8 Social Media Campaign Ideas Your Small Business Could Try

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Social media has presented numerous opportunities options to get creative and promote your brand via various kinds of campaigns. Disregarding the platform that you use for your name, you can design marketing strategies and promotions that fascinate your target audience.

Read on to acquaint with the eight social media campaign ideas that would bolster your small business.

1. Social Photo Competition

Photo contests are a great medium to engage your customers that follow your social media accounts. Select a platform that facilitates users to upload and share photos. Then delineate a way for the clients to submit pictures of themselves using your product or in another way supporting your enterprise.

Photo contests would work best on sites such as Twitter and Instagram through a hashtag or on Facebook albums.

Dove, is an excellent example of a company that has used this campaign method with its “Real Beauty Should Be Shared” competition and “Real Beauty” campaign.

2. Influencer Campaigns

The word-of-mouth is an effective form of marketing. It has been observed to influence up to 20 – 50 percent of purchasing decisions. Above all, potential clients are more receptive to endorsements from persons they trust and respect than corporate messaging and ads.

In today’s world of digital correspondence, the word-of-mouth stretches beyond commendations from family and friends into the sphere of influencer marketing.

Currently, Facebook boasts over 1.7 billion users globally, making it an invaluable marketing platform for businesses to reach a vast audience. Users spend about 50 minutes on Facebook as well as Facebook-owned apps, e.g., Instagram daily, according to Business Insider.

Even though Facebook accounts for 68% of all social media ad earnings worldwide, yet many small businesses have yet to tap into this enormous potential.

Facebook influencer marketing is one of the best social media campaign ideas to bolster your brand.

Research from Twitter revealed that up to 495 of clients seek purchase endorsements from social media influencers. Furthermore, 20 percent claimed a Tweet from an influencer persuaded them to share their views on products. A further 40 percent stated they purchased as a result of an influencer’s Tweet.

3. Social Media Account Takeovers

Account takeovers are the next big thing in influencer marketing. What are account takeovers? Social media account takeover entails allowing someone else to run a company’s social media account for a specified period. Instagram and Snapchat takeovers are gaining popularity. Influencers and brands are adopting this new influencer marketing strategy. Collaborating with external people is a great way to increase audience.

The benefits of social media takeovers include:

  • Increasing your audience: Account takeovers help a brand reach a new audience; therefore, it’s a great way for brand marketing.
  • Engagement and Interactivity: Among the most common takeovers are Q&A sessions and photo series on Instagram. Successful takeovers include exclusive and high-quality content that an audience may want to engage with.

Social media account takeovers include celebrity or influencer takeovers.

4. Follower Voting Contests

Among the leading social media competition ideas entail having followers submit ideas or photos for consideration. Rather than choosing a winner by yourself, have the followers vote on the best submission.

Regardless of the size of your company, social voting contests are easy to run and are usable by all.

Eggo is the best example of how to incorporate social media contest ideas where people submit their preferred waffle recipes and have followers electing their favorite.

5. Conversation Hashtags

Hashtags are ubiquitous phrases or words that make starting a conversation with a client easier than giving out virtual business cards. Hashtags are used to single out a specific audience and are used to categorize messages.

The first person to use a hashtag did so in August 2007, and ever since, they have been used to organize conversations, engage in discussions and tweet at events.

Here a few tips on choosing a hashtag:

  • Make it unique: As a marketer, you aim to reach your audience by using hashtags, more so during Twitter chats, webinars and events. Use a unique hashtag and not one that is simple as #webinar or #marketing. The White House used the #GetCovered hashtag to promote healthcare.
  • Make it easy to remember: With tons of hashtags floating around, the last thing you want is to create a hard to pronounce or spell hashtag. You risk having users get the spelling wrong, thereby defeating the purpose of the hashtag.
  • Utilize the hashtag on several social media platforms: As you work on making your preferred hashtag second nature, adopt it on several platforms.
  • Search the hashtag before using it: It would be disastrous to use a hashtag that had already been used for a different topic. Research on a hashtag, otherwise it can potentially lead to embarrassing situations.

6. Partaking In Social Challenges

The most famous example would be the Ice Bucket Challenge that was started by ALS association. The idea was to have people film themselves as they dumped buckets of ice over their heads and calling for their friends to do likewise. The campaign was used to raise awareness about ALS. Such challenges can boost the chances of your drive going viral.

7. Reaction Campaigns

On Facebook, it’s easy to use the reactions feature to spur engagement with your followers. For example, you can post your stance on a topic or ask a question and request clients to give their input.

Sites like Twitter also allows for reactions but to a lesser extent. Customers can respond with emojis or quick alternative reactions.

8. Livestream Events

Live streaming events are among the least used social media business ideas among small businesses. It’s possible to share updates of an event or host events you could be attending for business reasons using social media.

PetSmart for instance, use Facebook Live to air from adoption and charitable events.


Bottom Line

There are numerous social media campaign ideas that you can try. The above list has explored the ones we consider to be contemporary and most efficient.



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