9 Reasons Why People Prefer Social Marketing Companies For New Startup

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Starting and maintaining a small business can be very tasking; believe me I know. Small businesses often require a lot of commitment in terms of time, energy, resources and even emotions before they can thrive. Despite the demanding nature of small businesses, millions of entrepreneurs are still engaged in it. The reason for this is because small businesses if well executed and managed promises great returns to owners.

The dream of every small business owner is to get to that level where their business begins to yield high returns on investment. This is why many small business owners invest in activities that ensure that their business generate leads and convert these leads to paying customers. The major way through small businesses are able to achieve this feat is through marketing.

Marketing today has gone beyond just pitching and selling products to people. With the onset of digital marketing, more and more businesses are turning to the power of the internet to take businesses from zero to hero. One aspect of online marketing that promises high returns with very little investment is social media marketing.

Social media marketing involves all the activities that go into project the voice of a brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and several others. Due to the technicalities and demands of social media marketing, many small businesses turn to social marketing companies to execute their social media marketing activities for them.

What are social marketing companies?

Social marketing companies are basically companies that promote products and services of a business by using various online marketing strategies. Marketing is the core function of any social marketing company. Social media companies manage a brand's presence across various social media platforms while working to create awareness for the brand.

Here are some reasons People Prefer Social Marketing Companies For their Startup

1. Affordability

One of the greatest needs of every small business owner is to effectively cut cost while still maintaining high standards. Social marketing is a perfect way of doing affordable marketing with very high ROIs. Social marketing companies are very affordable when compared to other marketing companies. Social marketing companies like 99DollarSocial charge as low as, you guessed it, $99 per month for managing a brand’s social media marketing activities.

2. Reach

Facebook alone has over 1 billion users registered on its platform. That is massive! Social marketing companies help start-ups have access to a very large audience not just locally but all over the world. Social marketing companies also help start-ups craft their marketing to reach their audience with very minimal costs.

3. Measurement

One of the cool things about social marketing is the ability to know exactly how your marketing activities are doing. Social marketing companies don’t just help start-ups with the social marketing activities. These companies also give daily, weekly and monthly reports on the brands social marketing activities. Measurement helps start-up to know their strengths and address their weaknesses in terms of marketing activities.

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4. Awareness Level

One of the vital needs of any start-up is to be known. New businesses can’t create and impact or even showcase their awesome product or services if nobody knows who they are or where they are. Social marketing companies work hand in hand with start-ups to create exponential levels of awareness. With the right social marketing strategy, social marketing companies can take a business from zero awareness to 100% awareness in just a matter of hours! I’ve seen this happen on different occasions.

5. Targeting

This is another feature that makes social media marketing so attractive. Imagine being able to market your products to only people who are interested in it! Many top affiliate marketing companies use targeting as a tool to generate unbelievable leads on social media. Targeting basically has to do with crafting and directing a marketing message at a specific audience. Social marketing companies use this strategy to ensure that the marketing message of a business gets to its intended audience.

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6. High ROIs

I can’t even to describe the high returns that social marketing brings to a new business. When it comes to achieving high returns on investments, social marketing companies are most likely the winners. Social marketing companies pull in as much as 1000% returns on marketing investments! That is huge for any small business.

7. High Engagement

Social marketing is all about one thing “engagement”. In social marketing, engagement births every other thing like leads, sales and even profit. Social marketing companies help create engagement for new businesses. Engagement often comes in form of shares, likes, mentions and even feedback. Feedback alone can help a small business know exactly what its customers want and improve on its offerings.

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8. Visibility

There are thousands of small businesses springing up every day all around the world. If a small business is going to attract the attention of its prospective customers, it has to stand out among the millions of other businesses that exist online. Without visibility, a new business can’t sell its products or even grow. Social marketing companies work hand in hand with graphic designers, video marketing companies and content producers to ensure that a new business is equipped with all it takes to be seen online.

9. Easy Management

Okay, this one is my favorite. If you have tried handling the social marketing activities of your brand like I have, then you’d know that social marketing can be very demanding and time consuming. You really can’t manage a small business and an effective social marketing all at once; one will give at the end of the day. This is where social marketing companies come in; they help start-ups easily manage their social marketing activities without compromising on their dedication to their start-ups.

I could go on and on about the benefits of social marketing companies but I believe you get the gist by now. Investing in social marketing companies is one of the wisest investments any small business owner can ever make. My advice is that you invest in a high performing affordable social marketing company. The result these guys would bring to your business would leave you astonished.


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