9 Amazing Strategies To Become An Expert In Social Media Optimization

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When it comes to ranking higher on search engines, many bloggers and online experts often have their ears to the ground for the latest strategies on how they can rank higher especially on Google. The need to rank higher on search engines has made many bloggers very familiar with the term SEO (search engine optimization). However, not many people are aware of the term SMO.

Social media optimization also known as SMO also plays a huge role in determining your internet search rankings. Social media optimization works hand in hand with search engine optimization to ensure that you get the best internet rankings.

SMO is basically about using various social media platforms to increase the awareness of a brand on social media. Like SEO, SMO also aims at driving traffic to your blog. Understanding how SMO works is very important especially if you’re looking to become an expert at social media optimization.

Before I walk you through some of the amazing strategies that will help you become an expert at social media optimization, I want you to know that the world of social media is dynamic. Being an expert at anything social media requires lots of dedication and consistency. So bear in mind that you’d need to follow these strategies over and over again if you want to become and remain an expert at social media optimization.

Here are some great strategies for becoming an expert at social media optimization:

1. Stay Informed

Becoming an expert at social media optimization isn’t such an easy task especially because of the dynamic nature of social media. What matters today might end up in the trash can tomorrow so it’s vital that you stay informed on the trends in the social media optimization industry. Take courses in social media optimization niche and don’t forget to subscribe to blogs that share great information on how to become better at social media optimization.

2. Create Content that Converts

Content is often a core part of any online activity and social media optimization isn’t left out of this. Therefore becoming an expert at social media optimization requires that you also become an expert at content creation. I’m not just talking about writing and uploading posts on social media. You have to know the intricacies of writing articles that rank on social media. From the use of hashtags to the use of relevant keyword, you have to learn the metrics for writing content that converts on social media.

3. Importance Of Strategic Targeting 

Targeting is another core part of social media optimization. Becoming a guru at social media optimization, calls for great targeting skills. You have to learn to sift your audience and find the people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. The proof of expertise in any social media niche is being able to connect with the right audience, so pay attention to your audience segment and demographics.

4. Focus On Social Media Optimisation

One of the best strategies for becoming an expert in anything really fast is focus. Social media optimization is vast and calls for expertise at a handful of social media skills like content writing, keyword research, SEO and even social media management. You best bet at becoming an expert without having to learn all these is to find a specific niche in the social media optimization industry and consistently practicing it until you become an expert at it. So instead of trying to do everything at once, why not take a closer look at the subject of social media optimization and identify a niche you’d want to become an expert at.

5. Maximise CTAs

The proof of social media optimization expertise is in the results generated after SMO activities. One of the greatest tests of expertise in any social media marketing niche is how well an acclaimed expert is able to generate positive audience action after optimizing a social media page. So if you’re going to be an expert at social media optimization, you have to learn how to create CTAs that generate great returns on investment. An expert should be able to generate high converting leads for whatever social media page they optimize.

6. Develop A Solid Online Footprint

One of the factors I always advice my audience to watch out for when hiring a social media expert is their online footprint. I for one am for proof. If you claim to be an expert at optimizing social media pages for leads, then you had better have an optimized social media platform for your own business. Let your potential clients see your expertise in your own social media pages.

7. Engage Your Audience

Audience engagement is another vital part of social media optimization. The fact remains that there is no social media optimization without audience engagement. It’s called “social” media so if you’re not engaging your audience then it waters down your expertise.

You have to go beyond viewing people on social media as just statistics to actually connecting with them and fostering relationship with them through great content and activities on your social media page. Participate actively on social media conversations and be sure to share helpful content from your website and other websites.

8. Stay Connected With Influencers

Social media optimization like search engine optimization is all about building relevant links and connections with similar blogs and websites in your niche. An expert in social media optimization should build relationships with social media influencers in their niche. Staying connected with influencers would help you get optimal exposure for your social media page whenever you need it. Exposure contributes highly to effective social media optimization.

9. Importance Of Outsourcing

One of the mistakes many newbies make when trying to build up their expertise in a specific social media niche is trying to do everything themselves. This will only wear you out! Expertise is more about management and result than actual work. One of the best ways to build you expertise is by focusing on a small part and outsourcing the rest to a professional or freelancer. Outsourcing will help you focus and be more productive in the activities you choose to take on yourself.

And just because I couldn’t resist…

10. Be consistent

Consistency is key to expertise in any niche! Consistency is therefore key to social media optimization. Don’t stop working at developing a great online profile and most importantly never stop learning about latest social media trends. Social media isn’t a learn-it-once profession. If you’ll remain an expert, you never stop learning.

Becoming an expert at social media optimization isn’t a day’s job; it isn’t rocket science either. Using the strategies I’ve listed, you can become an expert in social media optimization in no time. I suggest you keep up with updates on 99DollarSocial if you want to get more relevant information on social media optimization.


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