8 Killer Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Startups

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I’m a business owner and I (desperately) want people to constantly troop to my business page on Facebook. I am not the only one with this desire. You have the same and that explains why you’re reading this post.

There are a number of ways you can promote your business on Facebook. However, most of them require funds. However, there are other ways of promoting your business on Facebook without spending much. One of the most effective for me is knowing the best Facebook post ideas for small businesses and actually posting them of course.

As a result of years of experience promoting my business on Facebook, I have discovered quite a handful of best Facebook post ideas for small businesses. I’m going to be sharing the best 8 killer Facebook post ideas with you. With these business Facebook post ideas, you are sure to become more successful at handling your Facebook business page.

1. Interactive Posts

The only sets of beings as busy as the bee are humans…and ants and… ok humans are just busy beings. From when the average human wakes up in the morning to when they retire for the day, they are always occupied. This busy attitude also extends to their use of Facebook.

People log into Facebook to interact with their loved ones and might not really notice new posts that are popping up. In spite of this, experts have found a way to get the attention of the busiest Facebook user. This method is through the use of interactive posts. Interactive posts have been proven to attract even more attention than images.

Some easy ways to create interactive posts that grabs the attention of your clients on Facebook is by asking easy questions, and giving your audience the opportunity to solve some of your business problems. The bottom line is to create posts that require the contribution of your audience.

2. Engaging Contests

You must be wondering how contests can help your startup business on Facebook. I’m glad to inform you the answer to that question is on this page. While you read on, have it in mind that social media contests will only yield results if you are creative.

Social media contests are an exciting and stress free way to grow your business. Contests on social media helps you relate with your audience in a very informal way. It is a perfect way to get your page and timeline flooded with your audience interactions. A contest can also raise business awareness on Facebook and might even gain you customers.

Prior to beginning a contest on social media, it is expedient you have a goal. This will help you maintain focus while the contest lasts. Don’t forget that contests are all about the prize so the rule for me is “the bigger, the better”.

3. How -to Posts

Facebook post ideas for business will not be complete without this one. To be successful at making killer impact on Facebook, you have to be great at creating how-to posts. How-to posts are highly interactive because they’re a simple way of helping your audience learn new things. If you can discover the exact period your audience are active online, you can even command more engagement with your how-to posts. Although there are no hard and fast rule, the more frequently you post, the better acquainted your audience is with your business.

Still, the key to creating a how-to post that packs a punch is knowing your audience and what they’re interested in knowing about. That way, you can create a post that they’d be highly interested in.

4. Image Posts

According to research, posts with images stand a 50% chance of being notice by Facebook users more than posts with no images. Next to interactive posts, image posts are the next most noticed posts on Facebook.

While trying to get your posts noticed on Facebook by the use of images, it is important to note that there are certain image specifications that yield more results. So you should pay close attention to the image specifications and of course quality.

5. Share An Infographic

Just as the name states, infographic is a graphic visual representation of data and information. Info graphics can do your business/brand a lot of good. As a result of the short attention span of a lot of individuals, infographics have become very useful for Facebook branding.

When using infographics to promote your business, you can posts a snippet of the infographic on Facebook and put a link to direct your audience to your blog or website. This way, you can get more conversion from your post. It’s also advised that you include share buttons on your infographic to increase the number of shares and awareness of your brand.

6. Offer Posts

One thing you should always bear in mind is freebies pull some of the largest crowd on social media. Offer posts are perhaps the juiciest piece of information your audience can get from you. If you are yet to try this out, give it a try and watch your audience flood your page and respond to your posts rapidly.

7. Have An FAQ Post Day

This is one of the most interesting Facebook post idea for small business. This is the more reason you should try it out. With a day set aside to answer the pressing questions of your audience, your business has a chance of standing out from the crowd.

Your FAQ posts should always treat relevant questions asked by your clients and audience as regards your business niche. You don’t want to make the FAQ spectrum so large that you wouldn’t be able to handle clients’ queries.

8. Share Your Business Process Post

A very large proportion of your audience will be glad if they had an idea what your production process is like. You will get a lot of audience to visit your Facebook page if you give them a little more than a tip of the iceberg of how you come about such great products you sell to them.

You might be of the opinion that this will give away your secret, however, the truth remains giving out an idea is different from the real deal. Just give you customers a glimpse into what goes on behind the scene to increase brand loyalty.


These Facebook post insights can be implemented by any Facebook user. You do not need to be a guru. There are more Facebook post ideas for business. However, what should matter to you at this stage is not numbers but mastery. These ideas are enough to skyrocket your brand on Facebook.

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