8 Online Network Marketing Tips That Will Inspire You

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According to www.businessdictionary.com, network marketing is a “direct selling method in which independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents.”

Over the course of the past decade, the network marketing industry has taken a new dimension as more products and services are towing the path of network marketing to create traffic, leads and sales. However, the fact that many incompetent brands with low-quality products have taken advantage of network marketing to propagate nothing but low quality products and pyramid schemes has made people less responsive to network marketing strategies.

Despite this hitch, more and more improved network marketing strategies are springing up as businesses try to connect with their customers. Network marketing is, however, remains a way to make residual income while adding some real value to people’s lives and businesses – as a network marketer, you should understand this. Network marketing professionals are constantly searching for and learning new ways to achieve more success – that’s why you’re probably reading this article.

In this piece, I’ll be sharing some network marketing tips that will inspire you to succeed in the niche of network marketing.

1. Offer Value

This is the basic rule you have to obey if you want to run a successful campaign. Marketing a product that offers little or no value to your customers, except profit margins for your business will sink your network marketing efforts very fast.

Ever seen a haggard looking network marketer, trying desperately to sell a product? Their problem is not a poor marketing strategy. Their major problem is the fact that potential customers don’t see any value in what they are preaching. You will connect more to clients, customers and have other potential marketers join your network if you’re offering a product or service that offers real value and isn’t just a get-rich-quick multi-level marketing strategy.

2. Solve Problems

Aside adding value to the lives and businesses of your customers, the product/service you are marketing should be able to solve the problems of people in one way or the other. If this is not the case with your brand, then you and your network of marketers will struggle to enjoy meaningful progress.

A network of marketers who are promoting a product that reverses infertility or prevents cancer is likely to be more successful than a team of marketers selling nothing but encouraging new members to bring in other new members and get paid. There are a lot of network marketing strategies being brandished online by network marketers, but we all tend to wave them away when we discover their products aren’t solving any of our problems.

3. Build Great Social Channels

Online network marketing cannot succeed without creating and building on social media platforms. As a network marketer, you need to have a clear line of communication between you and your customers that transcend just your physical presence.

A simple blog, with a big shining image of you, depicting a wide smile, can set your customers at ease, and make them understand they can always reach you. Having a presence on social media is also key – you should be able to reply tweets, retweet customers who commend your work, respond to emails and even make and receive phone calls from customers without the long and unnecessary delay that spooks customers. I always recommend that you get an affordable professional to take care of this if you’re too busy.

4. Use Video to Captivate

Who doesn’t love to watch interesting videos while? The freedom to pause, play or skip is always appealing and it helps you connect to your clients in ways that neither images or text can. When creating videos, it’s not usually necessary that it be you in the video; an animation or true life story of events can really be captivating.

A few tips for your video, though: It must be clear – MP4 format is advised. Your video must also be short and precise; anything over 10 minutes is quite overboard. Finally, your video must be unique to you and your brand. It would be counterproductive to use a video that’s not yours to market your brand. Any video you use should be something that has been carefully worked on by you and your team.

5. Offer Free Gifts

It’s sort of enticing when you offer to give your customers some of your products for free. Let a few customers have it, use it and have them give feedback. Of course, before you can do this, you must have absolute faith in whatever product you’re marketing. If these customers are impressed by your product, then you have just tapped into what we describe as “customer advertising” – a situation where your customers advertise your products for you at zero cost.

You can offer to reward customers who patronize your products or offer some of your services for free to your clients. You can use your social channels to announce this and watch out for the response that’ll follow.

6. Project your Voice

Network marketing actually involves a lot of marketing – that’s the long and short of it. To effectively market your brand online alongside the other marketers in your network, you must project your voice and let your customers hear you clearly. Prepare to perform some rigorous marketing – make phone calls, put out some unique content on your website, be a little more active on social media. Just do a little more good marketing than your competitors.

There’s no worse marketer than a marketer who has no voice and can’t convince people; a such marketer would be a weak link in any marketing network they find themselves. So be ready to do some rigorous marketing work and talk.

7. Build Relationships

In the world of online network marketing, one thing that would constantly give you an edge over your teeming competitors is the relationship you create with your marketing team, but most importantly, your relationship with your customers. If you have none, then I’d assume that you’re a newbie network marketer. You must immediately start building a relationship with people. If you are in a network of marketers, work closely with them, and gain the confidence of your customers.

Responding to questions from clients puts customers at ease and makes them more likely to patronize you and reconnect. You need relationship so build it!

8. Be Consistent

Be consistent at what you do, be consistent at your strategy. One reason some network marketers do not see long term results is that they are constantly changing their marketing strategy. Agreed, there are many network marketing strategies to choose from, and it takes commitment to stick to just one. But since you have chosen this strategy, why not work on it and keep improving it until you start seeing results instead of changing it every month?

Twenty years from now, network marketing will still be a great source of residual income to marketers who understand the trend, and are able to successfully apply network marketing strategies that are too watertight to fail. In this article, I’ve given you a few tips that can help you create a successful marketing strategy not just in network marketing but in any niche you choose.

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Heather Hart

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