8 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

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Using Facebook to promote your business is among the leading digital marketing strategies employed by business owners today. Your company’s Facebook page has the potential to be seen by up to 1.13 billion persons daily. How this vast audience responds to your company’s page can either result in great deals or its detriment.

Even though people are on the lookout for a covert recipe for an impeccable Facebook page, the reality is that there isn’t that one trick that would lead to immediate success.

The key is in knowing what not to do by grasping the fatal blunders to look out for as well as rethinking your approach. In practice, being on the lookout for these mistakes is perhaps the best way to build a page that best works for your company.

Hurling A Generic Net

Airing your business on Facebook is a big no. The reality, however, is that rather than focusing on the followers and just being part of the online community, many small ventures are only keen on broadcasting their products and services.

Online marketing is about authenticity, therefore, when a business doesn’t genuinely engage with its customers and focuses solely on itself, the public sees right through it. Using Facebook to promote your business should be seen as an opportunity to engage the community while supporting its interests. Taking an interest in your followers will keep them coming back to your page because they feel as part and parcel of a community rather than a viewership targeted for promotion.

One of your initiatives should be creating relevant content to the lives of your clients as it keeps you connected to the ‘real world’ unlike being alienated in cut-throat competition.

Let’s take the example of Everlane; a clothing store shared pictures of its customers during a local event. Thereby showcasing they hold their clientele in high regard.

Brandishing Inconsistent Company Culture

A good number of businesses overlook the importance of ensuring their online profile matches their goals and visions. A Facebook page is part of a company and consequently, should exhibit a congruent personality to the company.

It is essential to mirror your identity while engaging with your clients on Facebook. You can be a little casual to some degree, but seek to maintain a balance; otherwise, customers may get the impression you don’t take matters seriously.

The Community Coffee Facebook page is an excellent example of the various ways to share coffee with friends and family.

The company points to how coffee and friends are positive additions in our lives – show they value community in the same way they appreciate their product. Meaning these values are a naturally occurring combination.

Never Budging From Your Comfort Zone

With lots of businesses battling for space in the news feed section of Facebook users, playing safe might seem like the best alternative. Often, this means sticking to a particular content strategy. However, beyond the risk of making your Facebook page forgettable, you’ll find it hard to capture the attention of the users if you don’t try out various types of posts. An excellent content plan should have a mix of photos, videos, infographics and other visuals.

Great content may go viral and as a result, would boost your organic reach and increase engagements, comments, shares, and likes.

Catsville Pet Shop shared a few quirky images on Facebook. These aren’t the ordinary cute kitten pictures – and that’s why it works well.

Catsville keep their followers captivated, thereby, they stand out from other businesses.

Overlooking Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are among the best methods of using Facebook to promote business. Some business shy away from paying for ads and preferring to reap the free perks after creating a Facebook page. This, however, has the effect of capping their reach because the company page can only be found by users who search the company in the Facebook search bar.

Facebook Ads extend your reach. The social network behemoth has built a robust platform to aid businesses to expand their target prospects and customer base.   Audiences are defined by location, interest and purchasing behavior.

Wakaberry increased their sales by using Facebook Ads. Despite a limited budget, they used Facebook to get beyond the commotion. The company initiated a summer advertising drive where ‘Wakafans’ were invited to laud the season with the Wakaberry summer range. The campaign’s ads targeted a predefined demographic, and in the end, the company got a significant return on their investment.

You can also use AdEspresso to make your ads even more strategic. The tool assists companies to optimize ads.

Scrimping On External Tools

Often businesses bank on what’s available and Facebook, thereby limiting the tools they can utilize to optimize their campaigns. Multiple tools from third-party firms merge with Facebook to afford creative features ease promoting and managing your page.

Consider tools such as:

AgoraPulse: This tool enables you to lure more clients to your page and interact with them via fan voting contests, sweepstakes, quizzes and more.

HootSuite: Helps in managing multiple social media pages as well as scheduling posts whenever the social media expert is on vacation.

Avoiding Paying For Tests

Testing is a crucial step in designing Facebook ads. But you perhaps may think otherwise which wrong. Testing ads save you money by guaranteeing you don’t pay for ads that don’t give results.

Instead of running many versions of an ad looking for the one that works best, testing allows you gauge the best version from the start. This method saves you times and money because you’ll incur less per ad.

AdEspresso analyzed two ads with varying images but similar text copy. The first advertisement featured a cartoon with a mustached-man mascot.  The ad was favorite to perform better. The second ad featured the photo of a person. Test results revealed the first ad cost $3.13 for each download with the latter scoring $1.68. Tests reveal what your intuition wouldn’t.

Create various forms of ads for testing and examine the following variables:

  • Audience
  • Image
  • Relevance score
  • Copy text

Acting In An Unapproachable Manner

People have a liking for interacting with the content others post on Facebook because it enables them to air their opinions, show their approval and reaffirm things regarding themselves.

You should create opportunities where followers interact by featuring pictures of customers, replying to follower questions and calling for submissions. Personal interaction with clients is a way of rewarding your followers for paying some attention to your page.

A great example is how Threadless invites users to submit designs for t-shirts and vote for the top designs. This way, the company creates opportunities for interactions. Inevitably, Threadless’ posts become popular and grow their page’s visibility.

Posting Irregularly

No matter how superbly you design your page, if you fail to post regularly, people lose interest. Using Facebook to promote your business requires you create a schedule for posting content that’s relevant to your audience. Frequency and the time of day should be put into consideration during content creation. According to Creative Social Posts, 5-10 post in a week is enough. Posting frequently, on the other hand, is discouraged because it may put off your followers.

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