as you need which are relevant, and which relate to your specific topic.

You may have some Instagram hashtags which have worked well for you, and you should cross them over to Pinterest to try them out on this platform as well. Any hashtags that you use should be easy to spell and remember, and they should not spell out anything awkward or possibly embarrassing. The most successful hashtags are those which invite people to join, as opposed to hashtags which are just about yourself, because that can be fairly limiting. You should also take the time to make sure your selected hashtags aren’t already being used by some other topic.

Become an active Pinner

Attracting the Right Clients on Pinterest I $99 SOCIALPinterest itself recommends that all users pin somewhere between 10 and 12 times each day, and the platform informs all users that the first five pins posted by people are the ones which are most important to the Pinterest algorithm. If you are too busy to actively create a number of pins each day, use a tool such as Tailwind to help you create and schedule your pins.

Tailwind is also excellent at trickling out your pins all week long, which is something recommended by Pinterest. If you can maintain this level of activity on Pinterest, you stand a much better chance of drawing your dream clients to your website or your blog and increasing your level of engagement with all of them.

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Heather Hart

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