9 Simple Ways To Start A White Label Social Media Consulting Business

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White label businesses are on the rise and many entrepreneurs are tapping into the many benefits of white labeling to set up their dream businesses. One of the most popular white labeling niches is the social media consulting niche.

Virtually every serious business owner knows how much social media is relevant to the survival of their businesses. Many of these business owners are taking it a step further by executing effective social media activities that drive growth for their businesses. In order to come up with social media plans and strategies that drive business growth, many businesses rely on the services of a social media marketing consultant to get this done.

Social media marketing consultants are basically the guardians and defenders of a company’s social media activities and image online. Social media consultant drive brand awareness, boost traffic to a business website and generally boost the bottom line of any business. These professionals also play the crucial role of making sure that a brand’s reputation stays squeaky clean.

The many benefits a social media consultant brings to a business are the reason why many businesses are falling over themselves to hire the best social media consultant. However, the problem is that despite the many social media consultancies out there, there is a high demand for more social media consulting agencies.

You can tap into the many opportunities in the social media consultancy niche by starting your own white label social media consulting business. A white label social media consulting business is all about reselling the services of another established social media consulting agency or business. With consistency and value offering, you can create a thriving social media consulting business of your own.

Here are some simple tips to get you started on your own white label social media consulting business:

1. Start Virtually

Many entrepreneurs are yet to come to grips with the many benefits of doing business in the digital age. You no longer have to wait for a physical space before you can start off your business. After finding the right social media consulting agency to white label their services, you can easily get started with just a professional business email, a website and one or more active social media accounts.

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2. Send Out Emails

If you’ve been online long enough, then I bet you’ve gotten your fair share of unsolicited business emails offering various services. Personally, I mark a lot of these emails as spam not because they’re unsolicited but because they’re both unsolicited and of poor quality. However, once in a while, I come across a business person who took out time to craft emails and tells me exactly what they’re offering. That gets me interested in their services especially if I need them.

You can get started easily on your white label social media consulting business by simply sending out smart unsolicited emails to the right audience. The key to making this work for you is identifying the people who are most likely to need your services and sending them great emails that are clear, valuable and crafted with quality.

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3. Cold Calling

Cold calling is also a lot like sending unsolicited emails. However this time, you’re calling people or visiting them at physical locations. Cold calling is another easy way to start off your white label social media consulting business. Like the emails, you have to work hard on researching on your target audience. Make sure the numbers on your cold calling list are people who are most likely to buy your services.

Another vital part of using cold calling strategies to start off your social media consulting business is by coming up with a script. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your guts to tell the clients what you’re offering them. Come up with a well defined script that puts forward your value in a very short time. Also, if you’re not much of a speaker, you can hire a good freelancer to make your cold calls.

4. Approach Local Businesses

You’d be surprised at how many businesses in your location are in need of social media consultancy services. In fact every business in your location needs social media consultancy services…as long as they’re legal. So instead of wanting for businesses to come to you, why not go to them.

As with emails and cold calling, you have to present value first to capture their attention before talking price. I usually advice newbies to white labeling in the social media niche to start off with approaching small business owners who don’t have any form of social media department in their organization. Let the business owners know how much they stand to gain by taking social media seriously. You’d be the first person they’d run to when they see the benefits.

5. Join a Community of Experts

There are so many benefits that come from identifying with experts in one’s niche. You can start off with identifying relevant forums that bring together experts in the social media consultancy niches. Online forums like Warrior Forum and Quora are a great place to start searching. The major benefit of identifying with experts is networking. Networking in business is great for gaining unbelievable insights in your niche and for also getting referrals. You should also join an association of professionals in your niche; that’s another great way of networking with experts.

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6. Join In On Relevant Forum Discussions

Aside identifying with experts on relevant online forums, online forums are a fantastic reminder of the great influence the internet has on businesses today. Using forums to connect with your target market is one great way to start your white label social media consulting business. Participating in a forum can help you start off your white label business by opening you up to great networking opportunities.

Through Online forums, you can connect with people who are in need of your services. You can also benefit from the many referrals that come from being an active member of a forum. Along with the networking opportunities and referrals you can get from a forum, you’ll also be able to drive traffic to your business website or social media pages.

7. Start With A Promotion

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my many years as an online professional, it’s that people love promotions. I mean who doesn’t! Especially when it’s about getting something at a lesser price that it would have originally cost. You can start off your white label social media consulting agency by running a promotion.

Your promotion might be about offering your services at a lesser price than usual or even offering value added services for free. Whatever you choose, come up with a promotion idea that will offer your audience an irresistible value.

8. Advertise Like Crazy

The advent of online marketing meant that virtually every Tom, Dick and Harry could advertise their business. The reason for this is because online marketing cost as low as a dollar on most platforms. You can take advantage of the affordability of online marketing to get your white label social media marketing business started off.

Asides affordability, online advertising also promises great returns. A business can go from zero to hero in a day with effective online advertising. My advice is that you should set up your website and social media pages before ever running an online ad; that way your audience can have a place to see more of your services.

9. Offer Extra Value

This one is a pretty simple way of selling your services even faster than the business you’re white labeling their services. I’ve established the fact that white labeling is all about reselling the services of another business. Now what if you could add extra value to the services of that business and resell to audiences in that niche what do you think would happen? They would of course, opt for your own services especially when you’re offering something they’ve been “missing”.


White labeling is a great way to launch your social medic consultancy business without having to spend so much on start up costs. With these suggested ways, you can easily start up your white labeling social media consulting business and excel at it.


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