8 Tips For Small Business Social Media Marketing Plan

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Being a small company has its upsides, but having not enough time to perfect your social media strategy is a prevalent downside. You can create a small business social media marketing plan to help you make sense of the various elements involved, and from that point you will have set on a rewarding path. There are several things you should include in such a plan to avoid pouring time into a fruitless project. We’ve compiled eight actionable pointers to help even the smallest business look as big as their dreams on social media platforms. Enjoy!

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1. Follow Your Audience

Social media marketing for small business is not too different from that done for large and well-established companies. For one, you have to follow the platforms that your target audience frequents.

Sometimes this means being on all the popular platforms, five or different logins into the various platforms, which is already an issue given the efforts needed to chase success on all such platforms. In the long run, such efforts pay for themselves ten times over, bringing highly qualified leads into your sales funnel. Just be sure to avoid getting lost in the follower numbers – a metric seldom useful for anything more than how popular your brand is perceived.

2. Document Your Process

As you set out to grow a following that you wish to someday talk to, it is very important that you document every step. Not only will your followers have more material to talk about, the respect you command from such a process is something that most social media marketing small business that just pop up with thousands of followers will only wish they had.

The urge to perfect the documentation process is often rate determining. Skip it! Instagram picture look best without filters – a fact that only true content makers will agree to. If you really must, brand your material, but avoid long chains of processing that take out the hard work image your future clients deserve to be a part of.

3. Engage Fast

As more people start following your story, comments and likes will start becoming something of a norm. Don’t take these for granted, respond. Say thanks when someone mentions you and talk back when spoken to via chat.

Among other social media marketing ideas for small business that seldom come out looking good is that you should use automated responses. The copy and paste strategy. Well stay away from that. Facebook watches how long you take to respond to engagement, and that is then indicated as a badge on your page – often encouraging or discouraging more people to get in touch. Respond quickly and more people will approach you with product requests.

4. Maintain The Human Face

The urge to automate posting is often too hard to beat, but if you do fall for it, be sure to keep watch and place your hand into the mix regularly. High on the list, among other turn downs – things that provoke a surge in unfollows, is the realization that a robot is following and liking posts, using scripts to respond to enquiries and other cheats.

For small businesses without robust structures to support their growing customer base, using social media chat platforms to quickly educate clients and resolve their headache-inducing worries is genius. This, even though some companies still think having Facebook on while working is counterproductive.

5. Experiment With Ideas

Come up with as many ideas to fully utilize social media platforms within the confines of their rules, you will be shocked at what crazy idea you implement will bring in the biggest accounts your company will thank you for.

Campaigns, competitions and polls are among ideas often used by companies to poke into the fire of over a billion potential clients for that spark to share the fire across. Like anything worth doing, the more tries and alterations you implement the higher your chances of breaking ground.

When you find yourself running out of ideas, consulting with small business social media marketing agencies such as 99DS is a great way to get things back on track and in the right direction.

6. Approach Influencers

Small business social media marketing often requires that you extend your sights outside the boundaries of your human resource box. Plenty of bloggers focusing on your niche already have the ears of that perfect client. Use that influence to your advantage.

Identify such influencers and work out strategic partnerships. A lot of companies doing this would gladly testify to the fact that over very short periods of time compared to other marketing funnels’ projected durations, their partnerships start yielding results.

7. Promote

A lot of times you may have to invest a few dollars into social media campaigns in order to get the results you need. Start low, learn how each platform responds to your material and go with the most responded to campaigns.

There is need to decide what outcome you’re working towards through running promoted posts, and determine how badly you need that result. That should help you decide how much you want to have as the maximum budget.

8. Keep Measuring

Perhaps the most important tip on this collection, and yet the most overlooked – you need to keep measuring. Social media was introduced as a time black hole, a notion that a lot of top company officials still have even today, and they can be right if any platform is used without measuring how much is coming back from each flexed muscle as you type those posts.

Metrics to help you determine who are the best social media management companies as a viable marketing opportunity include the following:

– Number of new leads obtained,

– Real follower count and other engagement numbers,

– Actual amounts spent on campaigns vs. landing page generated revenue

Other metrics depend on what it was you set out to do on the platforms you have chosen.



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Heather Hart

Heather Hart

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Heather began working with $99 Social in April 2014 as a content writer, but quickly moved into a customer support role, then to Operations Manager in May of 2017. She loves exploring different artistic mediums, including copywriting, drawing and painting, website coding, and helping people succeed.

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