9 Steps To Start Your Own Reseller Social Marketing Agency

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Reseller businesses are become increasingly popular in the business world. Many entrepreneurs opt for starting reseller businesses because of the many advantages they offer. Some of these advantages include saving time and resources, an existing market, leveraging on existing brand image and so much more. Like in other industries, reseller businesses are also popular in the social marketing sphere. Before proceeding to how to start your own reseller social marketing agency, I think it’s vital to define who a reseller really is.

Who Is A Reseller?

A reseller is simply someone who buys a product or service from a manufacturer or original merchant and then resells to a consumer with or without added value. For instance, if you order social media marketing services from 99DollarSocial or any other top social media agency, and resell to businesses in your locality, you’re automatically, a reseller. You can then decide to sell 99DollarSocial services as is or with added value.

Many new social marketing agencies don’t start from the scratch, instead, they leverage on existing social media marketing agencies by reselling their services. Often times, starting a reseller social marketing agency doesn’t even require any professional knowledge, qualifications or expertise in the social marketing industry rather, it requires very good business acumen. However, this applies only to resellers who aren’t adding any extra value to the existing product.

If you want to be successful at reselling social media agency services, then you’d have to follow some established steps. These steps have helped countless social marketing agencies start their businesses on the right foot. Check them out:

Have A Plan

It’s not enough to call yourself a social marketing agency CEO, you must have a plan on how to walk the talk. Planning might be cliché, but it saves you a lot of time, energy and emotional trauma of starting a new business. Your plan should cover the overall vision and mission of your business. It should define what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and how long it’s going to take you to achieve it.

Choose A Niche

Niche targeting is a trending and highly effective business strategy both online and offline. You should define which niche your social marketing agency will focus on. Do you want to sell social media marketing services to high end fashion businesses or local retail clothing stores? Do you want to be a social media agency for small businesses? Whatever, your choice, make sure the niche you choose is large enough for you to establish your brand and make good profit.

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Identify Your Audience

If you want to start a successful social marketing agency, then you have to identify your audience. You should know that one of the vital keys of success in any reseller business is identifying your audience. I would advice finding your audience before even starting your business. Don’t just stop at identifying your audience, pitch your product to them and see how they respond. That way, you’d know what works and what doesn’t.

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Find The Right Service

Many resellers make the mistake of starting with too many services at once. This might get very overwhelming if you’re not an expert in social media marketing. So, I would advice that you identify which service best suits the needs of your audience and start with that. Some vital questions you should ask are: What social media marketing services do I want to resell? Do I want to offer paid ad services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all the social media platforms? Which service promises the most returns and satisfaction? You have to settle for a service that suits your intended audience and promises high returns for your agency.

Find The Right Merchant

There are thousands of businesses out there offering social media marketing services. It can be quite tasking deciding which agency to resell their services. A quick search for the top social marketing agency on Google might reveal some pretty good agencies, but the prices of these agencies are usually high. Remember, you’re a reseller so you’re basically going to make a profit by adding some money to the original cost of the services. I usually advice new resellers to watch out for agencies with both the right quality and the right price; this way, they can offer quality services and still make profit.

Agree On Terms

After finding your merchant, it’s time to agree on the terms and conditions of the contract. While some agencies might offer their services at a reduced rate, others might stick to their original prices. Some social marketing agencies even offer you extra services at no cost if you resell their services successfully. Whatever the case, be sure to review the terms of the contract before agreeing to it.

Set Up A Sales Avenue

So the next thing is where are you going to be selling your services? You should establish an address online. If you have a very small budget and you can’t afford a professional website, you can start with creating a Facebook store or an Instagram page.

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Communicate Value

If you’re going to get people to buy a service from your agency, you have to communicate value. You have to let them know the benefits of buying from you and not the thousands of social marketing agencies out there.

Start Selling

If you’ve put in place all other items, it’s time to actually start selling. However, before you start selling, you should checkout the social media agency pricing in your niche. You don’t want the prices of your services to be too high or too low in comparison to what is achievable in your industry.

Concluding Thoughts…

This is the era of social marketing resellers. Several resellers are offering social marketing services to large organizations while others are focused on delivering social marketing services to small business. Whether you choose to open a reseller social media agency for large corporations or small businesses, you should always bear in mind 2 key things; quality and pricing. Resell services from vendors that offer both good services and fair pricing. Reselling the social marketing services of an agency like 99DollarSocial, will not just give your customers value but would also give you a high profit margin.

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